The Litmus Test

How do we know if we’re following the right paths in our lives? Should we count the amount of money in our bank accounts? Should we measure the size of our homes, or compare the busyness of our schedules?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a field manual to give us the answer, but there is another system that we can use to identify whether or not we’re on the right track. Happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment are all synonyms for the emotion that functions as the litmus test for this task.

Having a bad day at work… again? Can’t seem to find the time to do the things that you really want to do… ever? Why does this seem to be a recurring theme for so many people? Maybe this is just the way life is, a constant stream of drudgery and mundanity.

Personally, I don’t think that’s the case. I think most people just get stuck in a rut, and have trouble getting out by themselves. So what is the best way to indicate if you’re on the right track? I suggest doing a quick self-evaluation, and being completely honest with yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I genuinely happy with myself?
  2. Am I satisfied with my current position in life?
  3. Am I living in the past?
  4. Am I passionate about my work, or just collecting a paycheck?
  5. Am I truly doing what I want, or what someone else wants?
  6. Am I holding myself back, or is anyone holding me back?
  7. Am I surrounding myself with people that I love?
  8. Am I yearning to be somewhere else?
  9. Am I living according to my values?
  10. Am I pursuing my dream, or settling for less?

Were your results primarily positive? Are you making progress, or are you stuck in the mud? Allow yourself to be present, and clear any negative thoughts from your mind. Take a deep breath, and settle in the moment. You are now free to move forward, and your future self is awaiting your arrival.

Free is the Key

Can you imagine a world that is truly free? A world that is only limited by the bounds of your imagination, not the figures of your bank account? This vision probably sounds idealistic and impossible to most people, but I am telling you here and now that this vision is not only possible, but it is coming into fruition at this moment.

How do I know that this is true? Well, I think it goes without saying that the majority of human beings on this earth also share this vision, and deep down in their hearts, where their thoughts are pure and free from darkness, they energize this vision with all of their intention and spirit. So naturally, by the force of Universal Law, this reality must occur.

Of course, this idea of a free world is nothing new. In fact, the key point of this realization is that our world in its natural state is free and abundant, but through the perversions of modern society, it has been transformed into a world based upon lack and limitation. Through our agreements and false statutes, we have purposefully created slavery.

Is this the kind of world that you want to live in? A world that demands you to pay a price to live on your own soil? A world that demands you to work a certain amount of hours and collect a certain amount of paper just to be able to acquire what is naturally yours? Aren’t you tired of these ridiculous ideas?

Take a second to think about what your life would be like if everything was free. Would you still work at the same job? Would you live in the same place? Would you even be the same person? Probably not, and this is what you need to pay attention to. You need to be honest with yourself, and ask yourself this question: Who would I be, if I was free?

I can tell you right now that that person already exists, you just aren’t aware of it yet, and you define yourself by the wrong criteria. You identify yourself by the amount of money you have, the title of your occupation, the color of your skin, or your religion.

All of those things are superficial labels fabricated by the ego to protect yourself, and none of them tell you who you really are. That definition only comes from within, and I have a feeling that you already know the answer, you just need to let yourself remember.

Listen to your heart, and speak it aloud: No longer shall I be subjected to manipulation! No longer shall I allow others to define my reality for me! No longer shall I be treated poorly, and forced to live against my will! I am an infinite, sovereign being, and it shall be so, on this day, and the next!

Peaceful Noncompliance

How does one defeat a system that is so intricately designed, brilliantly perfected, that the majority of people who live within it are not only unable to escape it, but are not even aware that it exists in the first place?

The Matrix is an insidious and deceptive program that has been purposefully designed to function as a prison for the mind, manipulating human beings at every turn in order to maintain control of their power and gradually depopulate the human race.

Whether it’s through money, entertainment, sex, drugs, or fast food, mankind has become so disconnected from its spiritual nature, and allowed so much corruption to infect its infrastructure, that the future of the human race has become jeopardized.

Peaceful noncompliance is an effective method in neutralizing the clutch of the Matrix and eliminating the unhealthy and unnatural fear-based mindset that has been indoctrinated into every human being since birth.

Making the conscious decision to no longer invest energy into negative habits is the fast-track to success, and each individual doing their part and taking responsibility for their actions is monumental in paving the way to freedom.

A Grassroots Movement

For too long now, every facet of our world has been infiltrated with corruption, and the time has come for the people of Earth to turn the tables. Major issues such as war, hunger, homelessness, and poverty still run rampant, and we must take a stand.

The purpose of Freedom Earth is to create a world that works for everyone, and through our shared passion and desire for freedom, we will succeed. The question is, how are we going to get there, and when will it happen?

Some people think that electing the right leaders in government is the answer, but I disagree. Others think that arresting the criminal cabal, or reforming the financial system is the answer, but I disagree.

The only way that we can truly achieve freedom on planet Earth is through the unification of the people. We must stand together against corruption, and strictly enforce the highest standard of values that we hold for ourselves.

