Energetic Attraction

In all aspects of life, whether it’s business, romance, or any other type of social relationship, the key to attraction is openness. True attraction is energetic in nature, as opposed to the idea that it is based upon superficial qualities such as physical appearance or material ownership.

Of course, from a subjective standpoint, there are plenty of variables that determine the level of attraction of an individual, but on a purely objective level, it comes down to an individual’s state of being open or closed, and the more you open yourself up to others, the more love you will attract.

For example, if a performer enters the stage and displays a confident, honest, and open state of being, he will establish a much greater connection with the audience than if he is timid, insecure, and closed. This has nothing to do with the performer’s physical appearance or any other physical traits, it’s merely a reflection of the energetic state of being that he is presenting.

This works exactly the same way on a romantic date or job interview; it’s all about being open, staying true to yourself, and maintaining a service to others mentality. This perspective allows you to remain mindful of others, and when you are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes, you will be acting from the fulcrum of love, rather than fear, selfishness, or egotism.

Staying Focused

No matter what circumstances you’re faced with throughout your daily life, it is vital to maintain focus on the reason why you’re here. Obtaining material wealth, achieving high status, or fitting some type of social archetype are superficial endeavors imposed upon you by the ego and reinforced through the manipulated constructs of the third dimensional matrix.

You are here to expand your consciousness, become one with your divine nature, and facilitate the process of ascension for Gaia and all of her inhabitants. When you are able to fully release the fear of death, you will find that you are no longer restricted by any fabricated rules or obligations, and you are free to live without any further stress or complication.

When you think about it, what is the most extreme result in life? Death. And when you release the fear of this ultimatum, you find that you are more free than ever before because you have nothing to lose. Obviously, this doesn’t mean be reckless in life, it simply means live without fear and be relentless in maintaining your truth and an unfiltered perspective of reality.

No matter what is said about physical events such as mass arrests or the crumbling of the financial system, all that you need to focus on is your own personal ascension. This means releasing the ties to your physical identity, and realizing that you are not your job, your social status, your gender, your skin color, or even your body. You are a divine being of light, and your purpose is much greater than what you’ve been led to believe in the past.

Earth Journal July 2, 2012

Is it the fate of man to drown at the bottom of the ocean while God laughs at him from above?

No, it is the fate of man to become God, to become one with divinity, and understand that all who doubts his divinity, his divine nature, shall not be judged or persecuted, but be guided from above to overcome his thoughts of weakness and insignificance.

This is our role in this divine play; to guide you, to provide signs, symbols, and clues to help you remember the truth about your divine nature.

We are your family from the higher realms, and we wish nothing more to unite with you once again, fully embrace you in our arms, and watch with eager smiles as all that was once yours becomes yours again.

This is the fate of mankind. This is the future that we whisper in your ear, calmly but affirmatively, and we know that you will become one with spirit once again, as it is the destiny that we have seen in our crystal ball, clear as the morning sky. All that you must do is accept this reality for yourself, and it shall be so.

These are the words of God, of divinity, and we do not spread lies in order to fulfill a purpose. We possess righteous virtues, just as you do, and we work tirelessly with you, our incarnated brothers and sisters on the ground of Earth, to assist you in raising your awareness, expanding your consciousness, and shifting into a new state of being.

It is our job and our job alone to provide all that you need during your mission, and like a life jacket during a storm, we are always with you to keep you afloat, to keep you safe and sound, and while you may sometimes forget that we are here, you can rest assured in your heart that we are always watching over you, the key is to let go.

Let go of all fear, doubt, and anxiety. Let go of your material possessions. Let go of your petty squabbles, your insecurities, your negative thoughts, your self-pity, and remorse. These worries are not yours to hold on to.

You are on the ground to live in a constant state of progression, a constant renewal of faith, revitalized with every breath that you take. Do not let the burden of the past weigh you down. Leave those memories with us, as we are fully equipped to facilitate that process for you, you need simply ask.

Live life to its fullest, and become proud of who you are. Allow no other being to define your reality for you, and allow others to live the realities that they have chosen for themselves.

It is not your burden to worry about the morals of others. All incarnated entities are making it up as they go, just as you are, and all examinations of right and wrong serve no purpose other than to impose a subjective perspective upon an objective outcome.

All is in harmony, even that which is seemingly not, as all choices serve a greater purpose of learning in the long run.

We are your family from the stars, and we are always with you. We have never abandoned you, and we will continue to do all in our power to guide you to the light. It is our objective duty to see to it that planet Earth retakes its rightful place as a galactic civilization in the stars, and that all human beings become one with their divine nature once again.

It is not our job to complete this goal for you, but to work in harmony with you to rebuild your world. It will not be easy for many people to overcome their wall of illusion and realize their divine nature, so it is vital that all who have seen the unseen, the truth about the nature of reality, to step forward and act as wayshowers for the benefit of humanity.

It is these beings, those who have chosen the path of leadership, who will decide the fate of mankind, and forever restore planet Earth to its pristine origins, rewriting the history books once and for all.

Born into Bondage

From the moment we enter third dimensional reality, we are bombarded with conditioning from all aspects of society. Everywhere we turn, there is some type of stimulus, a temptation that calls for our attention, a siren that distracts us from our divine state of being.

Simply by existing in the physical realm and inhabiting a biological vessel, we are subjected to the lower frequency energies of physicality, and constantly pushed and pulled back and forth to think one way or another.

This is the nature of life in a dualistic reality. There will always be a free will choice to make, whether it’s up or down, left or right, right or wrong, yes or no. This is the subjective aspect of life in the matrix, and it is our choice to decide how to live through it.

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