Winter Solstice 2013 Message

Wholesness, balance, and good vibrations to everyone! Let this be a day that we all remember why we are here at this time, as we work in harmony to rebalance the energies of planet Earth. The human race has spent centuries in bondage, incurring much trauma and suffering throughout the globe as we endure the many problems brought on by the forces of darkness that lurk behind the veil.

But as we continue on our path toward righting the many wrongs that have occurred throughout history, we must remember that it is only through working on ourselves that we can change the world.

While there is of course a global mission to create world peace and restore health and prosperity to all people, it is in the microcosmic mission of self-realization that each one of us has agreed to accomplish that real progress is made.

It is in this perspective that we can gradually chip away at the big problems that seem so insurmountable to us. Because let’s face it: Is it Gaia herself who is incurring the manmade pollution? Is it Gaia who is killing her own children with drone strikes and other such atrocities?

It is within each one of us as a collective that disconnection occurs, and with that disconnection comes the actions of negativity that compensate for the lack of love that is being received.

For example, why does a kid in grade school bully other kids? Is it just his “natural behavior” or is it a method of compensation for a lack of love that he receives at home, a way to get attention and feel good about himself by dominating others?

It’s no different than what’s going on in the White House or the military. These individuals who feel the need to harm others only do so out of disconnection and insecurity about their own existence as seemingly mortal creatures.

But would they act the same way if they were loved and fully connected with divine consciousness? These people are the living embodiment of the negative thoughts we all endure.

So if we can learn to accept the negative thoughts we all have and deal with them in a mature and responsible manner, then they no longer have power over us, and then cease to exist entirely.

The best gift you can give to yourself and to others is your acceptance and gratitude. Focus on these acts alone and you will help to make great strides of progress toward freedom and prosperity.

Be well!


The Power of Intention


Today I want to talk about the power of intention and how you can focus your thoughts in order to embed a particular idea or set of ideas into the collective consciousness.

By simply taking some time to have an open discussion with your higher self, or with God, nature, or the universe, however you prefer to perceive the macrocosmic entity we call existence, you can actively set events into motion.

You can clear disease and stress from your body. You can change the chemical composition of matter. We have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible to achieve with the human mind.

Events that we would normally call miracles are not necessarily extraordinary, as in impossible feats being realized, they’re simply occurrences manifested through conscious will power, which is the ultimate force of creation.

And this ability to manifest miracles can become a conscious skill once you become conscious on a spiritual level.

When you are able to activate the aspect of your soul that is universal in nature, that is cosmic, that is extraterrestrial, an entirely new set of extrasensory abilities becomes available to you.

And it is in the realization that we are all made of the same matter, that there is absolutely no separation when you look at existence from a much bigger picture.

It is only within this third dimension, this physical realm, that we view our existence as separate. And of course that is what we call the veil of illusion.

It is within this veil of illusion that we believe that we have to fight for our survival, but is that the truth or is it nothing more than a fabrication of the mind?

Because when you are able to fully utilize the extrasensory abilities that you naturally have within you, that which is normally impossible, becomes possible.

When we are able to focus and relax, become present in the here and now moment, we are able to direct our energy in order to manifest change.

We can create ideas that then take existence within the nonphysical realm, and then as we add more energy, more intention to those ideas, they can then manifest into denser realities.

Because if you think of a creation such as a book, it is nothing more than an inspiration of ideas, of a set of letters which create words, which then form sentences and paragraphs and pages and chapters, that all together combine to create what we call a book.

And that process is absolutely no different than any other form of creation. Perhaps the process is different—like in creating a child—but ultimately the cycle is the same. The conception of an idea.

So with this knowledge now available to you, with that which was previously veiled now open for you to utilize, literally anything becomes possible. It all has to do with your intention and the power of your belief.

So here’s an example: Say that there is a particular part of your body that has not been doing well. Say you’ve had headaches for a long time, recurring headaches that just won’t seem to stop.

Maybe you’ve tried taking medicine. Maybe you’ve tried going to a doctor. Maybe you’ve tried yoga or meditation.

Well, perhaps the one thing that could heal this is the focus of your intention on restructuring the cells of that part of your body so that they are no longer dysfunctional and disharmonious, but aligned with health, strength, and vitality. And you can focus that intent on creating a solution that is absolutely what you desire. But as I said, that can only come with direct focus and absolute belief that it is possible.

