Squaring the Circle

What does it mean when someone says, “Don’t be a square”? It means don’t live disconnected. Don’t crush your spirit, and extinguish your spontaneity.

Another popular saying: Think outside of the box. What box is this referring to? The box of social conformity. The box of fear.

So what is this connection to geometry that we’re perpetuating here? Nature does not come in straight lines and right angles. It comes in organic shapes, abstract configurations.

So being organic creations ourselves as humans, why are we always trying to put ourselves, the circles, into squares? Why do we perpetuate this linear, logical system?

Our perception of time moves in a straight line. Our ideal sequence of life achievements, go to school, get a job, get married follows a strict order. In school we’re told to walk in straight lines, strive for straight A’s, and do what the teacher tells us to.

Do you see how it all adds up? We’ve all been programmed to constantly square the circle. Generation after generation the same mentality has been enforced upon children to maintain order, and it’s not any particular individual’s fault, it’s our fault as a collective for allowing this cycle to continue.

So what is the solution? Stop following the rules. Stop living scared. The only rule that exists is the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s it, everything else is merely a statute enforced by those who wish to continue perpetuating squaring the circle in order to stay in power.

Can you imagine if everyone just woke up and stopped this ridiculous charade of trying to look good, impress other people, and make a name for themselves?

How many times in movies have we seen the story of a man with all of the material luxuries, the quintessential life, throw it all away out of dissatisfaction?

How many times in our lives do we need to experience the lesson that money doesn’t buy happiness in order for us to finally say enough is enough, and do something about it?

This is what I’m talking about. How many times do we need to square the circle before we realize it’s unnatural, and detrimental to our well-being? We are organic beings, and nothing will ever change that. We have desires that should not be suppressed.

If you ask a kid the classic question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” what do they usually say? A pirate, ninja, astronaut, explorer, cowboy, superhero. All of the typical fantasy roles portrayed in stories, but if you ask an adult, what do they say? They answer the question according to their perception of what is realistic and acceptable.

No one grows up wanting to be an accountant, banker, or department store clerk, but this is what we do in order to survive. We settle for less, give up on our dreams, and square the circle like we’ve been taught.

Who cares what other people think. What is the worst that could happen? They misunderstand you? They step on your ego, the ego that doesn’t even exist in the first place? Stop living life according to what everyone else thinks, and start living according to what you want to be possible. Allow your imagination and intuition to guide you, not your conditioned identity.

As I’ve said before, all it takes is for each one of us to make the personal decision to choose love instead of fear. We must remember who we are, and never let go of the child inside of ourselves that will always exist no matter how adult we try to be.

If we want to break the cycle of conformity, we have to make the commitment, and stick to it no matter what. This is the service we came here to do, and it’s time we started doing it.

Levels of Awareness Can Be Treated as Dimensions by Aegil Santos

Here are my reflections on the Earth Journal entry posted on 11/14/2012:

In this context, dimensions is not related to the 3 spatial dimensions measured in meter, feet or inches (length, width and height), but is mostly about the level and quality of our consciousness development and how aware we are of our potential as powerful creator beings. We can also call consciousness development as awareness development.

Those spatial dimensions are just a tiny speck of awareness compared to the ones waiting to be explored. As we progress in our awareness we tend to call the lower levels of awareness an illusion and develop a neutral point of view of them because we have reached a higher vantage point.

The arbitrary numbers we use (3d, 4d, 5d) are just to help compare each level of awareness much more easily.

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Victory of the Light is Imminent

The energies feel absolutely blissful today. After reading the latest posts on Dr. Stankov’s website this morning, I had the feeling we had just put in our two weeks notice for our cleansing duties for the duration of this ascension cycle.

Also, two nights ago I received a transmission from my star family during a divination session stating that on 12.12.12 I would be undergoing another visitation to my home star Sirius, and I would not be the same afterwards.

I’m not exactly sure what this entails, but I know that it’ll be a positive change, one that I’ve been awaiting all year. And just like Dr. Stankov mentioned in his Lunar Eclipse article today, I concur with his assessment that we have reached a new energetic threshold now, and that positive change is on the way very soon.

Victory of the Light is imminent. Great change lies ahead. Freedom will be ours.

My Experience Visiting Sirius

A few nights prior to November 22, 2012, I received a notification message during a divination session stating that I would be visiting my home star Sirius very soon, and on the night of November 22nd, this is exactly what happened.

This experience occurred while I was in a deep state of altered consciousness, so I’ve only been able to recollect bits and pieces of the experience, but here is what I’ve been able to gather through memory and further inquiry through divination:

In my astral body, I found myself sitting at a brown table inside of a large room. Through divination, I learned that this room was on a mothership, and when I asked for more information, I was told I was not allowed to be given further information about it at this time, and just to think of it as an access room.

