A Fresh Look for a New Chapter

For a while I had been wanting to switch web hosts due to poor performance, but I was unwilling to invest the energy into making the switch. Like everything else in life, the universal law of what you resist persists eventually caught up with me, and on Saturday when I went to check the site, I found it down, only to notice a message from my web host stating that my account had been suspended due to exceeding my allotted bandwidth.

Of course, my initial reaction to this breakdown was one of despair by reflex, although I had known this was going to happen sooner or later due to my inaction, and I was merely delaying the inevitable. So out of this breakdown sparked the motivation for me not only to finally switch web hosts, but also to redesign the site, which I had also been putting off.

This situation is of course but one small example of the way we humans inefficiently utilize catalyst in our lives, as we commonly wait until the point of no return to take action in situations that we are resisting confronting, rather than dealing with them head on without hesitation. Overcoming this conditioned resistance to facing challenges is a lifelong practice that we all must endure in order to reach the next level of our development.

This leads me to the next part of this announcement which involves the next step of my own journey on this earth. On Wednesday, May 1st I will be traveling to Louisa, Virginia to visit an egalitarian intentional community called Acorn Community for three weeks. I have been wanting to explore this option of alternative communal living for a while now, and I am excited to finally be taking action toward fully living according to my principles of freedom and equality in a more natural and healthy environment with others who share my values.

This is certainly not to complain that my current living situation has been unsatisfactory. I have been very fortunate to have other people in my life who have been committed to supporting me in achieving my vision of freedom and service to others, but living in the suburbs does not allow me to be fully connected with nature in the way that I wish to be, as there is too much local pollution and distractions for it to be an optimal environment.

We shall see how this opportunity turns out. I am hoping to find a potential new home where I can continue my writing and spiritual practice in a greater space of harmony along with many new enlightened brothers and sisters. I will certainly share my experiences at the commune with all of you here when I return home to Baltimore most likely on May 23rd.

Be at peace,

Review of Dr. Steven Greer’s New Documentary Sirius

SiriusSirius is a new documentary detailing the plight of prominent researcher and activist Dr. Steven Greer to discover and disclose information on the existence of extraterrestrials and free energy technologies to the public. The funds for the film are apparently going toward building a new research lab for Greer’s crew in the USA.

Like other similar documentaries covering these topics, it is certainly an excellent introductory movie to show to friends and family members who may still be skeptical of such fringe topics, but it is ultimately nothing more than reaffirming and entertaining for adepts.

We know the corporate-government and military industrial complex is withholding information from the public; we know there are clandestine organizations such as the Bilderberg Group who are working behind the scenes to further their agenda for global control; all of this is elementary knowledge for anyone who’s made the effort to go down the rabbit hole even just a little bit.

So when it comes to the big question of breaking the cycle of slavery from the Orion system, Sirius has no answers for us. Making mass first contact with extraterrestrials and introducing new technologies can only occur once the dark cabal is out of the game in the first place, otherwise there will always be some level of interference.

What needed to be addressed was the solution to achieving a critical mass level of awakening among the human collective, which can only be accomplished via the ascension process gradually over time (as it has proceeded up to this point), or by the occurrence of a major catalytic event such as the magnetic pole reversal to immediately reboot the matrix.

I have a lot of respect for Dr. Greer for the work that he’s doing, but my take from this film is that he is just another person in the same league as guys like David Wilcock and David Icke who is still focusing too much on the 3D game and is missing the bigger picture in his vision. A research lab sounds like a good solution in theory, but what good is it if we’re still at the mercy of the Orion power structure and the people are asleep.

The bottom line is we don’t need anymore band-aids for our problems, we need a full-on operation, and ascension via light body process is the only real solution that will achieve the necessary catalyst for planetary change.