By making the effort and practicing this skill, over time any disbelief or doubt that you have regarding the power of your abilities will go away.

It is no different than any other skill like riding a bike or cooking. The more you do it, the better you get at it until it becomes natural for you.

So when we talk about being authentic, channeling the higher self, being absolutely uninhibited and fully in your power, we are talking about unleashing your full potential.

To be a creative, sovereign being, an aspect of universal consciousness that has simply been incarnated, brought down so to speak, into this physical dimension, to take a physical form within a biological vessel in order to be able to interface within this particular dimension of reality.

So the more power, the more emotion, and the more energy you put into your intention, the stronger the manifestation will be.

And I guarantee once you start doing this, you will find that openings in your life begin to manifest in miraculous ways.

You start experiencing breakthroughs in a way that you never thought was possible, because all you knew before was the way that you were originally taught and conditioned to think.

And that includes the notion that you are not capable of achieving miraculous feats. To be afraid of your own power.

Through our conditioning in modern society, we have simply been taught a particular way of thinking that doesn’t support true creativity, but as we progress in our consciousness as a collective, those abilities will be unlocked.

And this knowledge that has been hidden will rise to the surface, and that is when we will start to see the world really change.

The major breakthroughs and progress that we know are possible will begin to manifest because we will invite those occurrences into our reality.

This is why it is so vital to work on yourself in order to become more conscious of your existence on a spiritual level.

Just like how a flashlight needs enough power to shine, ideas need enough power through our collective will to manifest.

The easiest way to start is with a simple affirmation. I am grateful for being here right now. I am grateful for this opportunity to exist in a human body at this time. And you can build on these thoughts until you have created an entire story for yourself that can be set into motion in the future.

Never forget that you are not alone. The universe is on your side, because it is all you. And the so-called other people out there are also all you.

With that simple realization alone, that when you look into the eyes of another human being, that you are merely looking at a reflection of yourself in another form, then real compassion and empathy and understanding becomes available.

This perspective is not what we have been taught, and thus there is a lot of work to do to remain aware of it all the time. This comes with training and discipline, but it is possible if you are committed to achieving it.

That is ultimately what it takes to reach the next level of consciousness, to clear the veil of illusion, but you can do it.

We are all in this together, and we stand by each other to make this world a better place. It is what we came here to do, and it shall be so by the power of our intent.

Becoming Whole Again

Last year I remember reading an interesting article that listed some of the top most common fears among people, and the one that struck me the most was the fear of achieving freedom.

Have we become so conditioned as slaves to our minds that we actually fear the idea of being liberated from that same prison?

When you think about it, it’s not really that difficult to comprehend. Thinking of the famous prison movie by Frank Darabont, The Shawshank Redemption, there is a character named Brooks who is an old man and has been in prison for many years. When he’s eventually released into the outside world, he is so used to prison life that being out there is too much to bear for him, causing him to eventually take his own life.

This scenario is no different to the way our own conditioning works. When we become accustomed to a particular way of thinking, resorting to negative thoughts when we are under stress, we tend to bury ourselves with grief and despair.

So how this can be countered? How can we overcome the obstacle of our own self-sabotaging thoughts?

The answer lies in first accepting that the thoughts are valid. Those thoughts have just as much the right to exist as any other ones, and they are not to be disregarded. It is not about trying to brush them aside and pretend that they don’t exist, because that is simply untrue, and does not serve you. What is more effective is to allow those thoughts to flow through you openly and honestly, allowing them to run their course, but at the same time remaining focused on the truth within yourself—that those thoughts are not who you really are, and are external to the core of your higher self.

That fire that burns inside of you and makes you feel warm and fully self-expressive of the love that you have to share is your greatest asset and ally. It is the passion within you to make the world a better place and bring people together that will guide you through the times in which you are faced with the greatest fear, hardship, and doubt.

It is the voice of the soul that rings out loud and clear when you are being authentic, with no agenda other than to express your feelings openly and honestly to relate with others and make a difference in their lives.

That is the source of true power, and it conquers the agents of fear. It cannot be defeated because it is the strongest force in the universe, and when you are connected with it, you become an instrument of it, no longer the conditioned human being that you once were, but pure light and love that shines through the darkness.

This concept works in exactly the same way when it comes to dealing with other people. Groups such as the Occupy Movement have adopted the slogan of “We are the 99%,” which creates division between the “us and them” of the people and those who are part of the establishment. I certainly have spoken in this way many times myself, but now I know better than to support that perspective.