No longer can we sit back and watch while others suffer. No longer can we fail to take action when corrupt politicians issue false statutes that limit our liberties. No longer can we allow our children to be indoctrinated into systems designed to crush their dreams and destroy their spirits.

Planet Earth is our home, and we will not go out without a fight. Freedom Earth does not belong to any single individual, it is an idea for everyone, and just like Batman, it cannot be destroyed, because it is more than human, it is a symbol. Freedom is our birthright, and that is why we cannot fail. Freedom is ours for the taking, we simply need to step out of fear, and seize it.

Dimensions Explained

In response to my previous post, The Law of New Earth, a reader commented that the ideas presented in the post seemed rather impractical, and I replied that this reaction is not unusual, since the ideas represent existence in 5D, not 3D & 4D simultaneously.

The reader asked for further clarification regarding my perception of the different dimensional realities, and I provided an explanation that I think will clear up a lot of confusion for those who may not completely understand this concept. Below was my response.

Let’s look at the game of chess as an example to describe my perspective of the different dimensions:

  • 3D includes the physical aspects of the game, such as the chess board, pieces, and table.
  • 4D includes the mental aspects of the game, such as the rules, strategies, and communications.
  • 5D includes the spiritual aspects of the game, such as abstract thinking, creativity, and emotions.

When you’re experiencing 5D frequency, you feel as if you’re one with your environment, like when you’re in the dream state, and you can create anything that you desire with your imagination. You’re completely living in the moment, and in coordination with your light/etheric body. Achieving this state of existence is what spirituality is all about.

The Law of New Earth

On New Earth, the law that shall reign supreme is Universal Law, the rule of God, not false statutes created by tyrannical politicians to enslave the citizens of Earth. The rule of God is just, and provides all that society needs to function in a civilized manner.

No longer shall Earth’s soil be seen as the property of a governing body, but as a mutual partner in co-existence and co-creation between God and Man. All of God’s children shall be subjected to equal treatment, and live in abundance and harmony with nature.

No longer shall greed and lust for power steer the will of Man, as Love and Light shall prevail throughout the Universe, and all Darkness shall be cast into oblivion. The love of God shall illuminate the heart of Man, and all pain and suffering shall end.

This decree is the will of Man, and it shall be so from this day forward. Man is now free, and no longer shall the shackles of slavery bind Him. May the Love of God radiate within the heart of Man, and Love and Light devour all Darkness upon this earth.

Beyond Duality

In a dualistic world, there is always emphasis on polar opposites. There is winning and losing, good and evil, light and dark, up and down, right and wrong. In a world of higher consciousness, a merging of these polarities occurs, and the emphasis on duality ceases to exist.

For example, in a game of basketball, the rules state that the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. All of the energy from the players is channeled into the end result of the game, rather than the present moment.

Can you imagine how greatly the attitudes, and thus the performances of the players, would improve if they simply played the game for the enjoyment of co-creation, rather than to achieve a particular result that is going to occur objectively anyway?

From a higher perspective, there is no winning or losing, there is only participating. It is an investment of energy into a creation that is of interest to everyone. There is no hostility or negative feelings towards one another, there is only harmony in the joint effort of co-creating an experience that is beneficial to everyone.

Being a Leader

How is it that one being can become a leader, while another cannot? Is this the rule of God, to have varying levels of power for all His children?

Of course not, for such a thought is complete illusion, brought upon by those who wish to enslave. All of God’s children are created equal, and all shall be the rulers of their own domains, without the interference of others.

Being a leader means remaining humble and empathetic, understanding that all beings face the same challenges, and that there is truly no separation between one being and another.

To be a rightful leader, one must possess a stout heart and a clear mind, devoid of fear and ignorance, governed by the sanctions of Universal Law. Once Man grasps this perception, He is free to rule all that He creates, without the bonds of limitation.

Creating a New World

What is it that you want to see in this world? What changes would you like to make? Let’s visualize our dream world, and together we can co-create our New Earth.

I want to see a new Renaissance period bloom with an uprising of art, music, films, and literature filling the halls of our homes.

I want to see amazing festivals, gatherings, concerts, feasts, parades, and joyous events of all kinds bombarding our streets.

I want to see all men, women, boys, and girls, uniting as one human family under the Sun, rejoicing the dawning of the New Age, and allowing all troubles to fade away from the collective consciousness of mankind.

I want to see children excited to learn, joining their fellow teachers and students in healthy, well-rounded learning environments that encourage all participants to be creative and inspired, expanding their minds to new levels beyond third dimensional linear consciousness.

I want to see human beings returning back to nature, and communing with the plants and animals of this earth, rather than polluting and harming the environment that nurtures us.

I want to see human beings truly understanding who they are, infinite, immortal, sovereign creator beings, not fearful, egotistic, arrogant, warmongering slaves.

This reality is available now, and it is our job to seize the moment, and live the dream that we all wish to see come true.

May these words flow through the qualms of fear, and ignite the spark within that radiates the power of the Creator.

To live by our will is our Divine gift, and we shall not heed the rule of tyrants any longer. This decree is the will of Man, and it shall be so on this day and for the rest of eternity.