Earth Journal October 16, 2012

With the completion of the 10.10 portal came your entrance into your new timeline. You are now seeing with your own eyes that the previous state of being that you had been working under throughout your life is no longer relevant to your experience, and has been rendered obsolete.

Similar to visiting one of your old schools, you may still be walking through the same halls and classrooms that you experienced in the past, but something feels different, and it is not that the setting has changed, it is that you have transformed internally, therefore your outlook on life has changed.

You have reached the next level of your maturity now, and become more clear and focused on your function as a sovereign creator being to utilize the gift of free will in order to manifest the reality that you desire.

It is in this realization, that you do have the ability to manifest the life of your dreams, that you will find true freedom, and open yourself up to your divine purpose to express yourself as a being of light and manifest heaven on earth.

When you analyze those last words heaven on earth, it becomes apparent that the goal is not to leave this planet or abandon existence in physicality. The purpose of this mission is to transform the society of Earth on the ground to a place of purity, safety, compassion, love, equality, and freedom.

In other words, we did not incarnate here simply to leave before this job is done. We are soldiers of light, and we are here to fight this war on the ground, to eliminate the forces of darkness that control this world, and transition planet Earth to a state of balance and prosperity once again.

This ascension job does not have to come with so much hardship and struggle. It is merely a matter of keeping things in perspective and maintaining a positive mindset during each day. It is easy to become disgruntled, agitated, jaded, but these states of being do nothing to help you progress forward in your own life and contribute to completing this mission.

At this point, you may be wondering how it is possible for us to complete such a daunting task in ascending this planet. Well, the game plan is actually pretty simple, and it does not involve any type of rioting, protesting, or violence. All that must happen to complete this mission is for a critical mass of humans to choose the path of service-to-others, and work to manifest their own individual dreams based on peace and harmony in their own lives.

Once this is accomplished, the rest of the changes will naturally manifest, and the evolution of the planet to a state of freedom will come into fruition gradually. So it is not important to worry about how or when this process of transition is going to occur. It is only important to focus on purifying your own mind and body and doing all you can to assist others in raising their own vibration.

So what should be done when it comes to accomplishing the necessities of daily life? Obviously the financial system is still intricately entwined in the process of creation, so how do we allow ourselves to continue investing our energy into this system when we know that it is unbalanced, inefficient, and manipulated?

The answer lies in pursuing abundance from the perspective of spirit rather than material. This means focus your conscious intention on manifesting your desired reality from the fulcrum of energizing the space of being that you wish to inhabit, not from the perspective of meeting a particular financial goal.

It’s important to remember that money is merely a physical representation of energy, and holds no power without conscious agreement. So just to reiterate, it is more beneficial to pursue abundance from the perspective of its pure state, spirit, rather than allowing the illusion of physicality to distract your efforts.

Lastly, the best way to approach manifesting your desired reality is to take one step at a time. Visualize your desired outcome, and break it down into small goals that you can easily accomplish. Whenever you try to approach the entire goal all at once, you become overwhelmed by the scope of the final outcome, and it makes things much more difficult to move forward.

So whenever you find yourself overwhelmed in a place of fear, remember to take a moment to breathe, refocus your efforts on smaller goals, and take one step forward at a time. Although the final product may not manifest overnight, when you approach creation from this standpoint, the end result will grow gradually, and before you know it you’ll find yourself living the life of your dreams.

The Art of Success

The key to success is being able to view all results objectively, rather than becoming disappointed if you do not reach your intended goal.

You always achieve the result that is equivalent to the amount of energy (effort) that has been invested into the desired outcome, and as long as you remain aware of this fact, you will always be able to maintain an objective standpoint on the situation, detached from any emotional distractions.

This, of course, does not mean to be devoid of emotion (compassion) in life, similar to the cold and calculating nature of service-to-self reptilian behavior, it simply means to be the master of your emotions, and not to allow negative feelings, imposed notions of failure, to impede your progress.