Obviously, when we’re looking at the 3D picture there are individuals who are supporting the agenda to perpetuate suffering and slavery on this planet, but how does singling them out and blaming them actually help create a solution?

Of course it is always best to know the truth of what is going on behind the veil, and that’s when we get into the so-called conspiracy theory topics, but ultimately, progress can only be made through each individual achieving harmony within themselves, and sharing that way of being with others.

To put it simply, the only way to end the class war between the 99% and 1% is to stop perpetuating the division altogether, creating 100%. This comes with remembering that, despite what those people in the government or military do to serve their own agendas, they are still part of the human family and have every right to be here on this planet and do everything that they are doing than anyone else. That is what having free will means.

This statement of acceptance may be difficult for many people to swallow who are die-hard protesters against the establishment, but I simply ask you to think about who the real enemy is. Is it the people out there who are doing bad things to us, or is it our own faults for allowing it to occur in the first place by becoming complacent?

In the end, all you can look at are the numbers. If 1% of the population is successfully controlling 99%, then the 99% must have really dropped the ball at some point.

We are one big human family on this planet, and sadly, our greatest achievement will be to simply get along with one another. That means accepting the 1% as part of your family and having compassion for them. They have become disconnected from this harmony, and are severely ill, compensating for their lack of love with others by seeking power over others.

If we can simply open our hearts to them, then we can end this war without bloodshed, and even if they are unwilling to accept our love, then at least we have tried, and perhaps a seed will be planted only to sprout in the future.

Maybe this is impossible, and absolute destruction through cataclysm is the only possible solution, but I choose to think otherwise, and I’m sure you do, too.

Let us end this suffering by becoming a whole family again. But, of course, that can only happen after first becoming whole within ourselves.

The Power of Choice

A common question many people ask is when are the big events going to occur? When is the world going to change?

Obviously no one can provide a particular date. We can prophetize all we want, but ultimately it’s a dynamic situation that is always changing according to the choices made by the collective.

The promises of disclosure, redistribution of wealth, release of new technologies, etc. are on the horizon but first we must free our minds from the mental prison of the Matrix.

As we’ve seen over the past few years, there has been a huge uprising of protests around the world, and that disorder leads to desperate measures from the establishment, ultimately resulting in the increase of entropy until the bubble of the old system bursts and the flood of revolutionary energies encompasses the entire planet, crashing the system.

This is the way the ascension process has always worked throughout history, and it will inevitably happen again. Because as I’ve mentioned before, time is not really linear, but cyclical, and this current cycle has to end at some point.

We have learned from enough broken promises by now that relying on physical dates is not realistic and cannot be predicted, only proposed as a possibility that can manifest if the proper support via the agreement of the collective is provided.

That is why so many dates have passed by as uneventful. It does not mean that the forecaster was wrong, simply that the appropriate requirements were not fulfilled, thus it does come to pass.

It’s no different than the weatherman saying there’s a certain percentage chance of precipitation. It may occur or it may not if the appropriate requirements are fulfilled.

So what can you do to help move things along? Support the reality that you desire through your personal choices, or what I like to call them, energy investments.

The New Earth we are wishing for already exists as an idea, it simply needs the proper support to become a reality.

This means believing it is possible. Not getting caught up in fear and grief. Not buying into the propaganda that the mainstream media feeds you.

Consider these two different sets of beliefs and see what reality is created through the statements:

Freedom will never happen. Nothing will ever change. The system is insurmountable. Nobody cares. We are doomed to be slaves in FEMA camps. Prepare for the worst.


We are making great progress every day. More people are awake than ever before in history. The old way is ending and the new is setting in. We are very close to achieving freedom. Life is good and it’s only getting better.

Can you prove that either of these perspectives are true or not? Of course not, because they’re completely subjective according to each person’s experiences and filters.

So, the question comes down to: Which worldview do you WANT to believe in? This doesn’t mean wear rose-tinted glasses and disregard facts, it simply means where does your intention lie.

As I mentioned in my previous article, gratitude grounds us in the present moment, and that is where the true power lies. In this moment, here and now, you can choose the reality of freedom.

Whether or not you do, though, is completely up to you.

The Key to Enlightenment

Typically when we think about enlightenment, we think of it as this long and arduous cycle of death and rebirth, but it is actually very simple.

We are born as enlightened beings, but through the conditioning of modern society, we quickly forget this fact, replacing it with other negative beliefs.

