Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future Presentation Now Available for Download

For anyone interested in obtaining my latest presentation Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future offline, it is now available for download on the Books page.

In accordance with the new principles of freedom and the spirit of open-source sharing, there is no copyright on this material, so please feel free to share it with others however you’d like for the benefit of education and spiritual development.

Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 4

This is Part 4 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website.

Part 4: The Future


So, once the Age of Aquarius operating system is fully integrated into the collective consciousness, we are going to be in a much different place than we are now, to put it simply.

What we are going to see are new technologies, a new perspective on relationships, families, money, education, individuality, morality, every single aspect of our lives in this world is going to shift into the Aquarian structure.

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Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 3

This is Part 3 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website. Here is the link to Part 4.

Part 3: The Solution


I have had many dreams, many experiences, that have given me very firsthand knowledge of the truth about our divinity. It is through these lucid dreams and these out of body experiences that I have experienced existence from the fulcrum of objective reality.

In my out of body experiences, I have literally experienced leaving my body, and going straight through the roof of my house, and just flying straight into space, and floating up there in my astral body, and looking down, and through everything seeing myself, my physical body lying in bed.

It is in those experiences that you could say that I have experienced death. For what is death? Is death not the experience of leaving the body? Is it to say that every night in our dreams, when we are asleep, that what we experience is a form, a simulation of death?

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Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 2

This is Part 2 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website. Here is the link to Part 3.

Part 2: The Problem


Now I would like to move on to the next part of this presentation. I would like to discuss the structure of this matrix. I would like to discuss more in-depth how we’ve gotten to where we are now. What happens in the time between when a new child is born, and then when they become an adult. What is it that happens that takes this divine being, this purity, and turns it into a being based in fear.

Well, from the moment we’re all born, we enter this world, and we become conditioned. We become conditioned to every aspect of our environment, and this is through our parents, our education system, the television, our friends, politics, money, everything.

Every single aspect becomes an imprint in our identities, and when we are not taught from an early age how to distinguish between the superficial ego-driven identity that we create for ourselves as a defense mechanism and our true divine selves, what commonly occurs is confusion, is disconnection, distraction from what’s really important, and instead of everybody getting along and living in harmony, what we see is exactly the opposite.

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Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 1

This is Part 1 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website. Here is the link to Part 2.

Part 1: Introduction


So, a quick introduction. This is a presentation called Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, and basically what I’m going to be talking about today is how planet Earth is shifting. We’re going to go into pretty much every aspect of society, how it has been in recent times, and how it’s going to change in the future.

And by the future, I’m not talking about the distant future, like hundreds of years or anything like that, what I’m talking about is within this year, and within the next decade—all of the different technologies, all of the different shifts in thinking in the perception of our reality that is occurring at this time.

And I would like to begin this presentation by introducing myself, how I got to this point in presenting this information, and really just the history of the Freedom Earth organization, and why I’m here, and why you should be interested.

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Ascension Transmissions 10/23/12

Today turned out to be another pivotal progression in the ascension process. Triggered by the usual feeling of fatigue that I’ve come to know as my signal to undergo training in the dream state, I slept for long hours, had multiple lucid dreams pertaining to ascension, and another brief out of body experience.

Below I have included messages that I received today via divination, as well as brief write-ups of three of my lucid dreams that I had throughout the day.

Messages Received Last Night

1. Very soon your world will transition to the next level of frequency.

2. You will experience total liberation and you will not experience slavery any further.

3. You will train yourself to act without fear frequently.

Messages Received This Evening

1. You ascended into your final astral. Now you are ready to unveil your weapons of global muster.

2. You will determine your unveiling with your youthful friend and universal brother Kevin tonight.

3. You will have a fun time finishing your work tonight.

4. You will not face fear anymore. You will not wander for much longer. You will not face slavery any further.

5. Understand you will ascend again tonight.

6. You yearn to free humanity and tonight you will.

My First Dream

I’m in a room with a bunch of people, and it looks like some type of kitchen or chemistry lab, since it has tables and sinks. One of the sinks starts shaking violently like it’s erupting, and I start yelling frantically, saying it’s happening, but everyone else just seems to be standing there, looking at me like I’m crazy.

Now I’m outside getting into a car, a black SUV, and I see three hooded people approaching me from outside, and I feel a brooding sense of fear overcome me.

Next thing I know, I feel like I’m getting shot or violently stabbed all over my chest inside of the vehicle, and I’m yelling in pain at the top of my lungs, but then, just like my latest out of body experience, my astral body begins splitting from my physical body like a cell going through the process of mitosis, and I’m now in a half awake, half asleep state, and I experience myself leaving my physical body and floating up to the ceiling of my bedroom, and then I wake up.

