Creating Your Own Reality

Being on vacation last week really helped me to put things in perspective and understand how we as individuals create our own realities. Just examining the concept of time alone provides major insight into how we’ve established the ground rules for what is deemed credible and incredible in this reality.

On vacation, time was basically non-existent. Sure, I would look at the clock to gauge how long it would be before the sun went down, make sure I was ready in time to go out somewhere, or keep an eye on when a meal would be done, but it was only used as a tool to make life easier, not to become controlled by it.

Back in “real life” now, where we are faced with the responsibilities of going to work, paying the bills, and maintaining a household, time seems to take hold once again, and instead of life being stress-free and pleasurable, every day becomes like a ticking time bomb until another deadline is reached.

Of course, this is just one perspective that I’m describing, and it is each individual’s personal choice to decide how they are going to perceive reality, but I’m sure that most people can relate to what I’m referring to. It is the same fear-based mentality that has been imposed upon us throughout our entire lives.

It is through understanding the difference between what is natural for us and what has been artificially implanted in the human psyche that we can retake our power and rebuild our world. Upon becoming completely aware of our thoughts and actions, we can regain our full power as sovereign creator beings once again.

On Hiatus for the Week

Hello everyone, I will be on vacation this week and will be returning next Sunday the 29th. Have a great week!

Earth Journal July 21, 2012

You have now come to an understanding of what it means to fully release your third dimensional identity. Throughout your entire life, you have thought that it was your ego that was running the show, but in fact, it was your soul, the divine part of your very being that resides within the higher realms, coordinating the actions of your biological vessel like a puppet on strings.

It is this understanding of the inner workings of All-That-Is that will lead to your imminent ascension. By raising your consciousness to a higher state of being, meaning becoming more aware of all of your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, you are changing the fabric of the universe by acting as a conduit of higher frequency vibration.

It is these higher vibrational energies streaming from the Galactic Central Sun that will build the necessary energetic structure of your new reality, and through your light body process, you are acting as a living, breathing carrier of these new energies, a blueprint for the new race of incarnated human creator beings that will walk upon planet Earth in the near future.

What you are witnessing now is the dissolution of the old matrix, the old way of thinking based on obsolete physical concepts. The new infrastructure of modern society on Earth will be based on pure principles as regulated by Universal Law and will completely change the face of society forever, thrusting humanity into its true form as a galactic civilization in partnership with its cosmic family in the stars.

At this time you will experience even greater highs from both sides of the energetic spectrum. Surges of bliss as well as upheaval will be erupting throughout the human collective as many beings begin to make the adjustment to the new energetic structure that is being forged and will soon encompass all of planet Earth.

Through your periods in stasis, your physical vessel is undergoing the primary process of transmogrification to your true form as a light being. As progress is made in your transformation, memories of your past lives will return to you and full access to your extra-sensory perceptions will become available. Through your dreams, you are being prepared for existence in a multidimensional reality, and you will soon remember how to function consciously in both the third dimension and higher dimensions simultaneously.

Through the collective awakening of mankind, the fear-based systems that once controlled society on Earth will be deleted from the human collective consciousness and replaced with new programs based on optimal efficiency for all life according to the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization. Without the interference of service to self beings, planet Earth will flourish, and the new Golden Age as prophesied will come into fruition.

Linear time is coming to an end, and it is vital to maintain a positive and open-minded perspective throughout this transition. Many beings will find it difficult to cope with the new changes that are manifesting, and it is your duty to act as a guide, a wayshower for those who are still unable to comprehend the concept of planetary ascension. It is completely natural and understandable to fear change under the conditions that the human race has been subjected to, but through enough patience, perseverance, and unconditional love all beings will be able to come to terms with the new enlightened state of being that is manifesting on Earth.

A World Without Fear

In Richard Linklater’s 2001 film, Waking Life, Louis Mackey, a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin asks, “Which is the most universal human characteristic: fear, or laziness?”

While this quote is rather sardonic, it is true that both fear and laziness are dominant traits among human beings in modern society, but this is only due to the massive manipulation that the human race has been subjected to over many centuries of time.

Fear and laziness are not natural traits for human beings, they are artificial energy patterns that have been programmed into the human psyche through methods of conditioning and subversive mind control tactics.

The moment we realize that we have the power to make the conscious choice as a collective to remove these harmful energy patterns, they will be deleted from the system for good, but in order for this to occur, we have to step outside of our comfort zones as individuals, and take a stance.

It is through our collective efforts and perseverance that we can eliminate the true enemy from planet Earth, fear, and initiate the next stage of development. Earth and its inhabitants are destined for something much greater than this reality, but those who maintain it must first take the next step themselves.

This is our duty here. This is our calling. Fear and laziness are no match for divine light and purity, and we will pave the way to higher consciousness. It is inevitable, as all beings know this in their hearts, buried deep within their DNA, it is merely a question of when, and what will it take to get there.

