Announcing the Re-Opening of Dr. Georgi Stankov’s Website,

Dear friends,

After a long hiatus, Dr. Georgi Stankov has re-opened his website, Georgi contacted me this morning with this news, and I am happy to spread the word. For those not in the loop, Georgi is now residing in Canada with Carla Thompson, and they are working together leading the ascension mission.

Georgi has recently published several new articles outlining the current ascension scenario from multiple viewpoints. In his post, Why All Conventionally Thinking, Critical Experts on World Politics Such as the Brilliant Thinker Paul Craig Roberts Fail to Capture the Whole Truth About the Political Events in the End Time, Georgi provides a closer look into the political situation on the planet, focusing on the impending push by the dark elite to initiate World War III, referencing the opinions of Paul Craig Roberts, as he mentions:

“He comes to the conclusion that the U.S. needs desperately a 3rd World War for several reasons, and that they consider to win a nuclear first strike against Russia –  hence the aggressive expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders. The U.S. elite know though that they have to carry out this war as quickly as possible, as long as the dollar is still accepted as a world currency and they can print money at will as to finance their military-industrial complex and a Third World War.”

Georgi then continues on this thread, explaining the ultimate goal of the elite behind the scenes, and what our focus as light warriors should be:

“That much about PCR’s view. From a limited earthly point of view, the U.S. foreign policy appears indeed to be full of contradictions and, like all “experts” and astute observers point out rightly, it makes no sense, because it destroys with the left hand all that it purports to build with the right one.

This paradox can, however, be very easily resolved if one takes into account that the actual dark government of the United States, which pulls the strings behind Obama, the U.S. government and the congress, has one primary goal  – to make the U.S. themselves a “failed state”, so that they can install the NWO in this country and spread it from there throughout the globe.

Hence our strategy as ascended masters, and some of us as future Logos-Gods of the new earths, to delay the demise of the USA to the last possible point in time, so that the dark U.S. cabal have no chance to enslave their own people, even though they are already very far advanced in this dark project.”

In the last section of the article, Georgi concludes that a MPR (magnetic pole reversal) is still required in order to progress the ascension cycle:

“This new multidimensional approach also provides us with the key as to how and when the change will come on this vibrationally highest timeline and also when the MPR and the downfall of the vast majority of people will take place. Because every enlightened ascended master in these days should be clear about one basic fact: there must be a mass extinction of the current soulless human duplicates, so that Gaia and a small part of humanity can ascend. This was from the very beginning a leitmotif of my journalistic writings on the ascension scenario.

This highest mother hologram of Gaia will experience the change and the MPR only when the constant discharge of dark energies on the part of the ruling elite reaches the threshold of ascension. That is, when this negative energy spontaneously discharges in a single moment, in the blink of an eye, and the energy fields of all Light Warriors of the first and last hours, described by myself also as the “Planetary Ascension Team, PAT,” transform it into ascension energy, before it can be absorbed by the source. This massive discharge is sufficient to bring about the demise of the dark cabal from power prior to being able to trigger a Third World War.”

And finally, Georgi sheds light on the ongoing Ukraine crisis, and makes a prediction for the future:

“Now all the signs and developments point out that this humanity is on the verge of a global collapse. The West is determined to press on the criminal Nazi and gangster regime in Kiev to extend their bloody civil war against the civilian population in Eastern Ukraine and thereby to force Russia to take counter-measures, which will be then exploited by the West as “casus belli” to unleash a Third World War.

None of these will happen, however. Putin knows exactly what is at stake and he will not be intimidated. He knows that it is about the very survival of Russia, and Ukraine is only the means of the dark western cabal to its destruction. However, Russia alone will not solve the problem and it was not planned this way from the very beginning. Rather, the task of Putin and Russia was to halt the Western cabal until the cosmic events stipulate, i.e. until the threshold of ascension is reached, and they will be compelled to shelve their plans for the NWO by the power of reality – by the natural devastating force of the MPR.

This point in time is currently determined by the events in Ukraine and to a lesser extent by the crisis in Iraq and the Middle East. The light quotient on this timeline, which is maintained exclusively by us, the few warriors of light, and the continuous discharge of dark energy on the part of the ruling cabal are carefully gauged and coordinated by the higher realms. Since I am personally involved in this process, I could write a lot about it, but it is sufficient to note here that we are only a breath away from the occurrence of these events.

It is wise and prudent to follow very closely the Ukraine crisis because there the decision will most likely fall. Then it will go very rapidly, but that is not the topic of this essay.”

Also, in the spiritually-focused article, New Guardians of a New Galaxy, Georgi, Carla, and fellow writer Jahn J. Kassl provide further insight into the role of the PAT in the ascension scenario, remarking this group of souls as the light warriors of the first and last hours.

In The Elohim Confirm the Massive Cleansing of all 4D Earth Holograms from Dark Pecuniary Patterns such as Avarice, Greed and Manipulation in the Night of June 29th, 2014, Georgi elucidates on the ascension scenario and shares his personal thoughts on the events of the past months, while Carla channels a message from the Elohim.

Lastly, in Our Timeline Travels as Logos-Gods, which is subtitled, “A Chronicle of the Events – Our Temporal Transition as Logos-Gods to a Lower, Very Dark 4D Timeline on June 14th to Eliminate a heinous Gang of Archons That Were About to Unleash a New Nuclear Third World War,” Georgi and Carla recap the events of the past months up to where we stand now, providing more background information on the ascension scenario.

I am pleased to see this influx of new content from Georgi and Carla, and I hope this post has helped you to get back up to speed. It appears Georgi is back to his previous publishing routine, so keep your eyes open for new daily content on