Express Your Inner Child

When you think back to your childhood, which memories come to mind? Maybe playing games on the playground at school, riding your bike around your neighborhood, or celebrating your birthday with your family. Regardless of what you choose, the point of the exercise is to bring yourself back to that state of being, and examine the difference in your perspective.

What were you like as a child? Did you worry about making money? Did you obsess over trivial things like gas prices and what the men in suits were saying on TV? Probably not. My guess is that you lived a much simpler life, and did whatever made you happy. A bucket of blocks, Legos, or action figures was all that I needed to keep my young mind occupied.

So what happened to us? Why did we change so drastically as we became adults? Why did we lose focus on what’s really important? Of course, we still play with toys and have tea parties, albeit more mature versions of these activities, but what happened to our carefree spirits? Did we grow out of using our imaginations, or were we taught to think that being creative was no longer acceptable and important?

After numerous years of indoctrination into a systematic, compartmentalized, linear way of thinking, we became out of touch with our abstract, spontaneous nature. We lost that spark that made us so alive as children, only to become superficial robots as adults. Why did we let this happen? Why did we allow our benevolent souls to be crushed and distorted into such aberrations?

It’s pointless to blame ourselves for the faults that we’ve encountered in the past. What’s done is done, and all that we can do is make better decisions now and in the future. When you allow your intuition to guide you, anything is possible, and expressing your inner child is the key to setting yourself free.

Alternative Solutions

Throughout my time working as a volunteer for the freedom movement, rarely have I ever seen any real solutions be presented. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of our time is spent rebelling against unlawful orders and campaigning for superficial leaders rather than developing alternative solutions to our problems.

Imagine if all of the people put their heads together and worked on implementing reformed models for the antiquated structures of society rather than just crying foul and fighting uphill battles against government institutions and the aristocracy. I just wonder, where are the fruits of our labors after all of these years of fighting?

Obviously, it is an overwhelming situation that we are dealing with, and I’m just being rhetorical here, but seriously, why am I not seeing more alternative energy solutions being presented? Why am I not seeing more developments like Dr. Georgi Stankov’s Nystatin Project or Seattle’s Public Food Forest entering the public arena?

Even if you’re not a doctor, scientist, or environmentalist you can still make a difference. Work within your own strengths to develop an innovative solution to a problem that lies within your interests. Even if it’s just helping out a family member or starting a Facebook group, every solution is always a step in the right direction.

What Can We Really Do?

Whenever I discuss the topic of freedom with someone, the same core question always arises: What can we really do? When we think about all of the corruption, manipulation, and exploitation that occurs throughout the planet, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Even those of us who have learned the truth still dwell in physical vessels and have to deal with the fear-based system of control that dominates every aspect of society, and with capitalism and greed being imposed upon us from every angle, it can be incredibly difficult to make any progress.

So what can we really do? I think the solution lies not in solving the small problems but in understanding the bigger picture. If it is greed that is the root of our problems, then how do we eliminate such self-serving attitudes? We make the conscious decision within ourselves to live with integrity.

Acting as positive role models for others is the only way to overcome adversity. No matter how many bandages we put on the wound, it’s still going to need surgery. If each one of us demonstrates positive values within our own lives, then the people around us will eventually follow in suit.