The Time Has Come for a Revolution

For too long now I have been stuck in my own place of victimization. I have blamed the cabal for the atrocities they have committed on this planet and given up trying to help the situation, but I will not stand aside any longer.

The time has come for a global revolution, and it starts with each one of us standing in our own power to reject the imposed rules of the tyrannical corporate-governments.

There is no reason why any individual should have to pay a fee or meet any other criteria in order to obtain the essential resources for everyday life.

People wonder what they can do to help the mission for freedom, and I’m telling you it’s very simple: stop conforming to the fraudulent laws imposed by the corporate-governments.

Obviously, this doesn’t give anyone permission to be immoral, it simply means stop conforming in a reflexive manner, and start questioning the so-called laws which are nothing but imposed beliefs.

Why can’t we just go into the grocery store, pick out what we need, let a clerk take an inventory count of what we took (or do it electronically), and leave? In no way does money have anything to do with the actual products or services that we purchase.

No one owns the food; no one owns the land; no one owns anything. There is plenty of everything for everyone, and there is no reason for anyone to lack.

In all honesty, we don’t even need organizations like the OPPT to “set us free”. Their actions certainly help to raise awareness, but in the end even the UCC is just another made-up system.

As Heather of the OPPT and others like to say, what really matters is the being and doing of each person, and acting like the sovereign being that you truly are.

The Magic of Numbers: A Book by Aegil Santos

There are certain individuals in this world who simply function on a higher level than most others. Wikipedia defines genius as, “someone who has exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.”

In my opinion, Aegil Santos of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia definitely fits this bill.

Earlier today I finished reading Aegil’s latest work, a ten-part serial on mathematics called The Magic of Numbers, and his brilliance is taken to the next level in this work building on the ideas in his past essays on semantics.

Covering such topics as the origins of mathematics, methods of measurement, the connection between linear time and distance, and the relationship between mathematics and consciousness development, The Magic of Numbers provides an innovative look into the logic behind the numbers that run our world, how they came to be, and how we can use them to our benefit today.

Even if you find most of the concepts in the book to be over your head, I suggest giving it a shot. You never know what seeds will be planted only to blossom in the future, plus there are many images included to help with comprehension.

The Magic of Numbers is still undergoing minor editing, but it is certainly readable now in its current form, and can be downloaded in the Books section.

My Ascension Vision: Exposing the Public School System

Today I had another lucid dream that took place in a classroom of a public school where I spoke out against the education system, calling school a prison and refusing to complete the math test that had been assigned by the teacher.

My disruption eventually led to another female student joining me in my rebellion, as she left her seat and stood in the middle of the floor exclaiming how she was also tired of being forced to come to school even though she hated it and was totally bored and creatively repressed by the curriculum.

My first objective as an ascended master will be to free the children from the public education (indoctrination) system and restore education to its natural state based on fun and freedom of creative exploration.

I absolutely love learning when I am allowed to do it in a way that works best for me, and there is nothing worse than being forced to conform to a particular learning style that doesn’t work for you. Every student is different and doesn’t deserve to be placed in a one-size-fits-all curriculum that lacks creativity and passion for the subjects being taught.

Students also deserve to be able to choose what subjects they want to invest their energy into, and should not have to prove their knowledge to anyone else through a ridiculous grading system and standardized tests that do not involve anything but the regurgitation of “facts”.

This is especially harmful in subjects like history where the governments have purposely suppressed the real history of the planet in order to further indoctrinate the students into a particular worldview that supports the slavery system of money, politics, etc.

To this day I regret not speaking out and expressing my feelings about the school system when I was still a student, but I will make up for it tenfold when I successfully collapse the public school system and replace it with one based on pure principles and respect for each student as individual sovereign beings.

This is my ascension vision, and I know it will come true because my intention is righteous and only truth is able to stand the test of time. All illusion eventually fades away once enough light is shed upon it, and this case is no different.

Earth Journal February 26, 2013

The purpose of life in the incarnated state is simply to experience life as an individual aspect (microcosm) of Source connected with nature (macrocosm).

