5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

In my work as an explorer of spirituality, I have had many extraordinary experiences throughout my life, including lucid dreams, out of body experiences, and open contact with the higher realms, and many people ask me if there is anything that they can do themselves to also have these types of experiences.

No matter what, the most important aspect of raising your vibration is making a firm commitment to both mental and physical health, and understanding that this is a process, and not something that will happen overnight. There is no “silver bullet”, no shortcuts to enlightenment, but there are specific actions that you can take to help facilitate the process.

1. Meditate

Meditation is the practice of connecting to the spiritual aspect of yourself. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, and the only thing that matters is that you achieve your desired results, although I do recommend not setting your expectations any higher than simply reaching a state of deep relaxation and inner peace during each session. This allows you to let go of trying to control the experience, as it is very tempting to try to achieve feats such as astral projection.

I personally enjoy listening to light music, and starting in the common Indian-style position, I close my eyes, breathe in and out slowly, focusing on each breath, and allow myself to enter a state of inner peace. If I become uncomfortable, I usually switch to lying down on my back. Typically after about 30 minutes to an hour, I revert back to the conscious state, and end my session.

2. Change Your Diet

When I was younger, I would simply eat the food that was the most enjoyable to me and the easiest to prepare, regardless of any sense of nutrition. As I grew older, I learned more about eating healthy, and eventually switched to a vegan diet. Of course, there are times that I still eat the typical crap that is out there, if that’s what’s most feasible for the situation or offered to me freely, but for the most part, I eat lots of vegetables and as much organic food as I can acquire.

Eliminating toxic substances is also helpful, as the goal is to keep your body as light and purified as possible, consuming only substances that increase your light quotient, rather than weigh you down. When I changed my diet, I noticed a major boost in my energy level, as well as enhanced extra-sensory capabilities.

3. Record Your Dreams

Dreams serve as training sessions for developing your creative abilities. Just like in school, when you take notes in class, it is much easier to soak in and retain the presented information. The same is true with dreams. The more you record your dreams, the more you will build the habit to remember them, which will help you become more lucid in the dream state and have more creative control over time.

4. Exercise

Not only does exercise strengthen your body, but it also relieves stress and eliminates harmful residual toxins. Developing a solid exercise routine also helps you to become more productive, think more clearly, regulate your sleep cycle, boost sex drive, and induce a greater sense of satisfaction and well-being.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Maintaining a positive state of mind is essential in consciousness work. Whenever you place yourself in an unhealthy environment full of distractions and lower density thoughtforms, those negative vibrations can become a burden very quickly, and take you out of your element. It is vital to develop a habit of creating a serene environment for yourself, and that means eliminating harmful energies from such things as televisions, cell phones, microwaves, hateful music, violent films or video games, pornography, and anything else along those lines.


So, what do you think? Are you ready to take the next step in your development? I’m sure most of these tips seem easier said than done to those who aren’t already committed, but if you proceed at your own pace, gradually building your new habits and replacing the old ones, you can raise your vibration very easily.

The Next Stage of Self-Realization

In my last video, I mentioned that the occurrence of Hurricane Isaac was physical evidence of my prediction for August 29th to be a significant day, and while this remains to be true, after reading this latest article in the Soulstice Rising Newsletter, I realized that the hurricane was just the tip of the iceberg.

When I was discussing my thoughts on the 29th in the Freedom Earth subreddit, I remember saying in passing, “If I were to guess, I’d say the 29th will be the day of our progression to the next level.” And this is exactly what has occurred.

Similar to the 11-11-11 stargate, the 29th represented another pivotal day in the ascension process, as high frequency light codes were transmitted to Earth. These new energies helped push us forward in our consciousness development, unlocking greater access to our extra-sensory capabilities and creative potential.

In this next phase, you will find that your ability to manifest your thoughts has greatly improved, and the frequency of miracles has accelerated. In the dream state, you will be connecting with your soul group at an even greater level, and performing training sessions to enhance your abilities as a conscious creator.

All of these upgrades contribute to reaching a state of self-realization. This is the purpose of the ascension process, to release all limitations, and become fully aware of your potential as a sovereign creator being. You will notice this shift in consciousness gradually in the days ahead, and by the end of the year, you will progress so much further ahead, that you will barely even recognize yourself.

What is Real?

These past days I have been exploring the concept of virtual reality through many different mediums, including films, books, comics, and my own personal practices of lucid dreaming and meditation. I have always been fascinated by the idea of parallel realities and the concept of the matrix, that the physical realm is merely a holographic projection of our collective thoughts, and through this work I hope to find the answer to one of our greatest questions: What is real?

