A Third Prophetic Dream

This morning I had a third prophetic lucid dream regarding the upcoming events of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. In particular, this dream focused on the concept of death and the overcoming of the fear of death.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I had just woken up and was lying in bed when suddenly I felt drawn to look outside of my bedroom window. When I looked out, I saw a dark entity that looked like the black-hooded serial killer from the movie “Scream”, the Grim Reaper, standing in the backyard as it rained heavily. Upon seeing this entity, I received a massive psychic shock through my body, then ducked down below the window to hide myself from its view.

After taking a moment to gather myself, I slowly raised back into view and stared at the entity through the window for an extended period of time, convulsing with fear and anxiety as the entity’s dark energy surged through my body.

Eventually, I was able to overcome the fear that I had for this entity, and I was then drawn to look down at the deck below through the window. When I looked down, I saw a student film crew gathered on my deck, using it as a set for their film. Upon seeing the crew, my thoughts shifted from fearing the dark entity to worrying about the film crew since they were shooting in the rain.

After watching the film crew for a few moments, the crew wrapped their shoot, and I opened the window to greet them. They acknowledged me, and I watched as they cleared off the deck joyfully and smiling, regardless of the rain, and I could sense the happiness that they shared between them because they loved what they were doing. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I realize that the fear that I experienced in the dream was not created by the dark entity, but by me, and that the fear related with the concept of death is completely an illusion. Seeing the allegoric representation of death, being afraid of it, then dissolving that fear and replacing it with love is exactly what must be done in order to awaken and transcend the third dimensional paradigm.

A Second Prophetic Dream

This morning I had a second prophetic lucid dream regarding the upcoming events of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. In particular, this dream focused on the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) and the signification of my time to go public about my life mission and spiritual nature.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I was sitting in a classroom that did not resemble any other classroom that I’ve been in before in my current life. This classroom did not look abnormal in any way, although it had a much different energy signature than any other classroom that I’ve been in before. I eventually realized that this was a fifth dimensional classroom for the members of PAT (the Planetary Ascension Team), and they were represented as superheroes.

A male member dressed as Iron Man was pacing frantically around the classroom, venting his inner turmoil for being discriminated against by the public for being outspoken. He was complaining that they didn’t understand how hard it was to carry the burden of being a superhero, and I sympathized with him and felt the same way.

Once he settled down and took a seat, I made a comment to a female friend sitting next to me who was dressed as Aquagirl, stating, “I feel lucky that I’m a mutant, and that I don’t have to be ashamed of my physical appearance.” Upon admitting this to her, she took my hand and looked into my eyes, and for the first time we expressed our mutual love and understanding for one another telepathically, as if we had been waiting to do so for a long time.

After sitting together hand-in-hand with her for a short while, the 1968 song “Sky Pilot” by The Animals began to play in the classroom, and another friend of mine, despite being female, was singing the song exactly like Eric Burdon. Once the chorus approached, another PAT member stood up and introduced me to the classroom like a talk show host, announcing, “and now, the true Sky Pilot!” and I sang the chorus from my seat, then gave the floor back to my friend. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I can identify several allegorical references pertaining to my life and the current situation on the planet:

As an incarnate of the indigo ray, it is my job on Earth to break down old systems that no longer serve the collective’s infrastructure and ideals. The public school system is a major example of one of the systems that require an upgrade, and I’m not surprised that a classroom was the setting of this dream, considering grade school was an incredibly traumatic experience for me, and is a system that I adamantly desire to change.

Having the members of PAT being represented as superheroes and labeled as mutants is also not a surprise to me, considering light workers inhabit many special gifts and often feel like outsiders, no different to fictional comic book characters such as the X:Men. Throughout my entire life, I’ve felt that I had to keep my esoteric knowledge and gifts to myself due to fear of other people’s misunderstanding. When I was younger, I was made fun of for being very pale and looking different than everyone else. Of course, as I grew older and became more secure with myself, I found that being different from everyone else was quite an exceptional gift.

The member dressed as Iron Man represents the leader of PAT, who is oftentimes outspoken and misunderstood. He is an incredibly courageous and passionate individual, whom I have much respect for. After doing some research on Aquagirl online, I found that she was adopted and raised by the Atlantean Royal Family after the death of her parents. I find that fact alone to be significant and in correlation with the current state of events.