After a few moments, I met with a female member of my star family in the hallway outside of the access room, the same woman I had met in a previous encounter and described in my article Ascension Transmissions 11/9/12.

After our meeting, I remember soaring through the ship, going through walls and windows until I had completely left the vessel and made it out to space.

I was floating inside of Sirius, and I was completely encompassed by magnificent shades of purple and blue. It was an absolutely blissful experience, the ultimate sensation of freedom, a harmonious feeling I can only express as being home.

The last thing I was told via divination was that I had completely dematerialized for a total of three minutes Earth time during this experience, and that this would be happening more regularly in the following days/weeks to come.

Is it true? Did I actually dematerialize during that time? I wish I had evidence to prove it one way or another. No one else came in my room during that time, and I didn’t have a video camera set up, so there’s no way for me to know for sure.

All I can say is, I was not surprised when I received this information. The feeling I had when I returned to normal consciousness after my previous experience described in my 11/9/12 write-up was exactly like what you see in the movies when people return to 3D reality after teleporting. It’s startling when you come back, and it takes a few moments to readjust yourself to this density again.

It was the same feeling of being teleported as before, and at this point, I’ve had so many paranormal experiences that nothing really surprises me anymore. All of these concepts that the general public considers to be impossible, like time travel, teleportation, and extraterrestrial contact are shown to us frequently in science fiction movies, so it’s not really that hard for me to comprehend that most of these seemingly unreal concepts are, in fact, very real after all.

Earth Journal November 14, 2012

All of reality is composed of thought forms. When you are able to perceive this concept clearly, you are able to view life from a higher vantage point, since you are able to choose which thoughts you want to exist within your consciousness.

This does not mean negative thought forms cease to exist altogether; that is impossible, since creation cannot be destroyed. It simply means you do not allow debilitating thoughts to reside within your field, and if they do, you expel them.

Think of it like this: If you take a leaf off the ground, you clearly see that it exists in the physical realm, because you can sense it. This is the most dense form of matter, and if you grind it up into a powder, then it becomes even less dense, and if you burn it, once it evaporates, what happens to it? It becomes even less dense. Just like a deceased human, that leaf still exists, but in a less dense plane, the thought plane. It still exists as an idea regardless of it being physical or not.

This example is the blueprint for all creation that makes up reality, and at all times we decide which thoughts we want to invoke. Over time we can even build up ideas so strongly that they materialize in the physical plane. It takes personal willpower to do this, more or less depending on the scope of the idea, and this works in exactly the same way for both positive and negative manifestations.

If you are stressed out, eventually that stress will materialize as disease in the body. It’s the same with attracting abundance. If you are constantly emitting thought forms of abundance, that is what will materialize in physical reality.

What tends to happen is we become stagnant from living repetitive lifestyles which block flow and cause disease in the body. Constant restrictive thoughts of fear debilitate the mind and body and are the reason for dissatisfaction in life.

We build up certain thought forms over time and get stuck within the constraints of these thoughts which keep us bound to lower levels of consciousness. The advice of “think happy thoughts” has been so overused over time that we have become desensitized to this advice, making it no longer useful for the most part.

Open communication with other people or simply with the universe is the most effective method of therapy, although speaking with others can be destructive to them as well, so it must be done only if the proper preparation has been taken.

It is best to avoid all negative thought forms altogether simply by not putting yourself in environments that include them. This means not going to places with unconscious people, not listening to aggressive music, not watching television programs that perpetuate unconsciousness and lock you into that state of being, etc. It is easy to become addicted to these types of activities, because they are designed to be immersive, indulge the senses, and create emotional attachment.

When it comes to the question of which television programs are safe to watch, while the highest quality programs tend to be the most dramatic and include high levels of turmoil, stress, violence, and aggressive behavior, they also portray the full range of emotions and provide relatable depictions of peak experiences.

Since there are both pros and cons to the argument of the risks of watching television, it is tough to give a clear-cut answer to this question, because it is ultimately up to the viewer to decide if there is more value in experiencing the traumas depicted in the events of the programs for the benefit of education, or if the negativity expressed therein is too detrimental and should be avoided.

Regardless, from a clinical standpoint, I will always recommend avoiding all negativity, but in the case of entertainment, there is a desire to expand the consciousness, so the bottom line is exploration into darkness from a safe distance is acceptable if the being is mentally prepared to process the trauma.

Of course, the trauma will still affect the psyche regardless of preparation; it is simply impossible for it not to. This is only such a debate, because when it comes to the exploration and expansion of the mind, it is vital to gain as much experience as possible, but the question is, at what cost to personal health?

If the reason for watching a program that contains violent behavior is for education, how long does it take to learn the lesson? Is the lesson, in fact, not to watch violent programs? That’s what I wonder. Does one need to watch pornography in order to learn the detriments of watching pornography?