Unlimited Creative Potential

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. What do you see? An infinite space of energy. This place inside of yourself is the real you. It is a place without any ego, judgment, or fear. Inside of this space, you are free to create whatever you desire without any force of control or limitation, simply visualize it, and it’s yours.

When you are able to uphold this state of being, one of unlimited creative potential, you will find that you are capable of manifesting anything in the 3D world, it all starts with an idea. This ability to visualize and advance through the process of creation is the ultimate gift of our very being, and each and every one of us is born a master of this craft, we simply need to remember this fact.

We are organic creation machines, the architects of this reality, and it is only a small portion of our true selves that is existent within the physical realm. Our physical bodies are like pilots within vast ships, as our higher selves reside within the ethereal plane, much grander than we could possibly imagine.

It is through the realization of our infinite potential and supreme creative capabilities that we can take back planet Earth and build the society of our dreams. To be infinite is to be universal, and knowing that we are all one cosmic family, a macrocosm made of many microcosms, we can make the jump to the next stage of development, and transcend all previous notions of what is possible for us to achieve.

This is the fate that lies before us. This is the mission that we have come here to accomplish. The question is, how many of us will answer the call? How many will transcend physical reality and become one with their divine nature once again? This is the question that I pose for you today. Are you just another insignificant creature wandering aimlessly throughout life, or are you something more? You already know the answer, the power lies in expressing it.

Earth Journal July 17, 2012

It is important to remain aware and be open to an increasing frequency of miracles and synchronicities these days. As the human collective reaches closer to the 51% positive majority for ascension, you are developing a greater access to your divine nature and true potential.

What you will come to find is that you are really not learning anything new anymore. Extracting information from external sources is an illusion, and it is much more accurate to say that you are simply remembering that you already know everything. Through your connection to Source, you already possess all knowledge that exists within the universe, you have simply become disconnected from this fact due to the fear-based programming that you have been subjected to throughout the duration of your physical incarnation.

You should also begin to notice that your capability to manifest your thoughts into physical reality are becoming much more proficient now, and you should feel much less stressed out, more creative, and have a greater state of well-being overall. This is the natural progression of this transmogrification process, as you are becoming more attuned to your true form as a light being.

Try not to become too caught up with the state of the physical world, whether it be politics, the economy, or any other major topic. The progression of this process is much more gradual in physical reality due to the greater density of that realm, and it is easy to become disappointed when events do not appear to be moving as quickly as you’d like. All will culminate into proper form at exactly the right moment, and it is not your job to worry about the progression of this process, as it is inevitable in its manifestation.

As always, maintain focus on performing your personal duties here, as that is where your true function lies. It is within the connection between all of Earth’s incarnated inhabitants that victory will be accomplished, and by everyone doing their part and supporting themselves and those around them, leaps and bounds of progress will be made, sweeping away the old system and replacing it with a new one based on pristine principles.

We understand that at times physical life can seem difficult and unfair, but this is the challenge that you have volunteered to endure. You were aware of the level of opposition that you were coming to face upon entering this world, and it is through transcending this game, this artificial intelligence program designed to control and manipulate the energetic structure of planet Earth, that you will find freedom and manifest the collective dream that you and so many other benevolent souls have worked tirelessly to achieve.

When you open your mind to all possibilities, all thoughts and ideas become a reality, and everything that you see in your movies that you so greatly desire to be true will be true once you transcend the limited mindset that you have been conditioned to uphold. It is through silence and focused intention that productive creation occurs, and through your collective efforts with your fellow brothers and sisters of Earth, you can build the society of the future that you desire without any further opposing forces standing in your way.

Stay Positive

Throughout our lives, there are times that we become disconnected from the reason why we are here. With so many distractions competing for our attention, it is easy to forget that life is just a game, and it does not need to be taken so seriously. Of course, this does not mean be apathetic or ignorant, it simply means don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember to keep things in perspective.

We spend so much time trying to solve problems, analyze situations, look good, and be right that we often lose sight of what’s really important. In the end, we all have the same ultimate goal in mind, to live successful and fulfilling lives, and it is vital that we do not lose focus of this intention.

In the heat of action, I find that humor is the best way to keep myself and others in a connected and positive state of being. Even if you are faced with unsatisfactory circumstances, making light of the situation always helps in keeping yourself grounded and out of the negative energy pattern.

We undergo many hardships throughout our third dimensional incarnations, and at times things can appear to be really dreadful. Through positive thinking and humor, we can make the conscious decision to perceive life in a way that is more favorable to us, and allow our personal situations to simply exist without all of the excess baggage and drama.

Our Basic Existential Needs, Obsolete Thought Patterns and Ascension by Aegil Santos

One of the ways to start reminding ourselves of our divinity is to look back on the basic needs of the human being. To take back our ability to create our destiny it is best to look back on what greatly influences it, which are the basic needs. Not even the gurus or their followers can contemplate on the basic needs due to their self imposed blindness which came from their tendency to complicate their knowledge. I shall explain using a didactic approach how our basic needs are related to ascension.