So the reason enlightenment has seemingly become difficult to achieve is because we have to go through a lot more work to deprogram ourselves before we can remember our natural way of being.

Rather than discussing the process of deprogramming, I want to cut straight to the key of enlightenment, which transcends all programming, and that is gratitude.

When you are completely present in the here and now moment, fully conscious and grateful for your opportunity to be incarnated, your intention immediately returns to your natural state of being as an infinite aspect of the universe.

Just like when you were a child and had your entire life ahead of you to fulfill your greatest hopes and dreams, when you simply immerse yourself in gratitude, you find solace in the present moment, allowing all troubles of the past and future to fade away.

When the purpose of life becomes nothing more than achieving accomplishments, we lose sight of the beauty of the present moment, disconnected from the sensory details of the physical world.

Whether it’s a painting on the wall, the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, or the smell of blooming flowers, it’s easy to become caught up with the fast-paced nature of the modern world, too busy to notice the little things.

Gratitude grounds us in the present moment, so that we open our eyes to that which we normally don’t see. It is a practice and philosophy that will not only change your life, but the entire world.

Something Amazing is Happening Right Now

This afternoon I was guided to have another lucid dream. In this one, I was at my home in Baltimore, and there was a huge crowd of young people celebrating throughout my entire house and on the sidewalk and street of my neighborhood. There must have been a few hundred people all dressed in alternative light-colored clothing like hippies and just rioting with happiness as if some major positive event had occurred, and I was central to it. I walked through my house not understanding what was going on and everyone I walked by would cheer my name and give me hugs and kisses and when I went outside I saw people were even painting my house sky blue. It was an incredible scene, like a huge victory, and in the dream I could only think that we had made a huge ascension breakthrough.

As others have been reporting lately, this past weekend and today has had some incredibly powerful energies shifting the collective consciousness, and this dream can only be further confirmation that something is in fact happening and we have entered the next threshold. Now it will be interesting to watch the news to see what big disclosures erupt in the Matrix in the following days.

Ascension Dream 12/9/13

This morning I had an intense lucid dream that served as a simulation to help me advance forward in my ascension process, and I found that it reciprocated quite closely with this recent message from Blue Dragon Journal.

I found myself in a futuristic prison in which the prisoners did not reside in cells but in their own sections of the floor without any type of restrictive measures other than patrolling guards with assault rifles. I was, oddly enough, not in my current body but had the body of a middle-aged black woman. This is actually not the first time I’ve taken the form of a black female in my dreams. If it’s not some past life thing, I can only guess that it’s merely part of the simulation to include the most optimal criteria for me to experience life in contrast to the scenario of my current incarnation, i.e. being a white male in my mid-20’s.

Anyway, as the prisoners were signaled to rotate their positions on the prison floor, a black man who looked to be about 30 years old burst into the room and grabbed my arm, and I knew that he was my son. As we were scrambling away, my body said something to him along the lines of, “He (Skyler’s soul) is not used to being in a female body,” and as my son was pulling me away he grabbed a gun from one of the guards, shooting another guard standing across from him, then said to me, “I hope you can still use a gun,” and then I was tackled into a pool of water that separated one of the sections of the floor by another guard. As I hit the water, I saw my son diving in after me, and then I woke up.

As I’ve mentioned before, although dreams like this are intense, I’ve grown accustomed to them to the point of being self-conscious when I’m in the dream state, so I’m not really fazed by them anymore. They’re just subconscious simulations that provide symbolic lessons and traumatic experiences to aid in the ascension process in the conscious state.

What I gained from this experience was a further lesson in understanding the distinction between the body and soul, reinforcing the fact that reincarnation is real, and we are indeed separate entities from our physical identities. It is no different than driving a car—the driver is separate from the car, but both entities act as one unit during transportation.

This dream also helped to reinforce the fact that it is not our responsibility to save other people or the planet. We are only here to save ourselves, and that is our “world”. By liberating yourself from the prison of your own mind, you are saving the world, and thus performing your duty. In other words, you are only here to work on yourself, and by working on yourself you benefit the rest of the world.

The Truth About Time

I remember back in pre-school when I was taught how to tell time on an analog clock. There was the big hand for the minutes, the small hand for the hours, and the second hand for—well, you know the rest. I remember I always had trouble with mathematical subjects, whether it was as difficult as algebra or simple as telling time. It just didn’t “click” for me right away, and it took me longer to understand it than others, but eventually I got it, and of course it’s second nature now.