For example, the game of poker (without service-to-self intention) is an excellent practice tool for honing the ability to master your emotions, and create your own success, since it forces you to think on your feet in random scenarios in order to achieve the most optimal outcome per trial, and to always perceive life from the positive side.

In the context of the game, this means that it is equally important to know when to raise as it is to fold. One is an offensive move, the other defensive, and although they are opposite actions in the game, they both function as two sides of the same coin.

In other words, although folding could be perceived as a negative action, it is truly not, because you are simply taking the appropriate action in order to achieve the most optimal result, even if that means dropping out of the round simply to negate the possibility of further loss (knowing when to quit while you’re still ahead).

Furthermore, playing poker helps you to practice detaching yourself from the past and clearing your energy, as well as the process of creation, as the thoughts in your head work to manifest physical results right in front of your eyes, and help you to operate freely and spontaneously without fear.

The point of this example is to portray how games, such as poker, function as simulations for the real life game of existence in the third dimensional matrix, because when you can fully utilize the same tactics and discipline as practiced in the simulations in real life, you can learn how to master the art of success.

An Example of Dream Analysis

For anyone interested in dream analysis, I figured it would be helpful to post my interpretation of a community member’s latest dream that was sent to me.

Dreams can provide a lot of information from the subconscious regarding your overall state of being and the current status of your mission, so it is useful to be able to effectively interpret your dreams whenever you can remember them.

Most of the time, dreams are presented in a very symbolic, allegorical manner, and do not make much sense logically, but if you’re able to think outside of the box, and allow your intuition to guide you, you can usually construct a decent interpretation even if it’s a very abstract dream, and seemingly meaningless.

Here’s the recap of the dream that was sent to me with minor edits:

In my dream, my girlfriend and I had gotten on a bus, and I woke up from that journey in a new apartment. The apartment was small and dingy, there was even a cockroach if I recall.

Our bedroom was pretty interesting because our bed was up against what looked like some sort of old time religious (catholic?) architecture. That’s the best way that I can describe it, but I was able to venture through it because it opened like a door into this large bizarre ‘store’ that had a spiral staircase leading down two levels. This place had many twists and turns in it.

Jumping forward for the sake of not boring you (I’m skipping what felt like days of interaction with strange new faces) I ended up working at a restaurant with Kevin (budlovindude in the subreddit).

By this point in the dream I realized that I was in San Francisco and that for whatever reason I wasn’t entirely pleased because I felt that I had been deceived in getting there.

Kevin pointed you out to me from the kitchen and I saw you sitting at a table on a laptop. You came over to us and hugged me. We went outside and you blew a bunch of crazy thick smoke out of your mouth, and I remember thinking ‘what? Skyler doesn’t smoke…’

It gets even more odd for me when you tell me that you feel like you are closer to Arcturus than you had originally thought and me as well. I’m not suggesting anything mind you, I’m just recounting this weird dream which was very vivid and seriously felt like I was in it for days without any interruption.

Anyway I ended back up at your place and you were living with some rather unconscious individuals, one of which tried mounting me and taking her shirt off… it was strange. You seemed unphased, and I seemed like I had fidelity issues to work on. As for Kevin, I felt bad because he had gotten me a job and I simply left to go hang out with you, lol.

After I removed the strange girl from me, you and I said our goodbyes, and I left, met up with a female friend of mine once again (who was walking around in her Go-Go dancer outfit) on the street, and also ran into some people who had tried messing with me a few days earlier. They told me Kevin was in jail and that he wanted us to get his diamonds, which we did, and then I woke up.

And here is my interpretation of the dream:

Your journey on the bus was your descension from the higher realms to Earth, and of course you went with the person who represents your feminine aspect and partner.

The small, dingy apartment was representative of feeling cramped in a physical body, and of course, 3D is a lot dirtier feeling than your previous home in the excarnated state.

The church-like bedroom represented your sanctuary (temple), your gateway/portal to higher states of consciousness through dreaming, meditation, and intimacy, and when you ventured through it, you crossed over to the other side, where you ran into members of your soul group working in a collective environment.

