Start Your Freedom Project

Today is the day to start your freedom project. Whether it’s developing a video game, working on a car, or joining a volunteer organization, now is the time to push forward and start pursuing the life of your dreams.

What will it take to get you started? Does it mean quitting a job that you hate? So be it. Does it mean ending a relationship that isn’t working out? So be it. Does it mean stop being lazy? So be it! It is your birthright to live a free life, and it is only fear that stops you from doing it.

Is it difficult to face adversity? Of course. Is it uncomfortable to explore new territory? Definitely. But what is life worth if it is not spent living? We can no longer drag our heels and wait for the world to change.

Eliminate the past, and you have a clear future. Living in the moment is the only way to experience life at its fullest, so start now. Be spontaneous, and create a new identity. You are not the person who you’ve been in the past, you are a sovereign creator being, and it is time to start acting that way.

False Hope

Just like Zen Gardner mentioned in his post, Project Blueballs – Fulford, Wilcock & the False Hope Energy Heist, there are indeed many energetic vampires among us who are competing for our attention at this time.

Whether it’s a government official, political candidate, or investigative journalist, many of these people, whether they’re aware of it or not, are serving as human proxies for Team Dark and distracting humanity from what is really important in our development as a society.

The presidential election, promises of mass arrests, and plans for a new economy are all distractions advocated by those who are still stuck in the old fear-based paradigm of separation, and once again, this doesn’t make any of these people bad or wrong, it is simply a role that they are playing at this time to contribute to the game of conscious awareness in duality.

As I’ve mentioned before, my suggestion is to not get caught up in the campaigns of these false idols, and to simply act as an outside observer of their actions. The last thing that we need is more games of divide & conquer, and false hope is all that these charlatans are truly representing.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with staying updated on current events, just be aware of the perspective that you are in when you are engaged in those energies. Jumping on the bandwagon is a conscious choice, and you always have the ability to change your stance at any time.

Conscious Creation

Visualization is a skill that we use every day to consciously create our reality. Whether it’s throwing a party, organizing a basketball game, or writing a business plan, the process is the same: think, plan, take action.

Human beings have been using this method for thousands of years to create the world that we live in today, and with just a few minutes online, we can find just about anything. The scope of our creations is massive, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible.

There is a distinct difference in our tone of speech when we are in the process of creation. Just like telling a story, we construct our creations with details, fleshing out the entire image until it’s almost tangible. Inspired words attract participation from others, and soon enough we find ourselves co-creating our common visions together.

Progressive thinking combined with conscious creation is the key to achieving the world that we desire. Visualize a creation that you want to see manifested, and start taking the proper steps to make it happen. When you realize how much you already do this each day, you will start to understand just how powerful you really are.

Being Real

When a great performer walks onto the stage, there is an almost tangible feeling of warmth that fills the atmosphere. The performer effortlessly steps into his role, and effectively expresses himself in a way that people can relate to. The audience lets their guard down, and each person is able to relax because the performer is genuine.

What is the secret to the success of such great performers? They know how to be real with people. They understand that it is impossible to fake integrity, and that people do not want to be marketed to, they just want truth, honesty, and wisdom. Everyone wants to be successful, and the most effective way to teach others is through leading by example.

Even though we are all not world-renowned performers, we all have the ability to demonstrate positive values to others. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, how old you are, or any other superficial label that we typically attribute to ourselves. All that matters is that we are honest and real with ourselves, and that we always try our best to lend a helping hand to others.

Energy Investments

What do you invest your energy into? Maybe you enjoy rollerskating, painting, hiking, or listening to music. There are many different activities to choose from on Earth, all of which provide a different experience. The activities that we invest the most energy into, our interests, are what form our individual identities, and create the context of our lives.

Energy investments also come into play in other ways, such as which career you pursue, or what type of diet you partake in. When you analyze your energy investments, you are able to form a clear picture of your choices, and understand why you are in the current position in your life. This exercise helps you to define your values, and mark your level of development.

Do you find yourself investing a lot of energy into activities that you would deem detrimental to your development? Perhaps you spend a lot of time in toxic environments, or focus your energy on negative thought patterns, such as violence, aggression, or manipulation.

Regardless of the result, the point isn’t to penalize yourself, but to become consciously aware of your actions. If you’re unsatisfied with the current state of your life, analyzing your energy investments is an easy way to pinpoint your faults, and make the necessary changes to get yourself back on track.

Free Energy

As I have mentioned previously in my essay, What Free Energy Really Means, the concept of free energy refers to much more than just implementing an optimized power system for modern appliances. It’s about removing the distortions of fear from every aspect of energy exchange, whether it be sharing information or fueling a vehicle.

