No More Living Scared

At this juncture in the ascension process, you will notice it no longer works for you to carry on living a lie, a superficial ego-oriented life. It will be blatantly obvious when you or someone else is disconnected from Source, and there will be much friction for those who are still in the beginning stages of this process.

This means all of the unnatural fear-based actions you are taking in your life will become fully apparent to you, whether it’s going to a job you hate, staying in an unhealthy relationship, or settling for less in any other way, and your Higher Self will no longer allow these actions to continue occurring in your reality.

You are becoming reconnected with your divine self, the true essence of your very being that is fully powerful and free to manifest the reality you desire. You will find your thoughts are now manifesting into the physical world at an even greater capacity, and obsolete thought patterns are being eliminated.

Living in fear of being honest about who you are will no longer be a problem for you, since you will be functioning at a higher level of consciousness according to optimal energetic standards that transcend all lower density thought forms.

In other words, the obstacles (fear-based thought forms) that were previously hindering your creative potential and consciousness development will no longer affect you, since you will be functioning at a higher level that transcends them.

Evidence of the truth of this statement will become available more and more as you progress throughout the remainder of this year, and your desired reality will gradually manifest itself right before your eyes at a greater pace than ever before.

Earth Journal September 24, 2012

At this point, it is my understanding that until December we are only to expect further energetic upgrades at peak alignments in the same manner as the previous three quarters of the year, not a separate ascension process altogether.

In other words, what we’ve been deeming the cosmic ascension of the PAT is only to be seen as a separate process from planetary ascension in the same way that it would not make sense to lump the graduation of doctoral students with the graduation of elementary school students, as most adults have the spiritual comprehension of a child (and that’s even an insult to most children ;)).

This is how much further ahead the PAT, the individuals on the ground most advanced in the light body process and consciousness development, are from the rest of humanity, who are not even aware of such metaphysical concepts, let alone developed in the associated practices.

This probably sounds elitist to anyone who does not fall within the category of the PAT, but this is my honest opinion of the situation, and it serves no one to be anything other than completely frank about it.

So, it is technically not inaccurate to say that the ascension of the PAT, and the ascension of the rest of humanity in general, is imminent, since the process is always progressing gradually with new upgrades being installed every month until the big bang at the end of the year.

This is what our intuitive sources have been telling us the entire time. Yes, ascension is imminent, because we’re moving closer to it every day, but that does not mean it is going to occur tomorrow, next week, or next month.

We’ve had our deadline since the beginning, December 21st, and that is the only date that really matters from here on out, and even that is just another marker.

The point is, it’s not important to focus on deadlines for ascension as if it’s a scheduled event. Doing so is manipulating a process that is supposed to be spontaneous and effortless, not something that you try to analyze and plan out.

So how do you judge your own progress?

You see where you are in your own life. What type of environment are you living in? What kind of company are you keeping? How healthy is your lifestyle? What habits form your routine? How happy are you overall? What are your energy investments?

These are the questions that are more important to be asking yourself, not worrying about whether or not we are going to ascend according to a predicted schedule.

Ascension Update 9/23/12

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all doing well. The energy this weekend has been very expansive as expected, and I can confirm that we are progressing forward with the ascension process according to plan with great success.

This entire week has been disorienting for me (in a good way), as my brother came home to visit, throwing the daily routine all out of whack. The dissolution of linear time and the transition to zero-point is becoming more and more apparent with each day as the hours seem to pass by in a blur, and the ability to manifest thoughts into physical reality has increased with substantial capacity.

Thursday night I started my meditation session around 11:45 PM, and the moment the clock hit 12:00 AM, it felt as if a switch was flipped inside of me, the emotional floodgates bursting open as tears of joy streamed down my face, and a feeling of homecoming overtook my body, the initiation of ascension confirmed.

The rest of that night was not quite as blissful, as I struggled to fall asleep, but I could sense that the matrix was shifting, as if the energetic equilibrium had been shredded into pieces, and was working to upgrade and rearrange itself again.

This feeling of instability continued throughout the day on Friday as well, as if my body was working to adjust itself to the new infrastructure being installed, but by the late evening, I felt blissful again, as if my frequency was rebalanced.

