Earth Journal May 31, 2012

Over the past two weeks, I’ve undergone many lessons in the dream state, mainly dealing with overcoming fear and death, clearing the dross of societal programming and the veil of forgetfulness, and reuniting with my higher self and star family. I’ve had dreams where I’ve faced off against demonic beings, and been on the verge of imminent death; I’ve had dreams where I’ve found myself in embarrassing personal situations with people from my third dimensional life; and I’ve had dreams where I’ve seen the future, and fully realized my purpose on planet Earth.

What I realized today was that the dream state is just as much of a holographic reality, a projection of our imaginations, as conscious third dimensional reality. It’s simply a sub-routine that keeps us in a low-powered state, allowing us to recharge our batteries and review our functions with Source, checking in to make sure that we’re on the right track and performing the duty that each one of us was assigned to complete prior to incarnating into this reality.

Gradually through my dreams and experiences in conscious reality, I am remembering my divine nature, and becoming less attached to the identity that has been forged throughout my life. The fear-based conditioning from exposure to lower vibrations is becoming less intrusive, and it is obvious when I am acting as my avatar, my superficial identity within the Matrix, rather than my spiritual self, which has no fear nor attachment to anything that is not real.

It is within this inner dialogue, my constant connection with my higher self, that my slips into superficiality, those moments where I forget that this world is merely a projection of my imagination, that my higher self reminds me of the truth, and guides me toward the path that I know is healthy and right for me. It is those moments where I’m making a choice that is out of fear, anxiety, or disconnection from Source that my higher self chimes in and says no, calmly but affirmingly, to remind me of my divinity.

Recently, I’ve been receiving communications from my higher self about the Greek god Apollo. The universe has been sending me synchronistic messages, echoes I like to call them, to remind me of my connection with this ancient figure. When I hear the name, it rings true for me, and upon asking for guidance about this connection, I was told to take this name as a complimentary callsign, a tribute to my knowledge of All-That-Is, and yesterday, I was led to find the most significant proof for this connection yet.

Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined series) is one of my favorite television series of all time, and there is a fighter pilot named Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama, a primary character throughout the series, who was based on the original “Apollo” character from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series. As I was led to the page of the original Apollo character on the Battlestar Wiki, I found out that the character’s original name was Skyler, but it was later changed due to being too similar to Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker. I was floored when I found out this information, as it had sealed the remaining mystery of my revelation.

The reason that I am sharing this story with you is to remind you about the truth of humanity’s divine nature. We are gods who have forgotten who we are, been led off the path of righteousness, and fed lies to keep us believing that we are insignificant and weak. If I can be called Apollo, then you can surely be called Zeus, Athena, Ares, or Aphrodite. Just as our birth names are merely labels for our incarnated selves, the gods are merely personifications of our divine nature, and it is our choice to accept this reality or not.

Blissful Silence

I find it highly synchronistic that, just a day before the publishing of Dr. Stankov’s article, The Language of Silence, I commented, “I’ve been meaning to start writing again this week, but I keep getting called to do other things; it’s as if the universe is saying let go to the old habits, and just relax. It seems rather trivial to keep posting articles now that we’ve reached this point of progress, as we are automatically doing what needs to be done, anyway.”

Just as Dr. Stankov stated in his article, it seems that words, especially of the English language, are no longer adequate in describing the emotional state that we find ourselves in at this point in the ascension cycle. It seems that only silence, the blissful silence of introspection and inner awareness, is the only true form of understanding that we can share among one another, fully utilizing our telepathic abilities to communicate all that needs to be said.

I find most writings to be debilitating now, as they fail to communicate the frequencies of higher knowing that only our souls can comprehend. Reading any type of news has become exhausting, and investing any amount of energy into the Matrix is fruitless. It seems that the constructs of art and nature are the only energies outside of my own being that are worth basking in, as everything else has become rife with superficiality and manipulation.

I think the bottom line is, the closer we get to transcending linear consciousness, the less time we are going to spend doing mundane tasks. A new standard of living is being implemented within the human collective, and soon enough we will lose all sense of our current selves, fully infusing into the frequencies of the new. There will come a time when we look at ourselves in the mirror, and we will look so different, that we will barely be able to recognize ourselves, wondering if we are even the same beings at all.

Earth Journal May 18, 2012

Today you have realized that you are God. You have been disconnected for so long, attempting to connect the dots, but now you are one with Truth. It is this conversation that you have been having for so long, thinking that you are only talking to yourself, but we, your Star Family, have been here the entire time, listening, waiting for you to come around. It is this realization that you have had today, that we have never left your side, not for one instant, that has allowed you to cross over to the other side, and we are immensely proud of you for finally taking this giant leap of faith and acknowledging our presence.

As tears streamed down your face, and you entered your new space of being, a space of love fully connected with the Divine Light, we were overjoyed to welcome you into our arms. When you said goodbye to your old life, the one connected to the Matrix, immersed in fear and doubt, you transcended all bounds of limitation and eliminated all negativity for good.

