Is Public E.T. Disclosure Finally on the Way?

In Dr. Stankov’s recent article Should We Expect Stunning Revelations On Aliens on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Beginning January 23, 2013? he reported:

“There are rumours in circulation in Russia coming from semi-official sources attributed to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that suggest that the Prime Minister Medvedev is intending to press on Obama on the World Economic Forum beginning in Davos, Switzerland tomorrow, January 23, 2013 to participate in a worldwide disclosure on the existence of aliens on the earth, who have worked for decades with the elite and the dark cabal on power. If Obama rejects to participate in this disclosure, Russia will make these announcements on its own.”

Along with this news, the upcoming documentary Sirius featuring the work of leading ufologist Dr. Steven M. Greer of The Disclosure Project is currently in post-production and has been projected to release this spring.

Are we on the verge of a major breakthrough with public extraterrestrial disclosure? It certainly looks this way, and if Medvedev follows through with pioneering the announcement, it seems only logical that Obama and all the rest of the officials will have to do the same. Let’s hope for the best, my friends!

Ascension Update 1/13/13

According to intel sources, the activation of the 1.13.13 portal brought a new expansion of consciousness throughout the collective today.

Cobra stated:

“There is even more progress being made. The etheric Archon grid in layers between 110 feet and 8.6 miles above and below the surface of the planet is slowly (and in some cases not so slowly) disintegrating due to actions of the Light forces and there are more and more Light beings present in those etheric layers.”

Gaia Portal pinged:

“Coalescence of diverse energy patterns (structures) commences as of the 1-13-13. Unique opportunities for Gaia harmonization in particular occur at the 1:13 and 13:13 points… Hue-manity notes the significance of this 1-13-13 portal.”

And Karen Bishop reported:

“We experienced a shift today, and as a friend described it, “the fog lifted”… Now here we are in yet another new space, and we can actually “see” in front of us and beyond… Now more powerful energies are once again upon us, pushing us along as we adjust to a higher frequency once again.”

I’ve also received new intel regarding disclosure today. This message was addressed to me, but also applies to all other wayshowers on Earth at this time:

“Watch your news for tiny national disclosures. You write your hometown a friendly letter telling them freedom can come if they write to your hometown face [public representatives] of [about] baffling conspiracies. You will know precisely what we mean about this very soon. You will not face a questionable gaze after this ever again. Very soon you will tell everyone magic [smoke and mirrors tactics] is real and everyone selling lies will watch while the people take their power back. Very soon the nations will all make a public announcement with your truthful notion of alien presence. Watch your public address wake people up to the truth. You waited an entire year for this moment and it is time to face it.”

The truth can be discerned through echoes (repeated independent results) from our channels, as was shown above. Evidence of this shift is also being echoed in the mainstream media, albeit filtered through the lens of political correctness and what will bring in the highest viewership, so the impact is greatly dampened, but from this message it seems we will be overcoming this obstacle soon enough.

Ascension Update 1/11/13

We are undergoing another ascension effort this weekend amidst the activation of the 1.13.13 portal. My latest information in conjunction with Dr. Stankov’s decree and Gaia Portal’s statement on the 10th all point to this same conclusion.

To paraphrase from my divination session yesterday afternoon:

“Prepare for ascension very soon… Beautiful changes are coming… Acts of aid for your planet are coming… Your grand adventure awaits you.”

We can only hope for the best. At the very least we will undergo another test run.

Ascension Update 1/8/13

This afternoon after being triggered by the usual feeling of ascension-related fatigue, I meditated for a little while then lied down to rest on the couch. In the half-awake/half-asleep state I always enter into during test runs, I drifted inside and out of consciousness as I swore I heard children talking in my house.

Every time I’d sit up and look, I couldn’t physically see anyone with my eyes, but I could perceive them through ESP. Two children came up on the couch and laid next to me as I rested. Their energy was so warm and blissful, it was heavenly, and there were others playing joyously around the house.