I’m sure you can think back and remember all that time you spent as a kid being programmed—I mean being “taught” in school how to become obsessed with time so that it would eventually dominate your entire life to the point of believing, truly believing that one day you will “run out” of time and die. That’s it, your life’s over because the clock said so!

Have you ever considered the possibility that linear time doesn’t actually exist? That it’s just a manmade invention that limits our beliefs of how long we can live in order to control the population of the planet? Yeah, I know that sounds very cynical and conspiratorial, but let me explain further.

Does your dog have any concept of 5:00 AM or 5:00 PM? Does your dog look at the clock and think, “Oh, it’s 6:00 PM, time for dinner!” Of course not, all your dog knows is that sometimes it’s light outside and sometimes it’s dark outside. There’s no concept of being on time or late, only the present moment.

Now let’s take a child who grows up in the woods completely secluded from modern society. There’s no watches or clocks, only the cycle of the sun. So while there is a sense of time as in change in cycle, there is no sense of different months or years or measurements. It’s basically just like the movie Groundhog Day—the same day over and over again, the only difference being what the child does in each moment. There’s no being late, no missing out, and certainly no running out of time.

If we lived in a utopian society, we would live forever–or as long as we wanted to because there would be no energizing, thus manifesting, of death, disease, or decay. There would only be the choice to pass on out of one’s current body once they wanted to move on from this dimension of existence.

To put it simply, our beliefs control our reality 100%. If you believe that you are poor to the point that it becomes real for you, then you will be poor. If you believe that you’re sick, then you will be sick. It’s very simple logic actually.

So from the examples above it is apparent that time is not actually linear, but is cyclical in nature. The concept of linear time is a manmade construct that we have been conditioned to believe and thus realize since we were young children, and that is what keeps us enslaved in the third dimension. It works hand in hand with our spoken and written languages, which also slow down our process of creation.

For example, take these two sentences:

  1. “I will take the trash out later.”
  2. “I am taking the trash out now.”

Do you see how the first sentence is completely inactive and stagnant, while the second is active and creative? Imagine how your life would change if everything you wanted to accomplish went from being “I will do it later” to “I am doing it now”. It would be, well, life-changing, wouldn’t it?

So pay attention to your thoughts and words and how they limit you. The “time” in which you do something always controls the occurrence of the creation, as it is nothing more than focused thought manifested into reality.

How to Change the World

Freedom Earth is an online community dedicated to consciousness development and free living. Our goal is to raise awareness about the problems that face our world, and work toward establishing a more healthy, conscious, and connected society.

So what does all of that mean exactly? Let’s break it down.

Consciousness development is a term used to describe the study, practice, or process of achieving higher consciousness or spiritual enlightenment.

The Wikipedia entry for higher consciousness states:

Higher consciousness is generally regarded as a developed state of consciousness in which attention is improved, refined and enhanced—and aspects of the mind (such as thought, and perception) are transcended. It is considered thus to be a higher level of consciousness relative to ordinary consciousness, in the sense that a greater awareness of reality is achieved. In a secular context, higher consciousness is usually associated with exceptional control over one’s mind and will, intellectual and moral enlightenment, and profound personal growth. In a spiritual context, it may also be associated with transcendence, spiritual enlightenment, and union with the divine.

Free living can be described as simply living without restrictions. This can be in the form of financial independence, freedom of speech and self-expression, and free access to information, education, and resources.

What problems do we face in our world? Well, all you have to do is take one look at r/worldnews or any other global news source for that matter and you’ll see just how much suffering, injustice, and violence is occurring on the planet. Whether it’s a war in the Middle East, financial greed, destruction of the environment, or violation of human rights it’s all equally disturbing and part of the Big Problem that I will discuss later in this essay.

The last part of the mission statement says “working toward establishing a more healthy, conscious, and connected society,” and that means being of service to others in guiding them in their path of awakening to higher consciousness.

With greater awareness comes reconnection with natural human behavior, values, and abilities, or in other words, the more aware you are, the more in touch with your natural state you become, and that will reflect from your internal belief system out to your external appearance and lifestyle.