In order for society to reach its highest level of potential, it requires unlimited access to all of the resources that power its infrastructure. If an author writes a book that contains information that is vital for everyone, shouldn’t it be distributed in the most accessible method possible? Is the goal to reach the maximum potential audience, or make the most money?

The same question holds true for every invention that enters society. Why do we purposefully place restrictions on our creations? By limiting access to others, we limit access to ourselves, and hinder progress for society. If everyone immediately adopted the idea of free, unlimited distribution, society would flourish, and our major problems would be solved.

Obviously, the idea of needing to make money to survive is the reason that everything isn’t free, but it must be understood that this concept is simply a fear-based illusion imposed upon society to control power. Using a monetary system is completely inefficient and nothing more than another divide and conquer tactic used by those who wish to control others.

So how do we implement free energy and remove the barriers of control from society? We make the conscious choice to live according to our values in a service-to-others mentality. We stand strong and hold true to our vision of providing an equal opportunity for everyone. We operate from a mindset of unconditional love, and look past our superficial differences.

Achieving Self-Mastery

The web dictionary defines self-mastery as “the conscious control of one’s behavior; self-command.” Personally, I like to think of self-mastery as the ability to maintain an objective perspective in a subjective reality.

In other words, self-mastery involves allowing your external environment to exist without judgment from the ego. From a higher perspective, reality is completely objective in nature, and does not involve the aspects of duality.

Subjectivity comes into play when the ego takes charge of the mind and defines reality according to the superficial filters that have been constructed throughout the duration of an incarnated being’s lifetime.

To put things simply, whenever you find yourself judging your environment, you are functioning from a subjective perspective. Of course, this mindset is not bad or wrong, it simply needs to be disciplined in order to maintain balance in everyday life.

For example, it would be rather pointless to view a painting if all that you were able to perceive was paint on canvas. Adding subjective meaning, an emotional response, is what makes you human, and defines your experience of life in third dimensional reality.

Meditation is an exercise that helps train the mind & body to relax and remain centered at all times. Even while performing mundane tasks, such as washing the dishes or doing the laundry, a meditative state can be achieved, which improves focus and proficiency.

While some may claim that true self-mastery is impossible, it is useful to remember that in truth, reality is objective is nature, therefore you are always in a state of perfection. It is only when you forget this truth that you make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

Detecting Manipulation

I was recently asked by a reader to provide my opinion on whether a particular esoteric source was trustworthy or not, and while it is always great to seek advice, it is vital that everyone be able to discern pure versus manipulated energy on their own.

From my experience, most sources are not actively trying to feed disinformation, but there are certainly plenty of charlatans out there attempting to cash in on the esoteric scene, so here are some tips on how to discern sources for yourself:

  • Does the source’s energetic presence feel pure to you? Do the words resonate in your heart?
  • Does the source offer all of its information for free, or make you pay to find answers?
  • Would you easily recommend the source’s content to your friends & family?
  • Does the source do tons of marketing to sell its products? Is making money its main motivation?
  • Does the source tell you that its work is the only truth?
  • Does the source try to define your reality for you, or assist you in finding your own path?
  • Does the source try to convince you to believe it and attempt to forcefully gain your trust?
  • Does the source openly answer questions and provide a transparent, honest rapport with its audience?
  • Is the source’s website/material easy to navigate and have a high level of readability?
  • Does the source spread fear and/or make unsubstantiated claims?
  • Does the source just tell you what you want to hear, or tell you the honest truth from its perspective?

Sometimes it can be tough to tell if a particular source has an agenda other than simply providing information for the greater good, so it never hurts to run through this list if you’re unsure. Try comparing the way you feel when you read a source that you trust with the feeling that you get from the source in question. What is the result? That’s your answer.

Life in Perspective

Whenever we find ourselves stuck in fear or doubt, saying to ourselves, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never make it”, or “I’m not ready”, it is vital to keep ourselves in perspective. Throughout our lives, we are faced with so many hardships and challenges, that working through adversity basically becomes second nature.

This inherent ability is what we call endurance, and we have found that human beings have an enormous capacity for refusing to quit. Persistence even amongst seemingly impossible odds is portrayed in many of our greatest stories, and it is this factor that separates the credible from the incredible, the ordinary from the extraordinary.

I have found that whenever I’m unable to move forward, it is not because I’m incapable of making progress, it is because I’m unwilling to let go of the past. Only through facing the past and accepting our mistakes can we find the freedom to continue, as true power only comes from working within the present moment, not from the illusion of the past.

When we are truly putting life in perspective, we understand that there are only two options: life or death. If death is the ultimatum, then what is failure in comparison? It’s merely a setback, an obstacle, but it’s nothing fatal. When we view our problems from this standpoint, we give ourselves access to a power that we never knew we had before.