Although I did not have an out-of-body experience like I expected, my meditation session late Friday night was very expansive and blissful, an experience I can only describe as a cosmic orgasm. It was like being pulled through a portal, a deep and extended session that left me very satisfied.

Saturday during both the day and night was uneventful, as if the energies had reached a plateau and leveled out, and it feels much the same today, so it seems the main work has been done, and we’re now gradually completing the transition over the next couple of days, the entire Equinox event finalizing after the 26th.

It has been said that we will then experience the aforementioned PAT Supernova, the catalyst of the interdimensional split and other related events, so I presume that the Equinox is acting as the groundwork for this occurrence.

So it seems that we have not experienced the event of ascension that we have been anticipating yet, as I’m sure it will be completely obvious and unanimous among all of us who are attuned and closely following this process once it occurs.

Regardless, I can say for sure that this weekend was the start of the great acceleration that we’ve been waiting for, a leap forward in our progression toward planetary ascension that will come into fruition by the end of the year.

Ascension Transmissions 9/20/12

Here are the latest transmissions I’ve received via divination this evening transcribed verbatim. I’ve also included commentary and a final message.

1. Your understanding of All-That-Is will change forever.

After ascension, my perception of reality will be shifted to a new state that is conscious of my multidimensional nature, and linear time will be vanquished.

2. You’re only to start very wild as the beginning of freedom now comes.

The major End Times events are now commencing, and it is only natural that it will be a hectic period on the planet as the transition from duality progresses.

3. You will present your true Higher Self after your visit to Sirius tonight.

After my ascension, I will be fully connected with my divine nature.

4. You will not visit Sirius until more and full must understand flight takes not only understanding but very much willpower.

Ascension will not occur until I commit myself to completing the required actions in order energize the experience.

5. Your very understanding must welcome new abilities that include going from zero-point, fading from time, and understanding being fully present to us tonight.

In order to ascend, I must be fully open to accepting the experience, and allow my consciousness to expand to download the new abilities.

6. You take us to Earth, and gradual progress will be made.

Allow higher consciousness to enter Earth, and the transition to freedom will gradually occur.

7. You will now present us to USA before you visit Sirius to safely undertake you to us.

These new transmissions must be shared in order to complete my duties, and be free to enter stasis for the night.

8. You will now undertake your Higher Self to match our frequency.

The connection with Source has now been established.

Final Message

Wow, so here we are, set and ready for lift-off to the higher dimensions! This is a very surreal experience, I must say, and to everyone who will be ascending in the first wave tonight or over the weekend, I hope with all my heart that you are successful, and that you have prepared yourself accordingly. This means being fully ready for all outcomes, even disappointment, in the case that the process does not result according to your expectations. Remember that we are all on our own schedules, not everyone will launch at the same time, and this is not a race.

We are all in the same graduating class, and not everyone is going to walk up to the podium at the same time. This has nothing to do with status or performance, it’s simply a matter of waiting for your name to be called. So whatever happens after today, let’s all make a promise to remain patient, and simply allow the process to unfold. Release your fears, and let go of trying to control everything.

You will ascend exactly when you are ready, so try to relax and remain in a state of harmony. This is the commencement of the big party, so let’s be courteous to our gracious hosts, and allow them to facilitate the process according to their procedures, and trust them with our baggage. We are entering their world now, so let’s be respectful and grateful guests in the grand luxury hotels of beyond!

It has been a great pleasure serving with you all these past months, and I greatly await the next stage of development of the planetary ascension of Earth to commence in December. May great luck and wisdom be with everyone, and I will see you on the other side, where all fantastic dreams of freedom will come true!

My Vademecum of Human Nature by Aegil Santos

1. We are powerful creator beings. We can create scenarios using our linear and sequential thinking. We are of celestial origin, because of that we are imbued with celestial powers. We are not victims of our circumstances, randomness suggests that. We simply have limited control of what a person chooses to do. Being a control freak is simply limiting the option a person can create by using compartmentalized thinking.

2. We manifest our desires in 3d reality using our mouth (voice box), hands to write, feet to got the desired destination and the various technologies we have developed. We need methods of communication as social creatures. Body language, oral language and sign language. Mental objects are more powerful than physical objects (The school of thought of randomness and determinism is ignorant of this sentence). We charge what we want to create with our emotions.