If there was no lesson to learn, would these outlets still be explored in the first place? If you have a healthy sex life, would you still have a need to watch porn? The desire derives from the personal dissatisfaction of not being free, not being fulfilled, so we settle for watching others act out our fantasies instead.

This is what we do; we externalize our desires when we are unfulfilled. We watch porn when we can’t have sex. We watch television when we can’t experience adventure. We always say it’s fine in moderation, which means it’s fine as long as there is no attachment, but is this a cop-out, an excuse to go to the dark side?

What if you’re consciously doing something that is not healthy for you, yet you continue to do it anyway? We tend to fall into this trap, because the impulsive action typically provides a sense of instant gratification, a quick fix to a problem, and it becomes hard to reverse it once a habit is formed, a mental addiction.

So here’s the litmus test: If you were existing in your most divine state, would you still allow these habits to exist in your life? Would you still allow yourself to watch violent television programs? Would you allow your children, if you had children, to be subjected to them, as well? The answer is for you to decide.

How Source Facilitates the Process of Energy Optimization Through the Simulation of the Matrix

The Matrix is the holographic third dimensional reality that we perceive via our five senses. Just like a video game, the Matrix functions as a simulation program for consciousness development. As individual aspects of Source, we undergo a perpetual process of reincarnation in order to reach the highest level of potential.

In other words, the simulation of physical existence is utilized by Source as a way to facilitate the process of energy optimization. When you are able to live fully connected with this understanding, you will be able to perceive life in an entirely new way, because you’ll be aware of how the simulation program works.

Since the primary goal of the program is energy optimization, it is vital that every aspect is always working to develop itself further. This is why we, the individual aspects of Source, are always working to improve ourselves throughout our lives.

Referring back to the example of a video game, it is the job of every individual player to achieve the highest level possible in order for the entire team to reach its maximum potential. It may take a lot of failure before victory is achieved, but this is the process that must be undergone in order for growth to occur.

So how does this process of development work in everyday life? Through our relationships with others, we play particular roles for one another in order to catalyze different experiences. These experiences are decided upon prior to each incarnation, and the agreement to fulfill them is what we call our soul contracts.

The rate at which each contract is completed is for each one of us to decide, and the object is for each player to remember who they really are, a sovereign creator being, by the end of the game. Through repeated scenarios, including working at different jobs, attending different schools, dating different romantic partners, etc. we are guided to undergo experiences that will help us complete this goal.

We are guided by the universe in many different ways, including spontaneous inspirations, synchronistic occurrences, and signals through the words and actions of other people in our lives, which is why it is so important to be conscious throughout our daily lives. These universal signals are given to us all the time, but if you’re not paying attention, the signals will have to be transmitted again, possibly through another medium of communication.

Those who are able to receive these signals and make the necessary choices in order to complete their contracted experiences will progress through the game at a faster rate than those who proceed through life in an unconscious manner, repeating the same choices over and over again, which always leads to the same inevitable conclusion, a lack of progress in their overall development.

It takes great willpower to be able to break the cycle of conformity and take responsibility for one’s actions. The path of development that the Matrix has taken has made it very difficult for players to overcome the obstacles presented in the game, as there are certain individuals who have taken it upon themselves to infiltrate the infrastructure of the game with the intention to control others.

This is simply another part of the natural progression of development, and all individual aspects, even those who are playing dark roles, will be forced to repeat the same level of the game until they have successfully completed their contracts. This is the objective justice of the universe. All individual aspects must go through the same process in order to reach their highest level of potential, and make the effort to contribute to the perpetual process of energy optimization.

Earth Journal November 12, 2012

We have now begun our journey through the 2012 11.11 stargate. What wisdom do you have to share with the human collective at this time?

There is no obligation to do anything. Everything is in divine order. You are now coming into your own as ascended masters, and linear time is dissipating as the timelines converge. All obsolete 3D thought patterns and habits are gradually falling to the wayside. In other words, you are transcending the old matrix built upon fear-based influences, such as the need for money, comfort, or to fit in with the rest of society.

You are also moving away from lower density vibrations, whether it be other people, environments, or media programs. The wheat is being separated from the chaff, and no longer will you allow yourself to conform, settle for less, or go against your best interests in order to satisfy the ego or status quo ideals, because this is how you’ve been conditioned over the years. You’ve been reinforced through the various facets of society to conform to a particular way of thinking that is superficial and degenerative rather than beneficial and authentic.

It is not natural to work specifically for the purpose of acquiring money. Money is merely a tool that can be used for trade in the same way that food or art or anything else can be used for trade, and when the ego chimes in, “Yeah, that’s all well and good, but how am I supposed to accomplish anything in this world without money?” we remind you that the physical world is an illusion.

