Riots in Ukraine – The Next Sign of Global Collapse

In my previous article, Are We Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World?, I discussed the idea of our current status as a society being post-apocalyptic, and I think the recent riots in Ukraine have brought forth the truth of that argument even further.

While there have been many other similar protests and riots throughout the globe recently and over the past decade, this one really hit me in a different way for some reason, as if to say, “See, I told you so!“, like this is what is to come in the future as long as the old power structure remains intact, and the tyrants remain on their respective thrones.

The photos and video footage of the riots look like something out of a movie, and it’s just surreal. One of the videos showed a Polish reporter marching in the crowd with the protesters at the beginning of the riot, and it reminded me of scenes from the movie Gangs of New York, as the protesters were dressed in all types of makeshift armor carrying homemade weapons as they charged ahead to face off against the police, throwing molotov cocktails and any other objects that could cause some damage.

It looked brutal and real in a way that shook me up unlike other riots that seemed more like a few punks causing trouble, or at least that was how they were depicted by the media. This was more like two rival gangs meeting up to brawl, and the people just seemed so nonchalant about it, as if this is just what they do and it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

I think watching movies and even simply the news has really desensitized and filtered my perception, as everything always seems so much farther away from reality, because it’s not happening in my backyard where everything is always business as usual. It simply made it real for me in a way that hadn’t occurred before—that this is happening in the world, and it could very well be in the streets of my neighborhood soon enough.

So tying this in with my article on the post-apocalypse, this particular riot seemed to have surfaced in a way that proved my article was accurate, and it makes me wonder just how far away we are from the next stage of collapse.

This is all, of course, necessary in progressing forward to the next stage of development on the planet, as the old must fade away before the new can arise, but the question that we’re always left with is what do we about it in the mean time? How do we live with this situation?

Well, my answer to this before was to simply endure and survive. To add on further to that answer, I say don’t just survive, but live life as if you are on a perpetual vacation. When you’re on vacation, you’re in a relaxed state of mind. There is no stress, because there is no rush, no place you have to be on time, or if there is, it’s not a big deal if you’re late or experience some kind of mishap.

When you’re on vacation, your focus is on being present and enjoying yourself as much as possible, even though you’re still doing all of the things you typically do, anyway.

When you eat your food, you taste it more, because you’re not in a rush to get back to your busy life. If you start doing something and get interrupted, it’s not a big deal, since you can just finish the task later. You’re not so hard on yourself, and you’re not so stressed out.

If you can make your entire life a vacation, then you’re winning the game. There’s no score, no one keeping track, but you know the difference—there is no fooling yourself.

So, while life in this crazy world may not be perfect, within your own life you can strive to maintain harmony and experience gratitude in the moment. It’s a simple switch in your state of mind, but it is everything. Enjoy the wasteland!

Are We Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World?

Yesterday in my article, Why Do We Suffer?, I briefly discussed the idea of planet Earth currently being in a state of post-apocalypse, and in this article I am going to explore this concept more in-depth.

As I mentioned, I became aware of this idea myself while watching Mark Passio’s presentation on Natural Law, and you can hear him talk about this concept at the 2:54:30 mark of the Part 3 video.

To start things off, let’s define the word apocalypse so that we are thinking on the same page without the distortions of the pop culture doom and gloom depiction of it.

This is the apocalypse slide from Mark’s presentation, and as you can see, what apocalypse actually means etymologically has nothing to do with the major doom and gloom and catastrophic scenarios presented in the Book of Revelation or in Hollywood movies and television shows, but merely to reveal, take out of hiding, or de-occult.

If you ask most people what they think apocalypse means it is highly probable they will say “the end of the world” or reference something like Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road, which is actually not post-apocalyptic according to this definition, but more like post-catastrophic, cataclysmic, or disaster.

Of course modern dictionaries will tell you differently, and just looking at the definition Google provides, you’ll see:


  1. the complete final destruction of the world, esp. as described in the biblical book of Revelation.
  2. an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

So when did the apocalypse actually occur, then? If we really need to set a date in linear time, perhaps we could denote December 21, 2012, but really you could say the unveiling of the dark agenda started to happen on a mass scale much earlier in 2011 when Occupy Wall Street began, and if we’re still attributing a doom and gloom disaster scenario to being the official denotion of the apocalypse, I’d say 9/11 was it, and ever since then we have been in a post-apocalyptic state.

Perhaps that is a myopic perspective (as I am an American), since many other much worse catastrophes have occurred throughout the globe in the past decade, but that event was absolutely a trigger for the initiation of a police state in America and the rest of the world by the globalists, and has a particular significance since it was a manmade plot and not a natural disaster (although who knows these days with HAARP).

Anyway, other than the rapid societal collapse that has occurred in the wake of 9/11 (okay, let’s just use that date for now) being sufficient evidence of being a state of post-apocalypse, if we look to pop culture at what is popular in the collective consciousness, the television show The Walking Dead is by far not only the most popular current show, but as I’ve heard in the media, the most popular TV show ever.