Let’s face it: Modern society has strayed from natural human behavior. The majority of our media is completely fear-based or negatively polarized and is designed to keep those who digest it locked in a primal state of being that has to do with base level desires and survival instincts. In other words, that pop song you’re listening to or action movie you’re watching keeps you locked in a state of fear, angst, or base level desire, radiating the seductive influences of sex, service to self, and greed, and just like that piece of chocolate cake or double cheeseburger on the menu, you know it’s not healthy for you to indulge it, but you can’t help yourself because it’s so damn seductive.

Well, of course it is! It’s purposefully designed that way so you’ll spend your time and money on it, but here’s what you have to remember: you always have a choice. You can never forget that. The controllers of capitalism depend on you being weak-minded enough to make bad decisions, but that doesn’t have to happen.

The bottom line is this: Your greatest ability is your power to choose, because the entire world is based on agreement. When enough people make the choice to stop energizing a particular idea, that idea ceases to exist. This can be applied to anything. It’s how fads come in and stay popular for a while and then die out. It’s how certain styles of clothing or music or art have their time and then fade out into history.

Your choices and collectively our choices are what perpetuate ignorance and all of the problems that we face as a society, but guess what? Just as we have the power to destroy through our choices, we also have the power to create. Obviously this is nothing new, but it is so important–it is everything. It’s what the forces behind the Big Problem depend on to keep them in power.

So what is the Big Problem, then? It’s not any other person or group. It’s really not the wars, violence, greed, or corruption. It’s the agents of fear, and particularly apathy. It’s the voice inside your head that says “I don’t care. I don’t want to. It’s not that important. Someone else will do it. I’m not qualified. I’m too young. I’m not smart enough,” etc. It’s the years of conditioning that you have undergone throughout your life that has disconnected you from your true nature and in its place installed a slave to capitalism and fear.

The system wasn’t designed to be self-empowering. The system was designed to breed a population of human beings with a built-in self-sabotaging mechanism so that they will self-police themselves and obey authority.

Because think about it: If you wanted to control the world, how could you possibly police billions of people on your own? Maybe with androids or something, but even that could be circumvented.

The best way to control an entire population is to program their minds to be self-sabotaging so that anytime they have thoughts of breaking free they will be reigned in by their own thoughts of fear and thus abandon their attempts.

This is further perpetuated by the rest of society also being programmed to self-police and self-sabotage so even if an individual is powerful enough to circumvent his or her own programming, there is a second line of defense in his or her family, friends, and community, followed by a third line of defense in the media to make absolutely sure any thoughts of freedom are abandoned and the system is reinforced.

Unfortunately, the first line of defense, self-sabotage, is usually enough, thus making each individual his or her own worst enemy, forced with the need to conform in order to feel secure. As one goes through the process of awakening, the power of self-expression is gradually restored, and the system’s lines of defense become powerless. That is why “they”, as in the conscious perpetuators of the system, work so hard to keep people asleep. An awakened populace would easily overpower the controllers and destroy the system, so they use tactics of manipulation to keep people disconnected.

These tactics of manipulation involve switching out natural concepts with synthetic/corrupt ones. This involves every aspect of life, including food that is genetically modified; water that is fluoridated; information that is either filtered for a particular agenda or hidden; education that puts children into demoralizing prison-like schools; colleges that are institutions of debt; trade that is based on fiat currency with no intrinsic value; government that doesn’t serve the people, only the corporations; entertainment that is propaganda; and so on. The entire purpose of this bait and switch is to create a thought-based synthetic reality that can easily be controlled, or in other words, substitute a natural lifestyle with an artificial one to keep people disconnected from nature and their full potential.

So what is a natural lifestyle? What is natural human behavior? I’ve talked a lot about this scheme to disconnect people from nature, but what does that actually mean?

To be natural is to be unmanipulated, pure, or organic. Fear is not a natural way of being–it is learned and conditioned through one’s experiences. It is commonly believed that human nature is cruel, but that is another deception. Are babies cruel? Do they have any type of agenda? No, they just act naturally as their biology tells them to. It is only when we grow up and learn certain types of behavior from our environment and then mimic it that it becomes accessible to us.

That is why it is so vital for the controllers to immerse as many people as possible in a synthetic environment. Human beings become disconnected in synthetic environments because they are more dense and thus purity of thought is much more difficult to achieve.

Think about it: Just by being in houses and offices we literally put walls between us and the natural world, so of course it’s more difficult to transmit and receive universal knowledge without the aid of our power source: the elements of nature.

Another tactic of manipulation that is used to disempower people is the illusion of time. Someone who lives in the woods without an instrument of time would only follow time according to the movement of the sun, and thus would not be under the same state of control as someone who is always following the clock.