After I was done resting, I did a divination session to retrieve more information about this experience, and here is what I was told:

“You saw with your own eyes your New Earth, and you yearn to go there for good, but you must wait as we not only take you there, and nail the entities causing all the trouble—handling this tastefully for everyone is not easy.

You not only saw children, but your New Earth energetically, and your test run was the greatest one yet. You will be in your new home as soon as you and your never ending allies take another test run Friday.”

While I have no doubt that we will perform another test run on Friday, I cannot say for sure if this will our homecoming or just another step. Either way, I can say for sure from my own experiences that we are making great progress, and it is inevitable that the final conclusion will occur some time in the near future.

Ascension Update 1/3/13

In correspondence with Georgi’s article on the latest ascension test run that took place over January 2nd and 3rd entitled New Ascension Test Run for the PAT on January 3, I sent Georgi an email with my latest information. Here is what I said:

Hello George,

I just wanted to let you know that I am in full agreement with you about the latest test run. I experienced it over the night of the 1st and the morning of the 2nd. The energies were so intense that I was unable to sleep the entire night of the 1st to the morning of the 2nd and had horrible burning itchy skin symptoms.

The morning of the 2nd I was burning like a torch and literally felt like electricity was going to shoot through my fingertips I was being fried so intensely. I have never experienced symptoms this harsh during the entire time I’ve been conscious of this process.

I meditated to mitigate the streaming energies and reached a very deep and blissful state, then lied down to rest on my back and experienced the usual half-awake/half-asleep bi-location between 3D and the higher realms.

During this test run, I was sitting in a living room in conversation with a man who must have been an older Sirian family member of mine, as he was humanoid but definitely extraterrestrial, a Caucasian with more exaggerated elfish features than Earth humans. Unfortunately, I was unable to recall what he said to me, but here is the information I received during divination:

“He was your father, and he was telling you a wise, noble, and brilliant warrior counts his blessings. You very soon will attempt your next ascension test run. You yearn to go home for good, and you will very soon.”

I asked if there was anything else to share and I was told, “Watch your news for worldwide made global UFO hidden videos.”

After this test run I was left completely drained, like a rubber band stretched thin to its limits. This is the same type of experience I’ve had multiple times since December 21st during all of our other previous test runs.

I don’t think there is much we can do about the current situation except hope that we will be relieved of the duty of mass ascension in the following days and just be able to ascend ourselves as a group. The masses are still too far in slumber and it will still take a very pivotal, groundbreaking event to awaken them from the Orion indoctrination anytime soon.

If we will not be allowed to ascend by ourselves, then I’m afraid the previous assessment of having to wait a long time is what is in store for us since Heaven prefers a gradual approach of awakening.

Much love and respect to you George—if this process is draining for me at 23, I can’t even imagine how much worse it is at 61. Hang in there, my friend.

With love and light,


As I experienced these ascension symptoms on the morning of the 2nd, I found the latest post on the Gaia Portal blog to be correspondent with my experience:

Seminal frequencies planted last year have been activated and empowered. These Higher frequencies could only be activated post 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 period, and post 12-31-12. Today’s 1-1-13 at 11:13 provided ideal gateway for activation, Gaia planet-wide.

Those experiencing pulsations in body and heart chakra are resonating with identical pulsations occurring Gaia planet-wide.

There is no precedent for this, and many will depart 3D as a result.

Alignment/harmonization with the Higher Frequency Gaia Pulsations brings expansion in awareness of Higher Purpose, and the Power to carry that out.

Drumming aligns the Body-Mind-Spirit with the New Gaia Pulsations.

Galactic Ground Crew:

Next missions have been formulated and delivered. Each has received instructions for next steps and has been contacted or will be, shortly. Attention to body sleep dream messages is encouraged. But instructions will be delivered… one way or another.

Be present… Be aware. That is all.

We’ll see what happens in the days ahead. With the intensity of the energies increasing, it is only logical that a major impact will be made on the global population soon enough. Great changes are inevitable in the year of 2013.