Ascension Update 12/30/12

Since the 21st, I’ve been noticeably expanding in both the lucidity of my dreams and the depth of my meditations. While it may seem we’ve hit a standstill after the 21st, I can say for sure from my daily experiences that this is not the case.

For those familiar with the Gaia Portal blog, I’d say the information being shared by this enigmatic source is quite accurate. Here is the latest post for the 30th:

Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia. These widened channels part of process of Gaia upliftment into 5D. Sensation of floating, and/or “not being present in 3D” are currently the norm.

As these sensations are embraced, as much as possible, infusion of 5D energies into Gaia occurs.

“humanity (small ‘s’)” dissolves. Hue-manity awakens.

Meetings are being held in the higher realms, and both last night and today, after being triggered to lie down to enter stasis, I attended sessions with my fellow comrades of the Ashtar Command as well as knights of the Agarthan family.

I was told to tell everyone, “Final preparations are being made tonight. You will start your next stage of ascension after you meet your new year tomorrow night.”

It is vital that we learn our lesson from the 21st, and not allow our impatient, egoic perception of ascension to bring us down if the results we are hoping for do not come to pass right away in third density. Just know that progress is being made daily, and soon enough it will be completely evident to everyone.

Stay strong, and have a happy new year! 🙂

Ascension Update 12/25/12

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful time with your loved ones on this most joyous day. I’m sure many of you are still a bit down in the dumps about the 21st, but I have some news today that may cheer you up.

During our meditation session today, my mom’s sister called and expressed a level of consciousness that my mom had never witnessed before. Usually, my aunt is very preoccupied with her bundle of children (she has six, I believe, they’re Catholic) and, while this wasn’t a big deal, it was apparent enough for my mom to notice, and that was the first sign that our work is beginning to manifest.

After the interruption, we continued our meditation, and we both experienced remarkable breakthroughs. After we finished, I continued on my own for a bit longer, and meditated in front of a window with the sun shining directly on me.

As I sat there basking in the light of the sun, I began chanting a mantra silently: I AM THE SUN. I AM THE SUN. I AM THE SUN. And as I did this, I had the inspiration that the sun is the sol (soul). So I began chanting I AM THE SOUL.

As I did this, I entered an even deeper state of consciousness, then transitioned to lying on my back on my bed. As I lied there, I could feel my chakras (wheels) spinning very quickly, warming up my body (vehicle) for takeoff (astral travel).

I had the same intense orgasmic physical sensations as my previous out of body experiences, but this time it felt as if the process was shut down prematurely. Perhaps the point of this experience was merely activation, and not to lift off quite yet, but regardless, it was still a very blissful and healing experience.

After this experience, I consulted my Higher Self through divination to gain more insight into what had just occurred, and I was told that I would ascend after I fell asleep tonight and, after I awoke, I would be an ascended being.

I believe this occurrence further demonstrates the success of our efforts on the 21st, and that the past three days were in fact the prophesied three days of darkness, although the darkness was merely a metaphor of our existential fears.

We shall see what happens tonight, although it is always important to remember that, while this information is accurate, it is very easy for us to misinterpret the meaning of it with our third dimensional egoic minds. The process of ascension is perpetual, and when we’ll experience it physically is always subject to change.

My Family's Official Statement on the 12/21/12 Effort

December 21st has come and gone, and to many people it appears nothing has changed. Well, just like any occasion, the outcome of the 21st was completely dependent on your own personal actions.

To put it simply, if you did not make an effort to have a remarkable day on the 21st, then you probably did not have a remarkable day.

But for those who took serious action on the 21st, performing such actions as meditating, fasting, or simply living life in a blissful, celebratory manner, the outcome was very positive.

The statement I was given to transmit to the people of Earth from adept members of my human spiritual family was that the forces of Light did achieve victory on the 21st, and the new satya yuga (golden age) was successfully initiated in the higher realms.

It is important to know that despite this victory, this war is far from over. We still have much more work to do to clear out the remnants of the old paradigm and bring in the new, and we must remain vigilant.

We still have two major holidays to get through in 2012 with Christmas and New Year’s, and it is vital that we continue to make healthy decisions during these times, and keep up the momentum into 2013.

For those who have decided to begin actively working with the forces of Light as a result of the December 21st effort, we greatly welcome you. The reformation of planet Earth to its pristine origins may still seem like a long way away, but with your help, we can make even greater strides in the days ahead. Thank you.