This conditioned focus, obsession, and addiction to time also takes people out of the present moment which is where the power of creation lies. You can only create in the present moment, not in the past or future, but due to our obsession with time, we very commonly focus our minds on the past and future, thus living in a perpetual state of “the grass is always greener on the other side.” We’re programmed to always want to be somewhere else other than where we are right now, and that is completely disempowering and leads to depression, anxiousness, and anxiety.

Have you noticed when you’re in a natural environment like when you go hiking or camping you’re not so uptight, and are much more mentally healthy and have a much greater ability to create (and procreate)? It’s only logical that an organic being would be much more powerful and potent in its natural environment, and that includes the physical and mental characteristics of the environment that it’s in.

So now that we’ve discussed the Big Problem of apathy and how we’ve been conditioned to give our power away to the system and sabotage ourselves, let’s talk about the solution.

First off, let’s go back to the previous topic of consciousness development. We are all here going through this process of development on a micro scale, and the force that drives this process is the cycle of alchemy. Alchemy involves the transformation of matter, and of course the classic example is converting base metals into gold. What I’m going to talk about is the aspect of alchemy involving the transformation of consciousness.

Here’s an example: When you first start riding a bike, it’s difficult. It’s hard to stay balanced, and you’re afraid of falling off. At this point in your development of riding a bike, you are still unconscious of your ability to ride a bike well, and your potential is unfulfilled.

But as you keep trying day after day, and you ride with your friends or siblings who are better than you, you see firsthand how they ride the bike without fear, and you realize you’re no different than them. They just have more practice, thus more experience and confidence. So you keep riding and riding until you’re not even thinking about riding anymore, you’re just doing it effortlessly, and soon enough you’re just as good as the others.

So what happened? Did some miracle occur that allowed you to just one day ride a bike? No, you simply realized your natural ability through the practice of doing it, and thus your ability to do it became real for you. You transformed your belief of “I’m not good at this” to “This is easy!” but here’s the question: If you had simply realized your ability immediately, would you have been able to ride the bike right away? Yes, you would have, but due to the density of consciousness that we live in, we have been disconnected from our creative abilities, so it takes much more “time” to practice in order to realize it.

Your abilities are always limited to the perception of your capabilities, and that is always based on experience, because you can only know something is possible once you’ve received sufficient proof that it’s real for you. In other words, reality will always be equivalent to what you believe is real.

So how this ties in to the solution is like this: Your thoughts and choices create your reality. The greater the focus of your thoughts, the quicker you will be able to manifest them into reality. The practice of projecting your thoughts into reality is called the Science of Imagery. The Science of Imagery is how the world is created–it’s the practice that the controllers use to project and manifest their plans of world domination.

But guess what? We have the ability to use it too, and for good. We can manifest the world that we want to live in by projecting our visions of freedom and prosperity into the universe as focused and powerfully as possible. It’s absolutely no different than the alchemy used in “learning” how to ride a bike (which is actually realizing—you knew all along, but you just weren’t conscious of it), but on a grander scale.

In any way that makes sense and is fun for you, you can project your vision through painting, speaking, writing, filmmaking, storytelling, whatever you enjoy doing. That is how creation works, and the most powerful visions are the ones that have the greatest impact on the world. Movies that reach millions of people have the biggest influence on consciousness and thus consensus reality, which is why the controllers use the media to project their propaganda.

You have the power of choice to decide which ideas you want to exist in your reality, and thus consensus reality, by deciding to tune them in or not. The same goes for the mental, physical, and emotional diet you keep. Opting in to eat at McDonald’s keeps that concept alive in reality, just as opting in to trash television shows keeps that crap on the air.

It is only through discernment and self-control that this reality will change, and it’s within the power of each one of us to decide our scale of impact. Just making healthy choices in your own life ripples out to others and influences their consciousness, and while it may not be perceived as easy to change your habits, it is possible. I know it is, because I have done it myself, and if I can do it, so can you!

So my suggestion is to start small and expand as you go. Make lists and reminders and affirmations to help you. Redesign your office or your bedroom, try out some new music, watch a nature or science documentary instead of a sitcom. Make a single piece of art everyday or write a short poem or send an uplifting email to someone you care about.

Start small, and you’ll develop the new habits over time. Don’t try to do it all in one day. That is how you change your life, and that is how you change the world. One moment, one choice at a time.