The way I see it, we exist in two different realities: the physical world and the spiritual world, or in other words, the conscious state and the dream state. In the physical world, we perceive reality using our five basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. We are able to utilize these senses in coordination with time and space, and make dualistic distinctions, such as up and down, left and right. So what is it then that distinguishes the physical world from the spiritual?

In both our conscious and dream states, we perceive reality through the same basic senses. When I retell the events of my dreams, the reports appear no different than experiences that occur in the conscious state, the only difference being the absence of the same rules, and the stasis of the biological vessel.

So which one of these states is our natural state of being? Which one is real, and which one is the illusion, the dream? We consider the conscious state to be what is natural, but if that is the case, then why are there so many rules and limitations within that state? If everything is made from the same core essence, energy, then why don’t the same rules exist in the dream state as well?

It’s a tough concept to wrap your head around, since we’ve become so accustomed to following the popular perception, but what if you consider for one moment that everything you have thought to be true is in fact exactly the opposite? What if the dream state is our natural state of being, and the conscious state is the dream, the illusion? Doesn’t it seem more natural to exist in a reality that is completely free and unlimited to manifest whatever we desire instantly?

I certainly think so, and perhaps that is the point of dreaming, to hone your skills as a sovereign creator being, then bring those skills and ideas to the collective sandbox, the physical world we co-create together with our thoughts. If you look at it that way, then the concept of virtual reality is completely valid, as our entire world is structured by nothing but code, the energetic impulses of our thoughts.

So if that is the case, that our entire reality is constructed by nothing but our collective agreements, then why do we live in such a restricted world? Why do we choose to base our reality on such limiting rules, such as health, economics, and a justice system? Why don’t we make the collective agreement to remove the outdated code, and create the virtual reality game that we all want to play?

That is the purpose of this project: to raise awareness about the nature of reality with the hope to attract like-minded people who wish to shift the consciousness of the collective, and develop a new game based on free principles. That is why I and so many other starseeds have volunteered to incarnate here at this time. We are here to facilitate this shift in consciousness, and we bring our gifts as experienced conscious creators to see to it that the New Earth is manifested.

Earth Journal August 27, 2012

As I mentioned in my last Earth Journal entry on August 21st, these past days I’ve been spending much more time in the altered states than usual, finding my body suddenly exhausted and needing to sleep or meditate for extended periods of time throughout each day in order to recharge my energy. While I have experienced these bouts of fatigue regularly throughout the past months, lately it has become excessive, but luckily the energies have been quite pleasant.

In the altered states, whether sleeping or meditating, I find myself experiencing many different lucid visions, some blissful, some erotic, and some horrifying, although they all seem to have one theme in common: releasing attachment to dualistic third dimensional reality. All of my experiences have occurred in order for me to learn and progress in my understanding of All-That-Is, my Higher Self urging me to transcend the limited perspective that has been imposed upon me throughout this incarnation, and delete the fear-based energy patterns for good.

It is still challenging to exist in multiple dimensional frequencies at once, bridging both the physical and etheric planes, but I do believe I, as well as my fellow starseed brothers and sisters around the globe, are making great strides of progress, and gradually completing the cleansing job that we have come to Earth to perform. Although it can be difficult at times to distinguish whether or not any changes are manifesting, as I have become very accustomed to judging progress by the landscape of the physical world, I have learned that I can find all of the proof I need simply by gauging the energetic frequency of myself and those around me, as well as any changes in daily habits, behaviors, or perceptions.

In other words, it is through the observation of the prominent state of being that the inhabitants of Earth express that I can properly gauge the progress of the consciousness development of the human collective. Conformity, the herd-like mentality of adopting the perceptions of others for the purpose of survival, still runs rampant, and many human beings still seem to be completely unaware of the fact that they purposefully make choices that lower their personal vibrations and hinder their development. It is this brooding sense of unconsciousness and apathy that prevails throughout society, and exists as the sole reason for the slow progression of the evolution of the human race.

This of course is not to say that I am perfect either. Existing under such circumstances, being constantly bombarded with distractions and unhealthy environments, tends to breed a common neurosis and dissociative outlook on life and the world around me. It is an insidious and vicious cycle, using bad habits to try to bury pain and feelings of dissatisfaction, although I think I have developed a much greater sense of self-control than many others, successfully deleting harmful energy patterns and replacing them with healthy ones. It is a gradual weening process, and it is a skill that comes with practice just like anything else.

Recently, my father showed me some old photographs of myself when I was younger, and it was interesting to experience how much I have forgotten over the years, or simply stored the memories deep in the archives of my mind. I had forgotten about all of the sports camps that I attended in my youth, and while I remember those experiences being fun and exciting back then, all I was able to see was how much I was conditioned as a child to become a sports star by my father. Seeing myself in those uniforms with those corporate logos sent shivers down my spine, and while I know that my father only did what he thought was best for me, I feel he was and still is completely unaware of the great amount of indoctrination that I was subjected to over the years, molding me to become something that he wanted, rather than something that I wanted.