Only a being who is disconnected from the higher truth of the matter would be desperate for material gain, because they think the amount of money they have determines how wealthy they are. True wealth only comes from the gratification of doing service to others. This means expending your energy on actions that work to improve the situation of this world and the lives of others.

It is not what you are doing that is important, it is why you are doing it, the purpose that is driving you that really matters. It is a question of knowing where your conscious intention lies. Are you working at a particular job only for the reason of making enough money to survive? But why would you need to put effort into survival when you are already immortal?

This is where most people get stuck, because this concept is completely opposite from how you’ve been conditioned. You’re so used to worrying about survival that you forget you are already surviving. You’re so used to worrying about your well-being that you forget you are already doing well in this moment.

It’s this constant pushing and pulling between the past and future timelines that keeps you from being present in the moment. You spend so much time wishing you were somewhere else, but it does you no good, because you will always be exactly where you are supposed to be.

This does not mean it is worthless to have dreams and aspirations. It simply means to be conscious of how you are directing your intention when you are stepping into other timelines. In other words, it comes down to being conscious of whether your thoughts are constructive or destructive. Constructive thoughts are progressive, while destructive thoughts are stagnant.

Always being open to new ideas is essential to consciousness development. Remaining static in your perspective does not cultivate growth, so you must be able to remain objective, and allow ideas to be dropped once they become obsolete. This is the way of the progressive thinker. Those who become caught up in rigid beliefs, dogmas, close themselves off to alternative ideals, and hinder their opportunity to expand.

A useful way to perceive life is like going to the movie theater. You are always there with different people, because you are always transitioning into different phases of life. Each movie is a new experience, an adventure, and while you cannot change how the story has been written, it is up to you to decide how you want to perceive the events that unfold.

Sometimes the movie’s sad, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s dramatic or even scary, but it all comes down to how you feel in the moment, and once it’s over, although you have a new memory to reflect on and share with others, there is nothing left to do but wait until the next one comes out to move forward.

Because this is what life is all about: experiences. Everything is orchestrated to provide the experiences that you signed up to encounter before you incarnated on this planet. There are no mistakes, there is no missing your chance, there is only repeating scenarios under different circumstances in order to gain the experiences that you were contracted to complete.

Just like the metaphor of going to the movie theater, if you didn’t understand the movie or you walked out early, you didn’t complete the experience, therefore you will either have to watch the same movie again or watch a different one that provides an experience that satisfies the same criteria as the previous one.

This is how levels of progression are determined, and why physical age is irrelevant. Maturity has to do with experience, not with physical age, and while it is only logical that older people have had more time to complete their contracted experiences, this does not necessarily mean that they have done so quicker than those who are physically younger than them.

This is what we’re referring to when we talk about the acceleration of consciousness development, the shift that is occurring on planet Earth at this time. People are completing their contracted experiences much faster now, and they are waiting for others who are lagging behind to complete their personal development work so that society can begin moving forward to the next stage.

It is this lag time that is causing the delays in the ascension process, but it is only a matter of time until the required energetic threshold is reached. People are being pushed by their souls to complete their contracts by the December deadline so that they can qualify for positive harvest, and the new energies are compounding each day, so the light is increasing, making it easier for people to wake up and move forward in their personal development.

For those who have completed their work and are waiting for the next call to action, our advice is to remain patient, and take time to enjoy yourself as much as you can in these last days before the December deadline.

Ascension Transmissions 11/9/12

Last night I had a spiritual experience that was unlike any other I’ve had before. After reaching a deep level of meditation, I laid down on my back and went to sleep. I did not end up falling asleep, but in a deep state of consciousness I was able to visit home in the astral plane.

I found myself lying in a hospital bed. I was fully aware, and being there was as real as being here. It was like I teleported there for a short while, then returned back to this reality. When I looked behind me, there was a commotion in back of my bed, and I saw doctors and nurses scrambling to different patients.

Knowing I was there, I stared in utter amazement at this whole scene, then heard someone speak to me to my left. It was a young blonde woman, a member of my star family, and she asked me if I was meditating, and I said yes, and then she said something along the lines of “we usually meet somewhere else”, and then I hugged her before being transported back to my body and waking up.

I knew right away it wasn’t a dream, that this was something else, and I believe that this is exactly what will happen with ascension, that we will be transported to this other reality, but stay for much longer than what occurred in this visit.

I was also given the directive in my divination session today to tell all lightworkers that our work is done for now, and we will be going home in the next ten days over the period of the 11.11 stargate, and then we will return back to Earth to complete the planetary ascension job in December.

This is all the information I have for now, and we will see what happens over the next ten days. Take this information lightly, like always, and do not get disappointed if nothing happens. This scenario is always changing, so it’s important to always be ready for anything.