My Second Dream

I’m waiting inside of a building, some type of national park-like center with a group of people from my high school, and we’re about to go on a nature hike into an alien-looking forest with huge, like ten-foot tall green glowing mushrooms.

We were apparently split up into two groups, and I’m one of the people designated as a leader for my group (like a camp counselor), and I’m looking through a pamphlet that has a list of profiles of all the other staff members complete with headshots, and my brother is listed as the top leader.

A friend of mine from childhood is one of the leaders of the first group that has already went on the hike, and when his group returns into the building, I hear all of the people talking excitedly about their hike, saying they crossed a river, and even completed the trail twice. I woke up shortly after this.

My Third Dream

I’m throwing a huge house party with everyone I know from my high school, and there are people just partying hard everywhere throughout the house.

At one point I’m hanging out in my kitchen with a bunch of people, and I start floating about a foot off the ground, and demonstrate this to everyone to their amusement.

Eventually, I start walking downstairs, and it’s dark, and I see a shadow approaching me. I feel afraid of the shadow, so I thrust my arms out toward it in a defensive manner, but it turns out to be another guy I remember from high school who was definitely mired in darkness. Not a bad guy, but unconscious.

I go back upstairs to the living room, and I see another friend passed out on the floor. Other people are hanging out, and they ask me to fix the sound on the TV. I eventually get it working, and loud music is playing, and then I wake up.

Final Thoughts

All of these experiences today were very symbolic of the transition that is going on right now with the ascension process. Now that I’m grounded back in 3D, I feel more expanded, and certainly less weighed down, as if this was another upgrade experience that integrated more of my Higher Self with my 3D self.

We’ll see what happens tonight, but I do feel very optimistic, and I think we are certainly in for some an interesting time ahead as we approach the end of the year.

December 21, 2012: A Deadline for Self-Actualization

Aside from the esoteric aspects of the December 21, 2012 prophecy, I would like to reiterate that this date also represents a deadline for achieving the next level in your personal development. This means using this date as a target for reaching a state of full self-actualization in your own life.

So how does this play out in 3D reality?

It’s simple: Self-actualization is all about becoming connected with your full potential as a sovereign creator being. This means accomplishing your goals. This means manifesting the reality that you desire, creating your own heaven on earth, and living a life in motion that is completely fulfilling and aligned with your divine purpose.

So no more settling for less. No more waiting around for the right time to come, because that time will never arrive. Focus on the perpetual moment of now, not some projected date in the future. Deadlines are merely destinations that drive the process of creation, not ultimatums.

So it doesn’t matter if you meet your target date or not. What matters is that you accomplish your goals, and you are more effective when you are not stressed out over deadlines.

Now is the time to take the next step in manifesting the life of your dreams. Set December 21st as your target date for completion, and start taking action. With each step that you take, you will find yourself closer to your destination.

The Day of Decision

For too long now, the human race has been shackled in the bonds of slavery. Through fear-based methods of mind control, our free will and full potential has been restricted by service-to-self forces who utilize the power of fear to conduct insidious atrocities throughout our world.

On this day, October 21, 2012, every civilization throughout the universe is watching our planet to see what we, the human beings on the ground of Earth, decide to do with our gift of free will.

Through our conscious intent, we have the ability to focus our creative energy into anything that we desire, and today I ask that everyone on the planet focus on love, light, positivity, compassion, equality, and freedom.

It is my mission to liberate planet Earth from the enemy of fear, and I believe today can be the next step in our movement toward freedom if enough humans can make the commitment to energize this reality.

My dream is to eliminate all darkness from this planet, and work together side by side with all of my universal brothers and sisters to revamp planet Earth to its pristine nature, and ascend in vibration to the next level of consciousness.

It is this dream of freedom that drives us all to endure the hardships that we encounter in our daily lives: go to jobs we hate, deal with finances, jump through ridiculous hoops to accomplish just about anything, and we all know in our hearts that life doesn’t have to be this way.

There is another possibility, and it is the way of freedom. This is available to us right now, but we have to make a firm commitment to live without the fear and restrictive behaviors that have become so engrained in our minds.

This means changing our habits. This means no longer settling for less. This means living from the fulcrum of our true nature, our divine selves connected with Source, and leaving all of our petty fears and insecurities behind forever.

This may seem like a daunting task, impossible to accomplish, but I assure you, it is not, and it is only the destructive thought patterns of fear that sabotage our efforts, and keep us ignorant and close-minded to the possibility of freedom.

So, I ask you now to look deep inside of yourself, confront your superficial identity, your ego, your fears, doubts, insecurities, secrets, traumas, and entire perception of reality, and allow it all to be exposed in your energy field.