This is a common theme for most people from what I’ve seen, parents imposing themselves over their children, living vicariously through them, trying to do what’s best for them, while they really are just conditioning them to be miniature versions of themselves, squelching their children’s own personal thoughts and dreams. This is where the core problem of conformity and dissociative behavior develops, from parents who do not allow their children any breathing room. It is a troublesome conundrum, as parents only want to protect their children and have them grow up to be strong and independent, but in the end, each person has to play the hand their given and make their own way in life.

That is the hard truth that we have all had to face here, but I do believe the generations that are now coming of age and becoming parents will break the cycle. In my own circle of friends I see responsible and conscious individuals who share similar values and wish to see society flourish, and I have said many times that my group exists as the blueprint for the new ascended society on Earth. Despite having many varied races and perspectives of reality, we all look past the physical traits of one another, focusing only on what is truly important: the content of one’s character. This ability to be compassionate toward each other is what is missing throughout society, and I think if enough people can merge into groups of a similar philosophy, then perhaps we will be able to cultivate an even greater sense of community than we have ever seen before.

-Skyler, your friendly neighborhood crystal child

The Process of Creation

All creations start with a spark of inspiration, a flood of thoughts streaming through the mind like a film projecting on a screen, building the blocks of a new idea. The process is spontaneous and ever-evolving as the creator erupts with high frequency energy that surges so powerfully that it becomes palpable.

This is the essence of the true self, the divine nature of a soul being fully expressed and uninhibited. It is through the release of all superficial thought forms that one can become immersed in the present state of being, a perpetual moment of now that leaves one balanced and fully conscious of all actions.

Through the Science of Imagery, the method of visualizing a creation, one can build the entire structure of an idea through his or her imagination, fleshing out each detail one by one, painting a picture of the result present in the mind’s eye.

As the creator shares the thoughts that form the idea, he or she breathes life into the universe, and all who receives the idea and shares the collective dream become inspired to take action and participate in energizing the construction of the idea, breathing greater life into the creation and pushing it further forward.

Take for example the process of birthing a child. First the child starts out as an idea shared between a mother and father. They fantasize about the prospect of raising a child together, discussing what it’s name will be, how it will grow up, what it will look like. Next, the couple completes the reproductive procedure, and continues talking about the child, building an identity for it, and sharing it with others. As the months of pregnancy roll by, more and more people share the dream of a healthy, beautiful child, and soon enough, the baby is born, and what was once just a simple idea, is now a fully physical living and breathing entity.

This example is the blueprint of all forms of creation, whether it’s a business, a software program, a baseball team, or a birthday party. It is through the Science of Imagery, the process of visualizing an idea in the imagination then energizing it until it becomes a physical creation, that our entire reality is projected.

Once we as a collective species can learn to utilize the Science of Imagery, and become fully aware of our potential as creator beings, we will unite together to build a free planet based on pure principles, clearing out all destructive forces and negative influences, focusing only on what is best for the greater good of all.

Earth Journal August 21, 2012

The energies have been intense for me so far this week. I haven’t been doing much else besides sleeping, meditating, and reading, and my sessions in the dream state have been more lucid, leaving me more drained than ever before.

In a divination session today, I was told that I’m now entering the last phase of the light body process, and by next Wednesday, August 29th, the universe would unfold, and my understanding of All-That-Is would change drastically. I can’t say for sure what this message means, but it correlates with the symptoms that I’ve been enduring, and I find it interesting that I’d be given a precise calendar date.

This afternoon I was too tired to work, so I meditated instead, and eventually found myself in an altered state of consciousness, although I’m not sure if I was asleep or not. In my altered dream-like state, I was sitting in the front row of a nightclub with an audience as comedian Dave Chappelle performed his standup routine. I was sitting there watching him and looking around at the other audience members, and it was all so completely real, but then at some point I remember becoming aware that I was lying in my bed in my bedroom, and thinking that I was listening to a recording of one of Chappelle’s standup shows.

Eventually I regained full consciousness (perhaps the meditative music album I was listening to ended?), and when I came back to, my first thoughts were not that I had just awoken from a dream, but that I finished my meditation session, and I wondered, if this wasn’t a dream, then did I just imagine the entire standup show? The audience, the venue, Chappelle’s jokes, everything?

I was bewildered for a short while, and I had the thought that the timelines were merging, that the dream state and conscious state were now becoming one unified reality, and this type of spontaneous creation would become the norm.