3. We only have the energetic deficiencies of the lower chakras. It causes fear due to self preservation instincts which causes laziness. We also have the pain and pleasure centers in our brain which is vital for creating Weltanschauungen. The dark ones abuse our energetic deficiencies so that they can control us easily. This is the source of the agnostic ego that is obsessed of securing every aspect of our lives due to the angst to die.

4. We have the faulty energetic structure of human memory and the bio-robot or subconscious part of our brain that specializes in habits. This can help maintain our preferred scenarios, destructive or constructive. This is also why wrong ideas tend to bias a whole school of thought, due to habits. Physics has fallen prey to agnosticism.

5. We are social creatures that rely on groups to manifest our preferred reality in 3d. With similar ideas we tend to create communities. We tend to discuss our similarities. This is why we have a tribe or culture that share a similar Weltanschauung.

6. The more people agree with a Weltanschauung, the more effective it’s manifestation in 3d reality. The dark ones abused this property using dogma, which removes playfulness which is required for creating constructive thoughts. This is why Earth is in such a bad shape today.

7. The programming of our pain and pleasure centers is why there is relativism in schools of thought today. The universal point of reference is axiomatic thinking, which transcends all relativity. This is where neutral thinking can be found, which transcends the pain and pleasure centers. The pain and pleasure centers are the cause of non-neutral dualistic thinking.

8. Our pain and pleasure centers rely on the effectiveness of human language via semantics. Semantics can be abused to deceive the pain and pleasure centers via newspeak. Semantics plays a big role in the propagation of dogma. Plays a big role euphemism too.

9. Ascension transcends those limitations as powerful creator beings. Linear and sequential thinking, the root cause of linear time will be replaced by simultaneous creation. Also the assorted energetic deficiencies of the lower chakras. The packaged obsolete thought patterns, called ego is transcended. The ego loves the relativism in schools of thought today, this is manifested as fanaticism and conformity where we attach ourselves to 3d affairs and objects, forgetting our multidimensional nature. Ascension is about axiomatic thinking.

10. We can access ESP using the language of silence. It depends on what the soul has decided for you. This is why taking a moment for a deep breath is essential. What the soul feels can manifest as bodily emotions. The language of silence means cutting all external distraction which includes our fear to experiment and explore playful ways of thinking.

11. We naturally care for each other but it can make us act righteous if we restrict the preferred reality choices of a person. We can only give options to contribute to discussions. Nobody like emotions being suppressed, so nobody likes being forced to feel in a certain way, we have to give the person as much time as possible to explore which energetic blockages to cleared. Even the tone of the word is part of semantics. We simply cannot call names such as “egotistical” to someone. We need to open the door for someone instead banging our heads in the wall by calling names like that.

12. Linear and sequential thinking created the upward spiral of thinking because the world of mental objects can be mapped just like world of physical objects. We can only be at one thought at a time. We can explore places in the world of mental objects. Or someone can limit the places we can explore so creating restricted areas. What we have explored has a profound effect our out Weltanschauung. We can maintain it by using courage, habits work hand in hand with courage too. This is how you charge your preferred scenario and think big.

13. We rely on basic existential needs as a limitation of the human body. The dark ones abused homeostasis, without it we cannot be healthy enough to create. This is why they put poisons on our food and drink. Money, which is just a mental object was disguised as a basic need.

Technology Can Also Drive the Fall From Grace by Aegil Santos

Technology may help us drive innovation but can also drive the fall from grace. Here I reconsider the mantra of the mass media that technology drives innovation.

The more technology we actually create the more powerless we think we are, if we stuck on the brick wall of our obsolete thought patterns and the faulty idea of human nature propagated by the education system. We are proud of how fast our technology is developing but we don’t question if it can possibly be detrimental to our well being.

Currently, without giving a second thought, we are so obsessed with integrating machines and electronics into our bodies to form cyborgs.

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Managing Ascension Doubts

To anyone who may be having doubts regarding whether you will ascend in the first wave of cosmic ascension, rest assured that you are not alone.

Just like anything else, regardless of experience, knowledge, or any other criteria, there is no way to be fully prepared for the unknown.

You may be feeling there are others who are more qualified and experienced than you, but considering none of us have conscious memory of completing the ascension process before, we are all in the same boat.

