Life as a Virtual Reality Game

Throughout our lives, there are times when we find ourselves stuck in a negative energy pattern. Whether it’s struggling with finances, a relationship, a personal loss, or any other sector of everyday life, sometimes our personal situations can feel overwhelming, like being stuck in a room with the walls caving in.

A mentality that has always helped me to keep things in perspective is viewing life as a virtual reality game. When we remain connected to the truth of the situation, that life is just a game and we don’t need to take everything so seriously, it’s a lot easier to persevere and maintain a positive attitude, despite whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

In a previous article, I mentioned the importance of humor in everyday life. Having free will, we are always presented with the choice of how to perceive each moment, and when we can make the decision to keep things light and playful, it is much easier to remember that life doesn’t need to be so hard all the time.

Of course, this does not mean to be ignorant or unrealistic and not put in 100% effort, it just means to always remember that there really is no right or wrong in this world, there is no guidebook for life, and in the end, everything comes down to objective results and how we decide to view them.

In each moment, we create the reality that we desire, and when life is perceived as nothing but a game, a much more favorable and exciting perception becomes available, allowing us to detach ourselves from being so sensitive and emotional about everything, and just view life from an objective standpoint.

In my previous experience as a teacher, it was much easier to manage the students when I approached the material from a fun and recreational angle, using games and athletic activities to present the material, rather than boring them to death with straightforward worksheets and other assignments.

The same mentality can be applied in a more abstract sense to life in the matrix, and when we can train ourselves to start perceiving tasks, such as earning a living, as a game rather than a necessary evil, life becomes less stressful and progress becomes much easier. It is in building these positive habits and removing the fear-based ones that we can create the world that we desire.

The Lion's Gate Roars

Today has been another one of those powerful energetic days that has knocked me off my feet for hours on end, another long session of lucid dreaming keeping me occupied even when I’m asleep.

All three of my dreams introduced new faces to my eyes, as we are all enjoying life to the fullest in the higher realms, living communally amongst one another. People of all different colors from all over the globe are now living together as one unified force in the cosmos without any notion of judgment or disapproval.

This is the reality that we are energizing in our dreams, as we are building the foundation for the new ascended Earth that will be completely manifested once the appropriate energetic threshold has been fulfilled.

Even if you are not seeing this rapid shift in consciousness appearing in the physical world, I ask that you not become discouraged, and learn to see with your third eye, as that is where the real changes can be distinguished. It is by “reading between the lines” that you can see and feel the high frequency energies that are pouring throughout Earth, the people bursting with emotion as the old paradigm evaporates and the new comes into fruition.

I ask all of you now to imagine the world that you want to see materialize. Visualize in your mind all of the corruption and negativity and fear clearing from every corner of the globe as it’s washed away by thoughts of love and reconnection between all human beings on Earth.

I ask all of you now, if John could imagine such an idea, why can’t we?

Earth Journal August 8, 2012

The time has come for the way of the old to fade and the way of the new to rise. The moment that is upon you now is the time that you have been waiting for. The high frequency energies streaming from the Galactic Central Sun are encompassing planet Earth with great intensity, and all that was once dark will be illuminated with the shining white light of love once again.

The forces that have worked so relentlessly to manipulate the human collective, forcefully indoctrinating your society into thoughts of negativity, will be rendered powerless upon the explosion of light that is rearing to burst free from the womb of Gaia, fully enveloping the entire planet in one fell swoop.

We are as excited as you are to witness the transformation that awaits you, and we are greatly honored to have the opportunity to unite together with you once again in the higher realms as brothers as sisters of the cosmos. It is our great pleasure to provide you with all our knowledge and resources in a collective effort to restore your world to its pristine conditions, wiping away all pollution, corruption, and forces of destruction for the benefit of the entire universe.

All of the questions that you’ve been seeking answers for throughout your lives will be available to you in an instant upon receiving the reboot to your core systems, elevating your biological vessels to a new upgraded crystalline structure with all of the features that you have always desired.

Your extra-sensory perceptions will become fully available to you once again, and you will remember your true nature as divine beings of light, spiritual beings having a physical experience, and you will no longer be limited to the restrictive rules of the previous paradigm, as your entire experience of reality will change like a computer installing a new patch to its operating system.

Linear time will be abolished once and for all once the update is complete, and you will experience life from the perspective of the perpetual state of now, fully immersed in your infinite capabilities as sovereign creator beings.

This is the fate that lies before you, and we await your presence with great anticipation as the finishing touches to this dualistic experiment on Earth come to an end. We are your family from the stars, your brothers and sisters of the cosmos, and we love you with all our hearts, and smile with great joy as we make the final preparations to unite with you in the stars once again.

Creating a Community to Change the World

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always been passionate about creating communities. Using the Internet as a medium to connect with other like-minded people, I started with the online gaming scene, building websites and forums and actively participating in teams and tournaments and other social endeavors.

I was only 14 years old when I created my first online forum for a new game, and although I had no idea what I was doing at the time, I managed to cultivate a rather large membership over a short period of time, even attracting the developers of the game to the site, as well as an offer from Electronics Arts to join their community leader program and receive support from their company.

Over time, I moved on to other projects, eventually leading me to the idea of Freedom Earth, a community built to pave the way for social change and progressive thinking. My original goal was to create the largest social group in the world, and connect with other people like myself who desired a more healthy, conscious, and free society on Earth, and this goal has not changed.

My dream is to expand this community throughout the entire globe, and work side by side with others who share this vision to see humanity grow and evolve into a new race with values based on compassion and integrity, fully rebuilding the infrastructure of this planet and eliminating the forces that have been controlling all facets of society over centuries of time for good.