We are such powerful creators that we can create entire worlds with our imaginations, worlds so realistic that we’d be unable to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. This is where we’re heading in our development as a species, and as we progress, linear time will fade, and we will live in a perpetual lucid dream-like state, fully aware of our potential as sovereign creator beings.

Escaping the Matrix by Edwin Harkness Spina

Recently, I discovered Escaping the Matrix, a free ebook by author and mystic Edwin Harkness Spina, in the Apple iBookstore. The book was a light and enjoyable read, and I recommend it to others interested in receiving some free lessons on anger and stress management that also provides excellent insights into spirituality with some relatable pop culture references thrown in as well.

Spina’s tranquil voice is reminiscent of other spiritual teachers, such as Eckhard Tolle or Osho, so if you’re a fan of the Zen style of teaching, you should be right at home with this work. I even found myself reading a lot of the book aloud to myself, as if I was creating my own audiobook. It’s almost like meditative reading, as the words flow like oral lessons from an enlightened master.

I always find it interesting how you can read material on the same topics over and over again, yet when it comes from a new voice, the information appears fresh in the mind and provides further distinctions on your perception of reality. That is the sign of a successful teacher, someone who always manages to teach you something new, even when you think there is nothing left to be learned.

Escaping the Matrix can be downloaded for free at smashwords.com or in the Apple iBookstore for those who prefer to read on a mobile device.

How to Overcome Fear

Fear is a mental obstacle that all human beings face on a regular basis. Whether it’s fear of failure, rejection, disappointment, embarrassment, or any of the other associated emotions across the spectrum, there is one core function that all of the agents of fear share: the hindrance of progress.

In order to accomplish the task at hand, you must be able to stare your fear in the face and realize that the emotions that have arisen are merely a primal survival instinct, the fight or flight defense mechanism built into the infrastructure of the human psyche to shield your vessel from harm.

When you become conscious of the activation of this primal instinct, you grant yourself the ability to make a choice of how to proceed: Do you allow the debilitating emotions to stop you, or do you acknowledge them, brush them aside, and continue in your path anyway?

Just like exercising a muscle in your body, you can exercise your ability to overcome fear through repetitive practice. Over time, you will build your self-confidence and transform your fear from being something that was once debilitating to something that is now energizing.

For example, if you experience intense stage fright, you can make the choice to either accept the fear and use it to enhance your performance, or you can allow it to affect you. The best way to handle it is to make light of the situation and regard fear as a friend, an indicator that you are fully alive and living in the moment, or simply push it aside like an obstructive tree branch on a trail.

It is through making the conscious decision to embrace the fear, turning the tables on the emotions that you experience, that allows you to wield that upsurge of energy and redirect it in a way that is helpful to you rather than harmful.

The Basic Question and How Human Evolution is Stagnant by Aegil Santos

The basic question: What is better?

Free will starts by choosing. We incarnated in 3d reality with the veil of forgetfulness and the limitations of the carbon based brain. So without knowledge from the higher realms, we always try to find and explore what is best for us. We make decisions in life and the question helps us explore several probability alternatives and helps decide the best one.

The basic question of “What is better” is the limit of human thinking because it binds us to a way of life. When we are satisfied with a way of life, we keep ourselves in that choice for sometime. We can also use it as a point of departure to find other free will choices. The basic areas of 3d life are below, which make up our worldview.

The basic areas include:

  • The basic existential needs.
  • The mechanism of the human brain, which is linear and sequential thinking.
  • Creating habits with free will.
  • The ability to explore and improve perceptions in an upward spiral.

Our perceptions and habits affect these areas of 3d life, which greatly affect our worldview:

  • Knowledge/Belief systems
  • Art and Technology
  • Organizing society and communities.

In every day life, we decide what are the best choices for us. In the supermarket, we often want to find which food is more nutritious and we look for the best deals and prices. Advertisers always want to convince us which is the best and so on. Software companies giving comparison lists. We also decide the best technical specification of a gadget or a computer for us.

The number system of mathematics helps in comparing, that is why the measurement systems such as the SI unit system was born. When the gold standard was still around, the prices of goods were set in relation to gold, this is how currencies was born, which will not be discussed in detail here.

The nature of the carbon based brain, mainly linear and sequential thinking (one thought at a time) is why we are susceptible to compartmentalised thinking. Several choices for a way of life exist because of how susceptible we are to not think axiomatically.

This stimulates us to try belief systems and explore several more. Sometimes we are hindered from trying by the dark forces, which is explained below. Everyone has a free will and a unique learning pace. We learn at our own pace because everyone has different types of dross or karma to clear and everyone has a different soul archetype and talents in 3d reality.

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