The public announcing of my presence among the members of PAT represents my call to public action. For far too long, I’ve had the desire to express the truth about my spiritual nature openly with others but have been too afraid of being ridiculed and accused of lacking credibility due to my young physical age (22). No longer can I keep this a secret as the shift is approaching and humanity needs as many leaders communicating and empowering others to ensure ascension for as many souls as possible.

Regarding the song, “Sky Pilot”, my parents played this song for me when I was a child, and it has significant nostalgic value to me.

Here are the lyrics, I’m sure you’ll find that they are as relevant now as they were in 1968:


A Prophetic Dream

This morning I had a prophetic lucid dream regarding the emergence of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. The message was very clear to me that massive change is on the horizon, and I intuitively feel that the opening of the 11:11:11 stargate is going to commence the shift.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I was playing center field in a baseball game at the start of a new inning (we were warming up) with the same people that I had been playing ball with my entire life, one of which was an old close friend of mine, who, in the dream, was playing right field rather than shortstop, the position he normally plays in third dimensional reality. I noticed this fact in the dream, and just went along with it, knowing that third dimensional perceptions tend to get mixed up in the dream world.

As it so happened, once the new inning began and we resumed play, a fly ball was hit to right field, and my friend made an extraordinary over-the-shoulder catch. While the play itself was an amazing feat of athleticism, what really caught my eye was the ease in which the play was made. My friend made it look easy, maybe even a little too easy, and I remember saying to myself, “Wow, that was a miracle,” and you can see how this is starting to tie together.

After a lapse in dream time, there was now a runner on third base, and I remember calling out to the other outfielders, “Fly ball shooting four.” On the next pitch, the batter hit an incredibly high fly ball to center field, and I didn’t get a good jump and reading on the ball. I tried to track it down, but the ball was tailing away from me, and is it came down, I completely missed the catch, and I had to chase the ball all the way to the back of the outfield.

Once I picked up the ball and turned around, I noticed that all of the players were lined up with their respective teams in the middle of the infield as if the game was over and the teams were about to shake hands. I remember feeling confused as I trotted back to the infield and asked, “What’s going on? Is the game over?” To which one of my old coaches replied, “We’re starting over.” I asked why, and he replied, “Because they weren’t playing right.”

At that point, I was totally bewildered about the situation, and when I turned to look at the other team, I noticed that they were a bunch of dark-skinned small children with large penetrating eyes wearing long black suits, and I immediately knew that they were, or at least represented, extra-terrestrials. I then cracked a joke, saying, “What are you guys, Bunk Moreland (the black detective from the HBO series,The Wire)? They all gave me blank stares, so apparently they didn’t get the joke. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I can see many clear signs pointing to disclosure and the upcoming shift. My friend making that “miracle” catch is a sign of human awakening and evolution, leading to knew abilities and expanded consciousness. The “high fly ball to center field” and “small children with large penetrating eyes wearing long black suits” represents an emergence of extra-terrestrial activity in our skies, and a message for us to prepare to “look up” when the time is right. The abrupt ending of the game between the two teams represents the end of duality, and of course the dialogue is very straightforward, telling us that the Powers-That-Were have not been playing the game fairly, and it is now time to start over.

I hope this message brings hope to other light workers who may feel skeptical about ascension because they are not receiving signs personally. Just remember that by simply reading this material and being here, radiating your light and being the change that you want to see in the world, you are contributing to the shift in global consciousness.

My First Out of Body Experience

Last night I had my first out of body experience. While meditating, I experienced a feeling as if I was being pulled through a vacuum. Once I finished my session, I laid down on my back, still in a very relaxed, focused, meditative state, and before leaving my body, I heard a calm androgynous voice say to me, “It’s okay, you can leave if you want to, we’ll help you, we’ll take care of you.”

Once I left normal consciousness, I found myself in my kitchen. I was in astral form, but completely aware and in control. I then went straight through my kitchen window/wall and was floating in the air. The experience was very intense, and I became frightened, so I came back into my body, and I was stuck for a few moments, similar to the feeling of sleep paralysis. I was screaming at the top of my lungs in my mind, but my body was not responding.

Eventually, I calmed down and realized that I could “wake up” whenever I wanted to, and then proceeded to do so. I have never felt more free in my entire life. I will never be the same again, and I am eternally grateful. I’m very eager to engage in this practice more frequently and travel to the Moon, Saturn, distant galaxies, who knows!