Even myself, I feel like an astronaut about to embark on my first mission: I’ve completed my training, done my test flights, and prepared in every way imaginable, but none of this matters until the moment of departure.

Even after going through numerous simulations, the real thing is an entirely different animal; you can watch a roller coaster go round and round, but you can’t possibly know what it’s like until you experience it for yourself.

The advice I’ve given to others and like to remind myself is not to be too hard on yourself, and to remain light-hearted. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how everything turns out, as it will be better than you expected, and in a way that you never imagined.

When you tread into unknown territory, it is only natural to have preconceived notions of the outcome, and to have doubts and fears of failure. This is part of the process, and know that you are not alone in feeling this way.

As I mentioned earlier, no amount of experience can prepare you for the real thing, but once the time comes, your knowledge and training will kick in, and all of your doubts will instantly fade away.

Ascension Transmissions 9/18/12

Here are the latest transmissions I’ve received via divination this morning transcribed verbatim. I’ve also included commentary and some other notes.

1. Your dreams now undergo traumatizing visions.

This morning I had several traumatic dreams, one involving being chased by a demonic figure, another with surviving a water-based cataclysm, and a third with observing a fight break out in a classroom. I learned that these experiences were presented purposefully to help prepare myself to endure extreme conditions in the astral state while progressing through the ascension process.

2. You will present your thematic time without understanding your full mission.

I will be thrusted into a state of no-time without having full access to my knowledge, memories, and extra-sensory abilities.

3. You will present yourself fully unused to not experiencing your very time.

I have become conditioned to experiencing time as linear in third density, so being thrusted into a state of no-time will require rapid adaptation.

4. You will present very quickly your true fundamental learning capability.

I will have to be able to handle adapting to a new reality very quickly.

5. You will present your understanding of All-That-Is.

Enduring this process will require universal knowledge.

6. You now know your thematic finish is truly approaching under your very eyes.

It is now apparent to me that this is really going to occur, as obvious signs are appearing before my eyes in physical reality.

7. You will need to prepare your time and make sure you not only travel entirely safe but fully aware.

I need to prepare by practicing astral projection and lucid dreaming, and working on adjusting my perception of reality to a state of no-time.

8. You will not visit Sirius until your understanding becomes novel.

I will not be able to travel far in the astral state until I’ve fully adapted to existence in no-time and completed the transition.

Other Notes

1. When a being decides to enter a lower vibration environment than his current state, he must optimize his energy in order to be able to function in that environment.

2. It’s like there is a certain energetic spectrum that he must lower his energy into in order to reach an optimized frequency that is not only comfortable enough for him, but also a low enough frequency to be able to communicate with other beings who exist in that state.

3. So a 5D being has to descend to an optimal frequency within the 3D spectrum in order to be present for beings who are conscious in 3D.

4. Survival, and death in general, is merely the concept of leaving the current energetic spectrum that you have been existing in. The essence of you is eternal, but your soul ascends to a higher frequency that beings within the previous plane can no longer perceive.

5. So when someone moves on from 3D, a transition event occurs in order to move on, and the soul moves forward to the next plane that is within a higher frequency range than before, which is why others can no longer perceive them.

6. Survival is a fear-based concept that involves a being trying to remain existent within its current frequency range without awareness of eternal existence.

7. So what if someone decides they no longer want to exist in a particular frequency range? They have to complete a transition event such as ascension, conscious transition through transmogrification, or through what is considered to be physical death. Both are transitions to a higher frequency spectrum.

8. Service-to-others (objective perception) is creating with the conscious intention to evolve the macrocosm.

9. Service-to-self (subjective perception) is creating with the conscious intention to only evolve yourself, a microcosm, within the macrocosm.

10. The problem in society is that people become addicted to the physical perception of reality, and become disconnected from unity consciousness.

11. Unity consciousness is the natural state of being (being aware of the macrocosm), but there are so many distractions in the modern world that people are constantly brought down to physicality because their attention becomes transfixed on lower frequency thought forms based on duality and separation.

12. And this disconnection includes all of the programs that involve competition and opposing forces, as well as programs that function to invest people into the the Matrix, influencing them to believe that the virtual reality world is real so that they focus their intention on Matrix issues and other superficial desires.