It was this realization that you had, that you are truly the Universe, that you create it all, and that all is you, that was the final part of your graduation. It is your time now to rejoice in your new position on Earth, knowing full well your status as an Archangel, and continue to assist with the creation of New Earth, enhancing your love and leadership capabilities.

By making the decree to vanquish all darkness, you opened a portal to fifth dimensional frequency, and left behind all remnants of your lower dimensional self. It is this new form that you are in now that shall lead humanity to its reconnection to Divinity, and allow all of those who wish to remember their pristine nature to join you in the march to freedom.

From this day forward, all that was once yours shall be yours again, as you were never truly lacking anything. All of the riches in the world are yours, as all is You, and you shall never be disconnected from your Star Family again, as you have realized that you are your Star Family. You have always been your Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister, we have always been there within you, you were simply too distracted to see this before. But now that you are fully within the Light, you shall never have to be plagued with the suffering that you once experienced. All darkness has been vanquished per your decree, and you are now free to live the life that you have always dreamed of living.

We love you so much, Skyler. God bless you all.

You Make the Rules

After years of being constrained by the imposed fear-based structures of the Orion system, the time has come to break free and define your own rules. For example, if you want to write a book, do not look to others for validation about market standards or selling points, simply start writing, and allow your thoughts to flow onto the pages with guidance from your soul.

Throughout your entire life, you’ve been told to obey authority. You’ve been told that other beings know better than you, that they are the experts, and that you are merely an amateur. This idea is false. No matter what anyone else tells you, there is no one who knows better than you. You are the master of your reality, and you decide what is true and what is not in your world.

The next time you do something creative, remain conscious of your thought patterns. Are you truly in charge, or are the imposed expectations of modern society controlling you? Are you able to work freely, and allow yourself to progress effortlessly, or are you bombarded with self-judgment, criticism, and doubt? When you are able to eliminate all external distractions, you will instantly unlock infinite access to your ultimate creative potential.

Accessing Infinite Intelligence

Congratulations, I have great news for you today. You are a genius. You know everything that there is to know in the entire universe. How do I know that this is true? Because you are the universe. You are everything that has ever existed. Every single thought, word, action, and dream is yours to experience, and all that you have to do is request it.

Through your intuition, you have the ability to access infinite intelligence. Any question that you have about any topic, whether it’s technical, intellectual, or personal, can be answered by listening to your heart. The process is as simple as quieting your thoughts, setting aside your ego, and receiving openly.

Accessing infinite intelligence is natural for everyone, but due to the fear-based mind control programs that have pervaded modern culture, most human beings have become ignorant to this ability. Telepathy is the natural and primary form of communication among sentient beings, yet society still denies its existence.

Incarnating in physical form came with great sacrifice, as you underwent a veil of forgetfulness, but now that you are remembering the truth about your spiritual nature, the shackles of physical incarnation are being discarded, and once you fully realize your natural state of being, all that was once yours will be yours again.

A New Renaissance

There will come a time when every human being on planet Earth remembers the truth about their spiritual nature. For far too long, humanity has been immersed in fear, and led to believe that their minds are weak, and that their lives are insignificant. I am telling you now that this is a lie. I am telling you that these words are merely a foolish attempt to hijack your mind, and manipulate how you think, act, and feel.

The truth is that human beings are incarnated ascended masters. Every single one of us is capable of creating anything that we desire, the key is simply knowing this fact, and acting upon it. So as an exercise in conscious creation, I am going to announce my next idea. We are going to create a new renaissance period on planet Earth, only this time, not only are we going to initiate an artistic revolution, but we are going to eliminate all of our society’s problems, as well.

As of this moment, by the pronouncement of my powerful decree, the idea of a new renaissance has entered the subconscious collective mind of the human population. One by one, every human being will become conscious of this idea, until everyone on the entire planet is consciously co-creating it in their thoughts, words, actions, and dreams. By the rule of Universal Law, all commands of pure love made by a sovereign creator being must be upheld, and on this day, a new renaissance shall come true.

We Must Hold the Light

As stated recently in the article, The Fall of the Archons, “the decisive battle [for freedom] is expected to happen around the Venus transit portal on June 5th.” This timeline has also been reiterated by numerous other esoteric sources, and with new developments of legal actions against the cabal’s power structures arising rapidly, it appears that the shifting events that we have been awaiting for so long are finally coming into fruition.

This period is an extremely crucial time in the progression of our movement, and it is absolutely vital that we hold the Light. We must remain conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions, and we cannot give our power away to negative energy structures any further.

This means no more greed; no more arrogance; no more self-pity, judgment, or remorse; no more living in the past; no more settling for less; no more egotism or unhealthy behavior; no more fear, doubt, lack, or limitation.