You got a job working with Kevin in a restaurant, this has to do with co-creating the planetary ascension timeline. San Francisco is one of the top locations for awakened people, and maybe you felt deceived because the incarnated experience turned out to be a lot more difficult than you thought before you arrived, and perhaps you had some feelings of remorse for leaving home, or for not performing well on your mission.

It seems like I was a guest in the restaurant, so I was not there working with you like Kevin was, so perhaps Kevin personified your rational side, and I personified your free-spirited, spontaneous side. It wasn’t actually Kevin and I, we were just parts of you that your subconscious mind projected (if you’ve seen Fight Club, basically Kevin was Ed Norton, I was Brad Pitt). Maybe you felt remorse for being irresponsible and pursuing leisure activities with me (giving in to temptation, carnal desires), rather than staying with Kevin to perform your mission (choosing health and duty).

The last part definitely sounds like emotional turmoil that you are working through, and the diamonds represent your soul fragments, as well as purity, truth, and innocence, your key to going back home. So once your rational side (Kevin) gets the diamonds (becomes connected with purity), he gets to be released from prison (go back home, ascend).

So you can see from this dream and my interpretation how it is ascension-related, as it involves the reconnection of the different aspects of the soul. The point is to accept all parts of yourself, especially that which lies in the past, in order to fully heal and become one with Source, your divine nature, once again.

Further Information on My Latest Upgrade

On Tuesday, a reader named Deborah commented this statement in response to my latest article My Cosmic Ascension Experience that provided further clarification of what I experienced:

What you experienced sounds like the process of more aspects of your Higher Self coming in to fully integrate with your current personality construct…in effect it is a 3D Soul Upgrade. This first happened to me over 20 years ago, and it is usually done during sleep state and creates an OBE effect with the physical body paralyzed for a short period.

And this message from April in Dr. Stankov’s article The Ascension of the PAT has Commenced also confirmed this information:

For those of you choosing to return to guide/teach “on the ground” for a time, you are stuck here among the timelines until at least December. At that time, you will have an opportunity once again, to determine how and where you would like to serve. I suspect that most of our crystalline youth along with a good size number of core PAT will take this on.

So like I mentioned before, this experience served as an upgrade that boosted me to an upgraded version of 3D, which I’ve been referring to as 4D. This was part of the overall cosmic ascension process, although it was not the planetary ascension transition to 5D that has been predicted to occur by the end of this year.

Here is how Deborah described her vision of the planetary ascension experience:

Therefore, when I ascend, what I expect is for my physical 3D body to literally transform into LIGHT, and to vibrate at such high frequency as to disappear from this dense reality, and emerge simultaneously in a higher dimension…5D will suit me fine for a start.

I will know without doubt that I have ascended because the reality around me is changed. I will see beautiful colours/energies around me, I will see the quantum energetic structure of the quasi-physical surroundings, I will be telempathic, I will be able to float/fly?, I will have biokinetic mental abilities to alter my new light body/form, I will be able to teleport using my thoughts, I will absorb photon light energy with my crystalline body & will no longer need to eat or sleep, my new body will also have self-regulating temperature control. Best of all, I will be able to manipulate energy through Thought Manifestation.

Now when I decide to descend to 3D reality with this new crystalline-based body of Light, I could expect that I may appear to shine/glow or appear to be partially transparent to the 3D carbon-based humans who are looking at me.

And, I would guess that I would not be able to stay in this dense 3D reality for long periods of time, due to the incompatability of my high frequency body attempting to operate at such lower frequencies.

Furthermore, as there are an infinite number of Parallel Realities, and we can shift to any one we choose by matching our frequency to it…I choose to shift myself to the currently existing reality in which planet Earth shifts to 5D months *before* December.

I hope this article provides further clarification regarding the technical side of my upgrade experience. My goal is always to provide the most accurate information possible, so I just wanted to set the record straight for anyone who may have been confused.