Some Words of Encouragement Prior to Ascension

“I'll bring us through this. As always. I'll carry you,kicking and screaming, and in the end you'll thank me.”

“I’ll bring us through this, as always. I’ll carry you, kicking and screaming, and in the end, you’ll thank me.” -Tyler Durden, Jack’s anarchist alter ego in “Fight Club” (1999)

Just like Edward Norton’s character Jack in David Fincher’s 1999 film Fight Club, people on Earth are having to deal with their own existential fears as the closing of the current precessional cycle takes place on December 21, 2012.

As expected, there is a great deal of chaos occurring throughout the planet as the old system crumbles and the new one is brought into fruition. There have been killing sprees, protests, natural disasters, suicides, resignations, and much more.

It is only natural for those not prepared for this transition to feel anxious and afraid of the future, and I want to reassure you that you are not alone. There are many of us here on planet Earth at this time serving as guides to help facilitate the process of ascension, and we are available to provide assistance if needed.

Everyone is going to have to go through this transition process eventually, and the more you have prepared yourself in advance, the easier it will be to get through. This means clearing any remaining emotional baggage, detaching yourself from the Orion matrix, and working to integrate your Higher Self.

It takes much courage and discipline to commit yourself to the spiritual path, but once you do, you will find life to be so much more enjoyable, because you will be functioning in connection with Source, rather than the conditioned 3D filter that has been constructed throughout your life from all of your external influences.

You will realize there is no pressure to do anything, please anyone, or follow any type of rules outside of the principles pertaining to service-to-others orientation.

You are a free human being, and the establishment that has been enforced upon you will be dismantled and reformed. There will be peace and prosperity on Earth once again, and all of the violence, hatred, and aggression will vanish.

Everything is in harmony. Good always defeats evil. There is nothing to fear.

My Response to Obama's Latest Speech Regarding the Shooting in Newtown, CT

Update: This article on Georgi’s website provides more intel on this scandal.

I wonder when people will finally stop listening to public figures. The people give them power by thinking their titles mean something, but they are no different than any other celebrity. What if Tom Cruise went up there and did a speech? What’s the difference? Because it’s not about the individual person giving the speech, it’s about the objective result achieved by the action.

The Elite use this problem-reaction-solution tactic (David Icke’s words) to control people, using public figures to express authority, but they’re all just puppets, and Obama is no different.

Obviously, the shooting is a tragedy. That is undeniable. But like Sam said [in the thread], do we need a guy who orders drone strikes for a living to be talking to us about compassion? It’s totally insidious, and most people don’t even know it.

Now people are screaming for stricter gun control laws, and that’s exactly what the Elite want. Bottom line is, as long as the Orion system stands, there will be chaos on this planet. The only real solution is to collapse the entire establishment and start fresh, and this is exactly what the ascension process is meant to accomplish.

Here is the link to the post regarding this topic on the Freedom Earth subreddit.

Ascension Update 12/13/12

My latest information from my HS is correspondent with what Georgi stated in his latest post What Comes After 12.12.12 today. Basically, we (the PAT) have already ascended, but we are being held back on the ground to further facilitate the process for others. It appears we will be here until 12/21 at this point.

P.S. I’ve learned my lesson now: Barbara is always right! 😉

Ascension Update 12/12/12

Update: This channeled message by April is excellent, and corresponds with my experiences and intuitive knowledge of the approaching ascension events.

It is now 10:57 AM on the morning of the 12th, and I do not have any extraordinary spiritual experiences to report. I was admittedly disappointed earlier, but I was appropriately prepared for this outcome, so I am still in high spirits and very optimistic about ascension, especially after receiving this amazing email from Barbara last night:

Hello Skyler,

I had an AMAZING experience last night, that I thought I’d share with you. I know we all have different roles to play in this Great Awakening, so my experience may well not be the same as yours, but anyway, here it is.

I’ve felt the energy blast of the 12:12:12 coming in since the 9th, very powerfully – on the evening of the 9th it was so strong that I could literally barely function in 3D; just sat there ‘breathing’, could not have strung a few words together.

Yesterday felt more normal, as if the ‘charging’ or whatever, had been successfully completed.