This is the Freedom Earth mission, and I know that it is possible to achieve. Some may say that this vision is too overwhelming to complete, that this planet is too far gone to save, but I know that there is always hope, all we must do is look deep inside of ourselves to find the answer, and that is love. Love for all nature, love for all people, love for all life.

Whenever I take a step back and reflect on everything that I’ve experienced throughout this incarnation, asking myself what is truly important, every time I draw the same conclusion, and that is relationships with other people. It is all of those times that I remember feeling something real, being fully alive, and releasing all fear and limitation from my mind, giving all of myself to those around me that really matters.

Those memories are to me what life as a human being is all about, and creating a world for future generations where our children and their children can live freely and experience all of the things that we’ve always dreamed of doing is something worth fighting for, something worth dying for, and if you think that this is merely a pipe dream, well, I think you need to wake up. You need to get your priorities straight and stop being so caught up with your petty little problems.

We have an opportunity to change history, and this time, we will not fail. We will not falter before the finish line, say better luck next time, and settle for less. We are here to complete a special mission, and we have been chosen to perform this duty for a reason. We are the most qualified souls in the universe, the masters of ascension, and we will succeed. We will achieve freedom on planet Earth, and no longer will children go hungry, entire villages of people live in poverty and homelessness, or any human being be afraid to express themselves to their full potential. This shift is inevitable, victory imminent, and humanity will prevail.

Earth Journal August 4, 2012

Wow, I have got to say, the lucid dreams that I had today were absolutely remarkable, and definitely the most intense training sessions I’ve ever experienced. I went through three separate past life regressions from approximately 10:20 am this morning to 3:20 pm this afternoon, stopping after each one for a bathroom break.

It’s very interesting to me that this session lasted that long, considering the dreams themselves only seemed to last for a couple of minutes, but that’s the nature of being in a higher state of consciousness—seconds can turn into hours, minutes into days, anything is possible because time is not linear.

I am going to retell the events of these dreams from the best of my memory, then provide further insights about each of my past lives through information received via divination, and lastly, provide analysis about the meaning of each dream and how each one pertains to my current incarnation.

The deeper I get in my exploration of consciousness, the more the mechanics of entering and exiting the “real world” and “dream world” as presented in the film The Matrix resonate with me. Of course, instead of “jacking in” by sitting in a chair and having a mechanical tube screw into a socket in the back of our heads, we simply go to sleep and enter a natural stasis, but the depiction of entering a virtual reality world has become so real for me now that the transition has literally become like logging in and out of a video game. It’s really quite incredible, and I know that I have not even reached the tip of the iceberg in discovering all there is to know about the mechanics of this reality.

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Freedom is Complete Self-Expression

Throughout your life, how many times have you wanted to express yourself openly to someone, but held back your emotions due to fear of how the other person would react?

This happens very commonly especially with dating, and I can even see myself back in grade school glancing at a girl from across the classroom that I was interested in, planning what I would say to her when I got the chance, then, nervous and trembling, approaching her after class, and when the moment of truth finally came, I would chicken out and pass up the opportunity to talk to her, making up excuses to myself like, “It wasn’t the right time anyway,” or “It will be easier next time,” or “Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be,” only for the next time to come with the situation being just as difficult as before since my level of insecurity was still the same.

In my experience, this primal fear really never goes away, you just become more confident over time and learn how to overcome the anxiety and complete the task at hand anyway. And, of course, once you finally take the first step and introduce yourself to the person you’re interested in, or pick up the phone and talk to the friend that you’ve been avoiding getting back in touch with, or finally apply for the job you’ve been too afraid to pursue, you realize all of the fear that felt so heavy and real before was really all in your head and not a big deal at all.

It is this fear-based mentality, the little voice inside of your head that says you’re not good enough, you’ll never be successful, you don’t have enough money, that tears us apart and causes tremendous stress to the point of defeat, and even worse, self-destruction through unhealthy habits.

It is this vicious cycle that is the core negative energy pattern that has been implanted into the human collective and has been the basis for all of our society’s problems generation after generation. It is this cycle that we need to break in order to progress in our spiritual evolution, and through sharing ourselves openly and honestly, we can release these self-deprecating thoughts and place ourselves back into a space of being that is more positive, powerful, and healthy.

Remarkable Synchronicity Between PAT Members

After witnessing an amazing synchronicity on Dr. Stankov’s site this morning, I felt it was necessary to share it again here, especially for those who do not stay up to date with Georgi’s articles.

Yesterday, in Georgi’s post containing the latest comments from the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) members, PAT member Daniela from Italy shared a beautiful composition illustrated with colored chalk of a rainbow colored spiral, titling the piece “The Ascension Spiral of the PAT”.

“The Ascension Spiral of the PAT” by Daniela

Then today, in Georgi’s post The ID Split of Gaia and the Merging of Galaxies, another PAT member named Christy from Florida shared photos of an incredible rainbow colored cloud formation that she spotted in the sky yesterday.

“Merging Galaxies #1” by Christy

“Merging Galaxies #2” by Christy

According to Christy’s explanation, “these two spiraling clouds moved closer together until they merged and became one.”

If this occurrence is not proof enough of the amazing miracles and cosmic shift that is happening at this time, I truly don’t know what is. The way I see it, Daniela predicted the future through her artwork, completely envisioning the cloud formation in Christy’s photos the day before it happened!

The question is, what were those rainbow colored formations in the sky? Two Galactic Federation ships, perhaps? Maybe some other kind of space anomalies or cosmic bodies? It’s hard to say for sure, but no matter what, it’s an amazing sight to behold.