In a previous article I wrote last year called How to Gauge the Focus of the Collective: Watch the Trends in the Film Industry, I listed off several post-apocalyptic (post-disaster) films that were being released, including The Hunger Games: Catching FireThis is the EndWorld War ZStar Trek Into DarknessOblivion, and After Earth, all of which depicted doom and gloom disaster scenarios and were highly successful in the box office.

Studios only release movies that are relevant to what audiences want to see, so obviously the concept of post-apocalyptic disaster is what’s on the public mind, because it is what we are actually living through right now.

I don’t think most people realize this because they are still living in modern homes with their power on, and their way of life hasn’t changed too much, or in other words because “it’s not in their backyard,” but if they were to do some research about what’s going on with other people in the world, they’d see how destitute the situation is, as thousands of people are now living in tent cities across America, and I’m sure even worse conditions in other parts of the world.

The last point I want to make is that we are currently caught in the middle of the shift between the previous astrological era, the Age of Pisces, and the new era, the Age of Aquarius. The knowledge of the dark agenda has been unveiled on a critical mass scale, yet we still have not fully transitioned into the next phase of the evolutionary cycle, thus we are caught in a post state rather than fully engaged in a new one.

The transition is gradually making way, and inevitably we will cross the threshold to the other side, no longer in a post state, but fully entered into the next era, which according to theory/prophecy will be one of global prosperity and harmony as we shift into our rightful place as a transgalactic society.

Higher levels of disclosure will come with this, but first we have to get through this stage of the process, and like I said yesterday, just do what you can to endure and survive. Like a baby being born, there are labor pains along the way, and that is what we’re experiencing as a society as the old power structure leaves the scene kicking and screaming and the new one based on abundance and freedom arrives.

Why Do We Suffer?

In Part 3 of Mark Passio’s presentation on Natural Law he mentions that the reason there is so much suffering among the people of this planet is due to self-loathing, which is ultimately a result of abandonment issues. Obviously not everyone has been abandoned by their Earth parents, but what we all do have in common is the feeling of cosmic abandonment which is instilled upon us when we incarnate into the physical realm.

The trauma of this experience is extreme, and it is buried in the subconscious in order for us to be able to function normally in life, although it still greatly affects us if we do not work to heal it and accept our situation.

In order to heal this trauma, we must confront it head-on by doing personal spiritual work, and actively reconnect with nature in order to remember that we are not alone and have not been abandoned.

Through the veil of illusion, we have come to believe that nature (the spiritual realm) is separate from the physical realm, and thus we have been disconnected from nature by the act of incarnating into the physical world.

What we need to remember is that the physical and spiritual realms exist simultaneously, as we are multidimensional beings existing with a veiled perception of All-That-Is.

So have we truly been abandoned? We feel very alone and isolated on this planet, and without physical support from our star families we feel we have been cut off and left to fend for ourselves. Of course this is true to an extent on the physical level, but through extra-sensory perception we have the ability to “phone home.” We are all made of energy, and thus we are all one, and never disconnected or abandoned from nature.

I know that sounds like a bit of a cop-out answer, because being physical is a very real experience, and it isn’t fair to expect people to always remember the bigger picture throughout daily life and to remain connected and upbeat when we are surrounded by so much wrongdoing and darkness on this planet.

I know it isn’t always easy to stay positive, but through practice and discipline it becomes easier to maintain a state of being that is connected with nature, and that is really the only way to deal with the harsh reality of this world.

It is also vital to remember that each one of us chose to come to this physical plane in order to do spiritual cleansing work, and we were not simply left here by our star families. We are volunteers who came here to assist in the ascension process by incarnating into this dimension, but through being veiled we have forgotten this fact, meanwhile becoming assimilated into modern culture, straying further and further away from our true nature.

We are here to share the universal wisdom of Natural Law and to assist others in their process of awakening, and no one ever said it would an easy job. We were granted permission to perform this duty because we were capable of handling it, but I suspect the reality of the situation turned out to be much worse than we originally thought, which has caused much more slower progress on the ground.

I think the best advice I can really give to anyone is to simply endure. Just by being here in this dimension you are doing the job you vowed to do, and expecting much more than that at this point isn’t realistic.

If you can step out from your current perspective and look at this time from a future standpoint, you will see that this is an extremely difficult time to exist on this planet, as we are actively living in a post-apocalyptic world. This was another point Mark made in his presentation. The veil has been lifted, as most everyone is aware of the evil on this planet, and I would say the official date of the apocalypse really was December 21st, 2012. While “nothing happened” on that date, critical mass was achieved, and thus the decision was made for it to be a cut-off point paradigmatically. Ever since then we have been living in a world where most everyone knows of the truth of slavery, at least on a basic level, and yet the situation is still ongoing, since we have not fully transitioned into the next paradigm yet.

So while we may not have physically reached the level of a “Mad Max” post-apocalyptic world yet, we are in fact already there mentally, so give yourself some credit–you’re surviving in a post-apocalyptic world–that’s not exactly the easiest thing to do!

The Wonders of Meditation by Aegil Santos

Aegil recently sent over another short ebook, a seven-part serial called The Wonders of Meditation. You can read it online or download it in RTF and PDF format from the Books page. Enjoy!