When you eliminate all subjectivity (egoic thought) and perceive 3D reality from an objective standpoint, it is apparent that all individual creations simply perform the tasks required in order to maintain existence.

This conclusion is the same for all individual creations, human beings or other animals, the difference for humans being that the egoic mind contorts objective existence into something subjective.

In other words, the ego adds an emotional filter to everything based on the individual’s characteristics (worldview, upbringing, past experiences, etc.) which makes human beings very susceptible to distraction and manipulation.

This is how the forces who desire control of this world have managed to effectively disrupt the stability of the human populace, even to the point of destroying the family unit.

This is why there are so many broken families in modern culture, and keep in mind I’m only referring to the technocratic, empirical societies like in the big cities of the USA. Other tribal and (what modern society calls) primitive societies have maintained the solidarity of the family unit because they have not been corrupted by the dark influence of modern culture.

People in modern societies have been purposely indoctrinated into a mindset based on superficial material/monetary status, disconnected from higher consciousness thinking and what we call the bigger picture, the macrocosmic/universal awareness that all is Source and there is no separation.

This is the primary difference between those who are awakened and those who are not, or still stuck in the Matrix as we like to say, and is exactly why Earth is in such a disharmonic state at this time.

Of course this is nothing new, as people have been repeating this like a broken record for decades now, yet progress seems so slow. This stagnation is another aspect of the indoctrination by the dark forces to maintain control of the populace.

Through numbers and language people are imprisoned in the illusory mind construct of linear time, which along with egoic social expectations creates a very stressful existence for most people. Throw in more emotional manipulation through the entertainment industry and advertising, plus toxins in food, water, and daily use products and it is very easy to see how people have become so toxic, unhealthy, and disconnected from their natural state.

Another point I’d like to address goes back to my first statement regarding the objective purpose of life. Modern society has been manipulated to think that personal happiness and success is the most important thing in life, and once again this is simply a function of the dualistic egoic mind reinforced by the outlets of the dark forces. This may be tough for some people to comprehend, but let me explain further how this belief system is destructive.

Happiness is subjective and dualistic in nature, therefore a person can either be happy or unhappy at any given time. Since a person’s happiness (which is egoic in the first place) is based on his or her emotional filter, it is very easy to be pushed one way or another based on the surrounding environment, which in the case of modern society is typically an environment that is unnatural and bombarded by dark influence.

Most people truly have no idea how deep this dark system has been ingrained into society. If one simply looks at the major corporate logos you will see the pentagram being used as a portal (based on sacred geometry) to influence subliminal disconnection from Source and devotion to Saturn (Satan being the personified form of this astrological energy).

All of the sports teams are branded to invoke devotion to their respective corporate/Satanic entities and related archetypes, all reinforced through uniformity (to replace a natural family with a superficial one) and designed to manipulate people emotionally so that they will give their energy away to a specific team (corporate/Satanic entity) and grow its power further.

This may as well be called sheep herding, because this is exactly what is going on when people choose to participate in these energetic rituals called sports events or any other major corporate/Satanic event like the Oscars or a presidential election, for example.

If the people of Earth want to take their planet back they must start by becoming aware of their energetic investments and stop buying into the deception of pop culture.

Am I saying everyone has to move into a temple and live like a monk? Well, that would be nice, but obviously that’s unrealistic. I’m only suggesting that people make an effort to focus more on activities that expand their consciousness rather than keep it at the same place or debase it.

The more time one spends connected with Source and his or her own divine nature, the more enlightened he or she will become and be able to share that vibration with others for the benefit of all.

So if the objective purpose of incarnated life is simply to exist in the natural state, the pursuit of happiness can only lead one so far until it is realized that the carrot on the end of the stick can never be reached, since it is illusory in the first place.

A Beginner's Guide to Sovereignty

The first step to understanding sovereignty is realizing that the entire contemporary system that we live in (economic, political, etc.) is based on subjective perspective via agreement.

In other words, from an objective (macrocosmic) perspective there are no laws or rules, there is only Source (nature), the world that exists before you.

For example, do you really own your house, property, car, or clothing? No, they are simply physical objects that exist in the world, and you are the person who has chosen to utilize them.