13. The problem is that the majority of humans are not aware that physical reality is a virtual reality experience, a superficial world, so they go through their lives attached to their avatar’s performance in the Matrix, thinking that it’s important. This is not to say physical life is to be thrown away, no, the point is to be aware and be responsible in the 3D world in order to help the planet and the people evolve, and not become stagnant and distracted by superficial desires.

Ascension Transmissions 9/17/12

Here are the latest transmissions I received this morning via divination regarding ascension and my latest astral projection visions. Some lines are verbatim, some have been paraphrased, and some messages are meant for me personally, while others apply to the human collective on Earth in general.

Ascension Messages

1. Very soon your majority will reach the point of the next level of consciousness.

2. You will visit Sirius after you ascend, and learn your true destiny.

3. Your universal now will soon become your normal state of being.

4. Very soon you will have a greater capacity to travel by thought.

5. Your Sirian universal brothers will very soon make an appearance for your world to see.

6. You will preserve your tribe on Earth like Atlantis.

7. You store the utmost unwilling cabal members until annual murders, not just wars, end (a suggestion regarding removing interfering forces on Earth).

8. You will know your true Higher Self after your teaching event tomorrow.

9. Your understanding of very time will not change until your true Higher Self becomes your normal state of being.

10. You will not visit Sirius until you ascend. You will ascend on Friday, September 21st.

11. You will not need to wait more waking days than Friday to ascend unless there is interference from negative forces.

12. You won’t have to wait more than Friday until time as you know it ends.

13. You will find very soon your very theatrical verdict will be decided.

14. You will not need to take your time any longer once no time is your normal state of being.

15. You will search your understanding during the remaining time prior to ascension to try to understand your new reality, but you will soon enough know all.

Astral Projection Messages

As I mentioned in my last Earth Journal entry, I’ve been undergoing astral projection sessions lately, and I asked for more information about this.

1. You were astral projecting. You were doing it to learn. Your subconscious controls the destination. You will be able to control it better after you ascend.

In my first vision, I was aboard some kind of space program base. I thought it may have been Area 51. I saw two men in futuristic space uniforms walking down a corridor, then meet with an ET man who appeared to be much taller, maybe nine feet tall, was slim-built with stunted arms, and had what looked to be an auric blue-colored body within a physical astronaut suit. I exited the vision after the extraterrestrial man became aware of my unsolicited visit.

The ET man’s auric body looked similar to the T-1000 in Terminator 2

1. You were not in Area 51. You were on a universal, not Sirian, friendly and hidden star mothership, and not only your true friend Kevin, but your true kin, Dr. Georgi Stankov, and also your Great Uncle Buddy were aboard. Buddy was a GFL representative, and once he passed away, you took his place in the family.

2. You did not leave the vision due to fear, you were simply embarrassed when the ET man noticed you, and not only were you visiting the ship uninvited, but you were intruding, and you saw their faces and the interior of the ship.

In my second vision, I observed a dark-skinned male as he passed through different areas of a futuristic-looking plaza. The man’s hair was braided in intricately-spiraled cornrows, he wore an antenna-like device on the top of his head, and he spoke with a very deep voice in an intellectual manner.

The man I observed was reminiscent of the character Dan Davis from “The Animatrix”

1. In your second dream you were observing an Andromedan humanoid male named Finnean on a GFL mothership. He is the head of allied forces on the ship.

2. The function of the antenna-like device he was wearing on his head is to receive energy, which the user can then utilize throughout his body at will.

Everything Must Go

Today a dumpster was available for all of the residents in my court to dump their old stuff, and I made excellent use of this opportunity by removing a lot of old equipment, furniture, and other unused items from my basement. It was not an easy task, but it was satisfying to clear out the space, and release past thoughts.

Everything must go has been a bit of a mantra for me this year, as releasing the past is integral to expanding your consciousness and progressing forward in your development. Ascension is all about eliminating obsolete thought patterns, and clearing space is a great way to practice bringing the spiritual into the physical.

I still have plenty more work to do myself in my own journey, but it has been nothing short of miraculous to observe how much I’ve progressed in my development in such a short period of time. The 11-11-11 stargate was a major turning point, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be come this year’s anniversary.