My Cosmic Ascension Experience

Yesterday, October 2, 2012, I completed the process of cosmic ascension, and returned back to Earth in a crystalline body. Here is my announcement email to Dr. Stankov describing the experience as was included in his article, Ascension Update of the PAT – October 3, 2012:


It brings me great pleasure to announce that today (October 2) at approximately 4:00 PM I ascended, then came back to Earth in a crystalline body. It was an out of body experience just as you had said, and exactly in the manner that had been described on your website. It felt very much like the splitting of a cell, and right before the final detachment of my old self from my body, my last telepathic words were, “Goodbye, Earth.” I was in a deep stasis like my experience last night, and it was the most orgasmic cosmic experience I’ve ever felt, absolute ecstasy.

I feel like a completely different person now, as if Skyler has been replaced with Skyler 2.0, or Apollo as I liked to nickname the higher aspect of myself before. It’s also like saying the old 3D ego-based part of me went home, and the new aspect of myself that has taken over is operating from 4D, and without the 23+ years of baggage and fear-based patterns that I had before. I am so delighted to have gone through this experience, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

I’m ready to finish the job that Skyler started now, and manifest the reality that we all wish to see come true.

With love and light,
Skyler 2.0, Apollo

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Has the First Wave of Ascension Commenced?

In coordination with Dr. Stankov’s article regarding the commencement of physical ascension that was posted today, I can confirm that his information is accurate, and it is likely that the first wave of physical ascension has commenced.

Last night during meditation I reached a deep state of consciousness that was similar to the state I reached prior to my first out of body experience that occurred on Halloween of last year. I have only been able to reach such depths only a few times throughout the duration of my meditative practice, so I can say for sure that this was a special occasion, as the veil seemed extremely thin.

After another hour or so upon reaching this deep state, I laid down on my back, and entered a deep mode of stasis, as if my body was strapped down to my bed, and I felt the most blissful, high frequency energies emanating all around me.

With my third eye, I could see my portal extending from my solar plexus, and I watched as little balls of white light shot through it from the bottom up, like little cars speeding by on a racetrack. It was a very delightful experience, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was occurring, as I had no prior warning beforehand.

After reading Dr. Stankov’s article this morning, I consulted my Higher Self through divination for further confirmation, and received these three messages:

1. Your stasis was the before-effect of ascension.
2. Your portal was activated for the first wave of candidates.
3. You will ascend in the first wave after you go to bed tonight.

This is the information I have received, but we shall see how things go tonight.

The Final Quarter Has Commenced

So here we are in October now, the final quarter of 2012 officially underway. It’s been an interesting year so far, with much upheaval occurring throughout the globe as anticipated, the result of more and more people raising their vibration, and shifting their perception from the way of the old to the way of the new.

Several geophysical cataclysms have occurred throughout the year, although none have resulted in the doom and gloom scenarios that many have feared. Earth appears to be the same place that it was in 2011, but if you look closer, you will sense that much has actually changed, just not in the way that you expected.

Energetically, we are resonating at a much higher frequency than in previous years as a collective, and as a result, our thoughts are manifesting into physical reality at a much greater capacity than before. Linear time is gradually dissipating, and the transition from living an ego-based, service-to-self lifestyle, to a more selfless, humanitarian, service-to-others lifestyle is accelerating daily.

At this point, your focus should be on manifesting your desired ascension scenario. This means living fully aware of your conscious intention, and only investing your energy into actions that progress you toward your desired goal.

Obviously, this will require some tough life choices to be made, as you are consciously creating your desired timeline, but no longer can you afford to be anything less than objective if you intend on achieving the result that you desire.

If this means divesting your energy from any activities that you enjoy, but you know are holding you back, then so be it. We are too late in the game now to allow any further distractions to take place, so do not be afraid to go out on a limb and be spontaneous, even if you or anyone else thinks what you’re doing is irrational. Past logic is no longer applicable in the new reality that you are stepping into, so feel free to take action without fear, regardless of the outcome.

When all else fails, remember to listen to your heart, and allow it to guide you. Through your intuition and feelings, you will know what the right decision is, and rest assured that you can’t get it wrong. There are no mistakes in this world, there are only results, and how you choose to perceive them is all that matters.