It is only through subjective (egoic) perspective that ownership exists, meaning you make the decision to own something and everyone else agrees with that.

So when you understand what  natural law really is, it becomes apparent that the entire contemporary system of society is unnatural in the first place, since it’s entirely based upon subjective agreement enforced through statutes.

Here’s another example to make this clear: What is a government? The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed (managed).

So if a government is just an idea, it can only exist in physical reality through subjective agreement. All of the so-called laws in contemporary society are merely statutes based on subjective agreement, yet people seem to think that they are objective laws that must be followed without choice.

Well, guess what? Those phony laws can only exist as long as people agree to follow them. If you look to the animal kingdom, does a lion get sent to prison for killing a zebra? That’s murder in cold blood, is it not? What makes the lions and zebras any different than us? No statute is ever going to change nature, because statutes are subjective and nature is objective.

So when you put this all into perspective, it makes it easy to distinguish between a real law (like gravity) and a statute (like needing a driver’s license to drive a car). These statutes can only exist as long as there is agreement for them to be upheld, so what is the solution? Simply stop conforming to rules that you do not agree with; it’s really that simple.

So of course the big question is, what about the consequences of breaking statutes? Well, obviously you will have to deal with the penalties put into place by the phony lawmakers until their henchman stop enforcing them.

The OPPT has already foreclosed all of the corporate-government entities via its UCC filings, yet these entities are still functioning because people are still making the conscious agreement that their rules should be enforced.

In other words, these corporate-government entities are like criminal organizations, and they will continue to operate under the guise of their phony laws until the people wake up and simply stop giving their power away to them.

It’s no different than a gang coming into your neighborhood and enforcing its own rules upon you, except in this case the gang known as the dark cabal is not just a gang, but a global syndicate with large forces of minions operating within every sector of society.

Just remember the difference between a law (gravity) and a statute (needing a driver’s license), and you will always know what the truth is. Stand in your power, and do what you can to relay this information to others.

The Real Agenda of the U.S. Government Exposed

So here’s a nice dose of truth for you all today: a simulated Q&A with a U.S. government whistleblower. The purpose of this is to be as concise as possible.

Q. Why does the government enforce the ownership of both a driver’s license and car insurance in order to drive a motor vehicle?
A. Because it’s a great way for the corporation of the United States to both make money and limit the ability to travel. The corporation only wants drivers on the road who will conform to its rules, and it’s been purposely made this way to enforce that driving a car is a privilege that has to be earned and paid for.

Q. Why does the government enforce a monetary system of trade?
A. Because it’s a great way for the corporation to maintain control of society.

Q. Why does the government enforce the payment of taxes?
A. Because it’s a great way for the corporation of the United States to both make money and keep track of how much money each citizen and business is earning.

Q. Why does the government enforce all children to go to school?
A. Because it’s a great way to control the knowledge and mental development of every citizen and program them to be willing servants of the corporation.

Q. Why doesn’t the government make laws according to the desires of the people? Some are even completely against the constitution!
A. Because the government officials are employees of the corporation, not representatives of the people. Their interests only lie in the corporation.

Q. Why does the government go to war with other countries?
A. Because it’s a great way for the corporation to expand its power and manufacture fear to maintain control of the people and resources of the planet.

Q. Why doesn’t mainstream media reveal any of this information?
A. Because the media is owned by the corporation and functions as its voice.

Q. Why don’t the army and police protect and serve the people?
A. Because they are employees of the corporation and function as its defenders.

Q. Why is healthcare so expensive and pharmaceuticals so pushed?
A. Because it’s a great way for the corporation to make money and limit how many people can receive proper care, thus control the size of the population.

Q. Why is food, water, and the environment polluted?
A. So that the corporation can subtlely control the size of the population.

Q. Why do lawyers and judges work to imprison fellow citizens?
A. Because they are employees of the corporation and function as its defenders.

Q. Why do the people still allow this tyranny to occur?
A. Because they are either too afraid to stand up for themselves or too programmed to even realize that they are enslaved in the first place.