Last night I went to bed – late as usual, so technically this was the morning of the 11th. I lay there, and immediately noticed that those inner ‘sounds’ were, a) unusually loud, and, b) different from usual, in pitch/tone. This was followed by a kind of inner ‘bang’ or thud, and a weird sensation, not of spinning – I’ve noticed the spin before – but of swaying. It was so bizarre that I snapped the light on to check that the room wasn’t actually moving, which of course it wasn’t.   :o)

Then I had the most amazing experience of all my lives on this planet, as my new ‘operating system’ was switched on. I got to run through it and ‘test-run’ all the abilities it comes with. I was told that I can use it now, but it would be better to wait (for Christmas) until the others (the masses) are ready. As, if I ‘detonate’ now, today, my blast of energy would happen now – but the more ‘detonations’ around the 21st, the better, since it is all our combined flashes of light which *create* the dimensional shift. So I agreed, and after a kind of ‘trying out’ the new OS, I returned to 3D.

In another ten days or so, all those who’ve done the ascension work and had the ‘codes’ installed, will have their new multi-dimensional operating system switched on. But MAN, it’s AMAZING! People will not BELIEVE what’s coming!!! I, like you, know much of this, yet it still blew me away!  This is not just telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing ……… the faculties/abilities/tools available are beyond what human language can describe. Reverse ageing? Sure. Lost a limb? No problem, you can change the atomic structure of anything and re-constitute it. You can time-and-space travel at will, to any place on any date. Want to know where you put your keys yesterday, or what was happening in Melbourne on Aug. 3rd 1992? – Just go there. You can also locate, instantly, anything in the Akashic records. You can materialize and dematerialize yourself and any 3D object. And so on and so forth. Think Star Trek meets Dr Who, then multiply the ‘Wow!’ factor by 1000.

I am not given to all caps, but what I was shown will be our new tools and abilities is THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

I feel like Martin Luther King now. “I’m happy tonight. I’m not fearing any man.”  :o)  In less than two weeks, people are going to be stunned by what human beings can do. I will be interested to know what happens with you, if you have a similar experience or a different one. Look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks, when we will be able to visit anywhere! To say that this has been worth waiting for is an understatement!

I concur with Barbara’s statements, as I had a similar experience doing a test-run of the new crystalline operating system a few nights ago.

I have learned a lot from this experience, and I know now that I did not ascend because I was not ready yet. I was approaching this goal from a place of ego rather than love, which forced my expectation of a particular experience.

I no longer have any attachments or expectations, and I am completely open to the process and any results presented to me going forward. No more dates, no more expectations, only the present moment is necessary.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if this scenario was set up for me in order to be properly cleared to ascend tonight instead. It makes more sense from a strategic standpoint to go during the scheduled time frame with the rest of the team (if a team is going to ascend before 12/21 at all), anyway.

Ascension Update 12/10/12

I started feeling the energies of the 12.12.12 stargate streaming in at about 10:24 PM EST last night, and they are very powerful and blissful. I have been notified I am personally on track to complete my ascension by the morning of the 12th.

I was told I would be able to travel using my mind afterwards and that my ascension would serve as the catalyst for the awakening of humanity (detonation of the PAT supernova). I was also told I would be functioning in an entirely new world after my ascension and that I would very much enjoy my new life.

After my experiences of downloading the new light codes last night and throughout the day today, I already feel much lighter and very confident that my ascension will be completed on schedule according to the time frame above.

ABC's Once Upon a Time: The Matrix with a Fairytale Theme

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is not only an entertaining and high quality television series, but, just like The Matrix movie series, an accurate portrayal of the metaphysical principles that power 3D reality and the mechanics of ascension.

Through the scope of a fairytale-based allegory, the show demonstrates how human beings have been indoctrinated into a holographic parallel reality based on materialism via fear-based programming and the effects of black magic.

In the show, this is portrayed literally, as the evil witch unleashes a curse upon the land after making a deal with Rumpestiltskin, a black magician, which traps all of the fairytale characters in a small contemporary town called Storybrooke where there is no magic, and all of the people have forgotten their true identities.

Through dreams and other paranormal experiences, the fairytale characters begin to wake up from their hypnotic state of consumerist conformity, and start to unveil the secrets of the curse as they explore deeper down the rabbit hole.

Seeing these metaphysical principles being demonstrated on-screen helped me to gain an even greater understanding of the mechanics of the Matrix, and served as validation for my own ideas and perception of what is really going on here.

In the finale of the first season (without revealing too much of the plot), there is a scene that portrays the process of ascension, accurately demonstrating exactly what is predicted to occur upon the completion of the current cycle on 12.21.12.

SPOILER ALERT: This video clip from the Season One finale reveals key plot points, and will spoil the story for those who are interested in seeing the show.