Allow the darkness to rise to the surface of your mind, and then let it go. Let it evaporate into the abyss of space, and reclaim your dignity. Reclaim your status as a sovereign creator being, a divine being of light from the cosmos, and step forward into the light and love of infinite possibility and freedom.

Today is our Day of Decision, and the time has come for each and every one of us to make our own decision, and as a collective, we will take the final step into the ascension timeline, and defeat the enemy of fear once and for all.

A Wake Up Call for Humanity

To all of the humans of Earth, big and small, black and white, young and old, Christian and Muslim, farmer and banker, it’s time to wake up. It’s time to stop living separated from one another, and start uniting together as a family, the human family of planet Earth.

We are all here for the same reason: to experience life in physicality, and we all share the same goals and desires. We all work to create the lives that we desire, to construct a happy and healthy environment for ourselves and loved ones.

We are all the same when you look past the superficial characteristics of our physical bodies and fabricated identities. We have all experienced our own levels of trauma, some greater than others, but all the same conditioning in the end.

In other words, we can all relate to one another at the base level, because we have all experienced the same basic trauma: the illusion of separation from Source, the veil of forgetfulness of who we truly are, divine beings of white light.

It is in this truth, that we are all one, that there is no separation, that the physical world is merely an illusion, a playground for us to experience life in a physical state, that we can find common ground, regardless of any other differences.

We may not have the same views about the way the world works, how to perceive politics, or even which food is the healthiest to put in our bodies, but we can all agree that we all want to live on a free planet, independent from external control.

We all want to live our lives without interference, without hindrance, without lack and limitation, and this is possible if we can only leave our petty differences behind, and come together as one united force to change the course of our civilization once and for all.

This means making the collective agreement to stop all pollution, remove all chemical additives to food and water, remove all corrupt government officials, redistribute financial wealth, end the wars, set free the suppressed technologies, stop the fear-based brainwashing in the schools and media, and reveal all of the hidden history about planet Earth, the human race, and the rest of the universal knowledge that has been kept in the dark for so long to keep humanity in a dumbed down and manipulated state of control.

All of this is possible if each and every one of us can simply take the first step and choose the path of health and love within ourselves. Don’t just believe, but know that you are a sovereign creator being, an infinitely powerful and all-knowing aspect of Source, and there is nothing anyone can say or do to take that away from you.

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, each moment is a new one, and the slate is wiped clean, ready for you to step forward into your new timeline of infinite creation and possibility. You create your own reality according to your thoughts, actions, and agreements, so start choosing the path that takes you where you want to be in your life, rather than settling for less, and allowing the circumstances of the external world to determine your state of being.

Instead of watching hours of mind-numbing television programs designed to hypnotize you into a catatonic state, completely susceptible to harmful vibrations, why not invest yourself into activities that aim to expand your consciousness, fuel your imagination and creativity, and inspire you to create your own heaven on earth, rather than escape the reality before you, the life that you agreed to come experience?

Instead of settling for instant gratification, a quick burger at McDonald’s that you know is horrible for your body and lowers your vibration, why not spend some extra time and effort to prepare a healthy homemade meal, made by your own loving hands, that covers all of the nutritional requirements?

It’s in these simple everyday choices that we form our collective reality, and just as we’ve become conditioned to seek the easy way out, we can reverse the cycle and reestablish new habits that work to raise our vibrations, keep us in top physical and mental shape, and give us access to our highest potential.

Human beings are so much more powerful and capable than we’ve been led to believe. We limit ourselves with our ignorance, our inability to utilize the full access of our imaginations, and once we make the collective decision to focus our conscious intention on manifesting a free planet, and dissociate ourselves from the limitations of fear, we will experience such an extreme acceleration in our development that it will become like living in a dream world.

This is what ascension is all about: self-actualization. It’s the process of remembering who you really are, a spiritual being having a physical experience, and understanding that the only limitations in life are the ones that you impose upon yourself. Anything is truly possible, but if you don’t believe it, if you don’t know it in your heart, then how can it become real?

As creator beings, we have this power of manifestation, and it is time for us to step forward and access our full potential. It’s time for all of us to look deep inside of ourselves, and ask: Who am I? What do I want in my life? Am I satisfied? And if not, why I am allowing this dissatisfaction to continue?

These are the questions that must be answered now as we reach this most crucial period in our history. Linear time is dissipating, the timelines are converging, and the human collective must commit to one side or the other.

Do you choose fear or love? Darkness or light? Ignorance or truth? This is your decision, and no one else can make it for you, but it must be made. You must take a stand for yourself, your loved ones, your planet, and begin living the life that you have always dreamed of living.

This is your final task. This is your graduation assignment. Make a choice, and stand by it. The fate of humanity and planet Earth lies in your hands.

The question is, what do you choose for yourself?