Q. What can we do about this? How can we stop this tyranny?
A. Stand up for yourself, and stop buying into the phony system that is enforced upon you. Stop conforming to any idea that is unnatural and against your values.

Q. What if I stand up for myself, but the corporation threatens me?
A. It is only through fear that there is loss. There is never anything to fear.

Being Conscious of Your Name

What’s in a name? Is the title that you call yourself really all that important?

Of course it is, and when you look closer into the meaning of your name, I guarantee you will find that it not only explains your personality perfectly, but it gives you more insight into who you are and why you are here.

There are no coincidences in this world, because everything occurs according to conscious decision, and here is why this is true:

When you shift your perception of existence from the microcosm (the self) to the macrocosm (the universe), you see that we are all one, and there is no separation despite the physical illusion.

Due to this fact, it is apparent that the same facts that apply to each one of us on a microcosmic scale also apply to the universe on a macrocosmic scale, meaning if we are conscious beings then so is the universe, because once again there is no separation—we, the microcosms, are aspects of the universe, the macrocosm.

Knowing now that the universe is a conscious being, obviously there is a higher level of consciousness functioning behind the scenes of physical reality. It’s simple logic, and nature is proof; it takes care of itself whether we’re here or not.

So how does all of this tie in to your name? Well, the point is that your name is no coincidence. Whether you see it as merely the name your parents assigned to you or what you chose for yourself on a higher level, a decision was made at some point that you would exist in this incarnation with that particular name.

When you remember that you, just like everything else in the world (a book, a computer, a motor vehicle) is a product of universal creation, you will see that every invention has a specific name according to its properties and function.

For example, my name is Skyler Newman. Skyler means scholar, and Newman can be interpreted as new man. So what does that make me as a product of universal creation? A scholar of the new man, the ascended human being!

So do you see how this works? Everyone’s out searching in the external world to find out what their function is, when it’s already been divinely assigned to you.

Your name is not accountant or lawyer or police officer. Your name is not black man or white man or gay man or stupid man or any other label. The answer is given to you the second you’re born, so I wonder, what are you looking for?

Review of Return of the Aeons by Richard C. Cook

Return of the AeonsWhen author Richard C. Cook first contacted me about his new book Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension in November 2012, I sensed a strong connection with him right away and knew that we were working to accomplish the same mission.

This mission is to facilitate the process of ascension on planet Earth to fourth density green-ray consciousness as described by the social memory complex Ra in the Law of One series, one of Cook’s primary sources throughout Aeons, along with teachings from The Nine, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, and A Course in Miracles.

With an extensive background of experience spanning several decades of working with teachings of many influential spiritual masters, such as Gurdjieff, Swami Ramdas, and Shivabaloyogi, Cook provides a credible and well-rounded presentation of the ascension process, spiritual practice, and the history of the civilization on Earth from ancient to modern times, as well as a look at what may lie ahead in the future depending on the choices we make as a collective.

Cook also provides a captivating narrative about his own journey, discussing such pivotal events in his life as working in the White House during the Jimmy Carter administration in 1979-80 and participating as a NASA whistleblower after the Challenger disaster in 1986.

Aeons is presented in a balanced and non-denominational manner covering a wide range of philosophies from all over the world, with Cook acting as merely the presenter of the different perspectives to give the reader a fair sampling of all sides of the central theme of consciousness exploration.

Many other topics, including the reformation of monetary policy, extraterrestrial disclosure, the history of Jesus Christ and other prominent wanderers, as well as plenty of practical advice for everyday life are also presented throughout the book, causing Aeons to serve as an excellent foundation, or addition, to anyone interested in the fields of spirituality and philosophy.

Lastly, Aeons serves as much more than just an entertaining read: it is a guide to self-development, and I recommend it to others regardless of your standpoint on New Age literature. This book is not just for those who are interested in spirituality; it is for everyone, and the experience of reading it from start to finish will leave you transformed. Aeons is a book designed to assist readers in progressing to the next level of consciousness beyond the third dimensional world, and in this regard, it succeeds on all levels.

Return of the Aeons is now available in paperback for $12.73 on, as well as a Kindle edition for $9.99.