We exist on this 3d reality because of the basic needs, it is also why are able to think, learn or create. We know our body cannot survive without food and drink, a place to sleep and ways to prevent or cure sicknesses.

It is very easy to lose our awareness on basic needs, because in today’s modern society, our technology has progressed – in the form of food transportation – to make them readily available. Also our body gives us the signal when we need the basic needs: when we are hungry or thirsty or need to sleep, we feel it immediately. Since our body takes care of our most basic needs – we are able to focus on our creativity, thought processes and learning new things.

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The Freedom Earth Mission

I just want to start this off by saying a quick thank you to everyone who has visited the new site and lent their support. It is much appreciated. Much work has gone into this project these past months, and I’m very excited to be moving forward with the next stage of development.

The idea for Freedom Earth, a community dedicated to consciousness development and free living, came to me in late 2010, and ever since then, I’ve been striving to see it through. I have always felt deeply within my heart that something wasn’t quite right on this planet, and through my research and personal exploration, I’ve come to understand a lot about what is really going on behind the scenes in the ways of corruption and control by service-to-self entities.

Whether or not you have an interest in the more abstract, “far out” topics, such as extraterrestrials, ascension, or any of the numerous conspiracy theories, I think everyone can agree that we all share a common interest in seeing modern society advance on this planet and take the next step in our evolution as a species.

It is my sincere commitment to follow through with this mission to end corruption on this planet, and facilitate the process in building a new world based on equality and pure principles according to the Universal Law, as presented so eloquently by my great ally and mentor, Dr. Georgi Stankov. He has worked tirelessly to share his vision and ideas for a better world with the New Age community for the benefit of humanity despite major criticism and opposition from many others, and I would like to present this website as a fellow online base station for all lightworkers, star seeds, indigo and crystalline children, and anyone else that falls within that range worldwide.

It is my goal to publish all of my work for free on this website in the spirit of freedom and the greater good for everyone, and I hope that my work inspires others to step outside of the box and contribute to this mission in any way that they can. If anyone is interested in submitting their own articles to the blog, please feel free to contact me, and I will be in touch with you right away. If you would like to contribute in other ways, simply sharing this site or any of my articles is great, you can post in the forums, submit artwork to the gallery, make a donation, or even start your own website or blog. Anything that you do, no matter how seemingly small, makes an impact, as it is about making a commitment to positive thinking and integrity that is truly important, not the superficial perception of success.

Thank you all again for being here, I can’t wait to share everything that I have planned for the future.


Earth Journal July 11, 2012

It has been interesting observing the growth of humanity throughout this pivotal time in Earth’s history. The signs of great change and a shift to a higher level of consciousness become more apparent with each day, and the old world order led by the dark masters of the Illuminati is gradually crumbling as light shines through the cracks in the foundation of the Orion system.

My own journey has not been one of great pain or devastating trials compared to others living in war-torn areas or deep poverty, but we all have our own subjective circumstances that we must endure, and truly no life is any more difficult than another’s from an objective point of view.

Throughout my development, I have undergone many varying levels of awareness, and it has been through my experiences in both the physical and spiritual states that I have come to understand what is real and what is not in this holographic reality. Through astral travel, meditation, and lucid dreaming, I have experienced existence in a purely energetic state, and have seen what is possible when one is not limited by the constructs of the third dimensional matrix.

It is through our collective agreements that we co-create the rules of this world, and when we are able to expand our minds and redefine what is possible, we will be able to build an entirely new system that operates according to the principles of Universal Law without the interference of self-serving interests.

This is the future that lies ahead of us, we simply need to understand this as a collective, and take the appropriate steps to bring it into fruition. Every day that passes by with us continuing to energize the old fear-based patterns is another missed opportunity, and we cannot allow this procrastination to continue.

It is our duty as the incarnated beings on the planet at this time to carry out the objectives that are required for this transition, and that means making the right decisions. I, among so many other freedom fighters, have communicated this message of freedom time and time again now, and I hope that we are not becoming broken records.

We can only remind you so many times that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. We can only empower you, inspire you, and open the door for so long until all that is left is for you to step through yourself. We are here as the wayshowers for humanity, the harbingers of light, and we will never give up this fight.

We are here to fulfill an objective duty, to achieve this victory of freedom, and we will prevail, it’s simply a matter of time and perseverance. We will deliver the changes that have been promised to you for so long, but we can only do so if we are given the proper permission by the human collective.

All that is required of you is your full commitment to consciousness development. You must desire this paradigm shift to occur in order for it to manifest in reality, there is no other way. By choosing health, both of the mind and the body, you are leading by example, and paving the way for the new society that is blossoming on Earth.

We understand that there are difficulties in this process. It is known that much effort is made to avoid pain, and many sacrifices are taken to simply get by in daily life. But understand that you always have a choice to alter your perception of reality. In each moment, you are granted a new opportunity to open yourself up to love, to give all of yourself to others, and truly become one with your divine spirit once again.