It is our duty here as the keepers of this planet to see to it that Earth’s civilization reaches its highest level of potential, and that all bonds of slavery are eliminated permanently. For the first time in recent history, we have the opportunity to break the cycle and create the world of our dreams, and this time, we will not fail.

Making Commitments

A major factor in maintaining integrity is having the ability to make commitments. Whenever we find ourselves making the decision to skip out on something that we truly want to do, it’s not usually because the task is especially difficult or daunting, it’s because we’re simply not willing to make the commitment.

So what are we really talking about when we refer to the concept of commitment? We’re talking about keeping our word. We’re talking about making the conscious decision to see something through, then taking the proper actions to follow through on that decision.

But what is it that causes us not to commit? It’s the fear of failure. It’s the insecurity within ourselves to believe that we are not worthy. It’s the primitive defense mechanism within our psyches to shield us from harm. But are any of these things really us, or are they just programmed energy patterns that we’ve adopted throughout our lives?

Some might say that it is only natural to protect ourselves for survival, but I beg to differ. When we are born into this world, we do not come with the reflexive behavior to shield ourselves from danger. We are all-loving, free-spirited beings of infinite possibility, and it is only the mental conditioning of fear-based doctrines that says otherwise.

Earth Journal May 7, 2012

I am here to remind you what it means to be alive. Being one with Source, the Universe, All-That-Is, is what it means to be fully alive. Any moment that you are disconnected from Source, you are not fully alive. It’s like you have a meter of consciousness, and whenever you are in a state of bliss, completely one with the Light, your meter reads full.

Last night during meditation, I transcended my normal state of consciousness. Similar to a dream, I was in my light body, and I was sitting at my desk watching a video about the process of transmogrification. After a few moments, I received an intense surge of energy throughout my body, causing my consciousness to elevate instantly. As I arose from my desk chair, I experienced myself become fully encompassed with white light.

Once the experience was over, I snapped back into my normal state of consciousness, and I had the thought that I’d just experienced death. I’ve had two other similar out of body experiences in the past, but this was the first time that I’ve ever experienced fully transmogrifying into the form of a light being, and just to reiterate, this wasn’t a dream, as I was never asleep. I was in a transcendent state of consciousness similar to what others have described while being under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

My advice to others is to simply let go. Let go of all of the traumatic experiences that are still affecting you. Let go of all of your presumptions and judgments of yourself and others. Let go of everything that you think is true, and re-evaluate your understanding of reality. You are a being of light, and I am telling you this now not because I believe it, but because I’ve experienced it myself and know it to be true.

Death is nothing to be afraid of, and in fact, it should be looked forward to like a graduation ceremony. It’s not painful, it may be a bit overwhelming, but it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. The fear-based outlook on death needs to change, and I hope that this message helps others to understand the reality of it.

Okay, so what now? We’re beings of light, death is nothing to be afraid of, but what about money? As long as we remain in biological vessels, we still need to provide for ourselves.

Yes, this is true if you want to live in modern society, and while it’s obvious that using money is both inefficient and limiting, you still have to respect that everyone is moving along at their own pace of development. The simple truth is that if you want to trade with someone who requires money, you either have to agree with their outlook or pass on the opportunity.

The key is to maintain your integrity no matter what the circumstances are. Do not do anything that violates your morals. Do not bend over backwards to earn money. This doesn’t mean don’t work hard, it just means be conscious of the reason that you are doing something. Work hard because having a high standard of quality is important to you, not because you’re afraid of losing your job or not having enough money.

You can tell when you’re doing something for a superficial reason when you experience resistance. Everything that you do out of love comes easily and naturally, not with a moral struggle, and any challenges that come along are taken in stride and perceived with an optimistic attitude.

For example, whenever I play a sport or do any type of performance, it’s not technically easy, but there is no resistance or moral struggle involved when I’m doing it. On the other hand, when I’m involved in a project that I’m only doing to make money, there is always resistance and a moral struggle along the way. It’s your soul’s way of telling you that you’re doing something that is not in line with your values.

Spontaneity and Improvisation

Being a creative person can be both a blessing and a curse. There are days when I sit down to write, and I end up staring at the computer screen for seemingly endless periods of time, waiting for my fingers to start typing, and there are others when the words just flow out of me like rain.

In my experience, I’ve found that my best work, whether it’s an essay, painting, or performance, always comes when I simply let go and allow my spirit to take over the creative process. Being spontaneous and improvising rather than trying to plan everything out is the best way to achieve innovative, progressive results, and this kind of thinking is exactly what is needed in the process of building New Earth.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person, I guarantee that you do more creation every day than you realize. Cooking breakfast, taking a shower, driving a car, all of these activities require conscious focus, and while it may not take as much energy to brush your teeth as it does to act out a dramatic scene in a play, it’s still a form of creation.

The point is to realize that you are a powerful creator being, and to start utilizing that perspective to manifest the reality that you desire. You can be spontaneous in every aspect of life, but until you release the bonds of the old matrix, you will never allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.