New Site for Kadmon Academy Now Online

I have thrown up a very basic website for Kadmon Academy at, and I will be developing it more in the following days. If you’re interested in the project, please feel free to contact me, and we can talk about it more in-depth.

Obviously, this is still in the very beginning stages of development, but I am starting to work on it now, and I have a feeling it’s going to take off very quickly. I already have a possible lead for a location in Staten Island, New York that I’m going to investigate, and I will be working on the philosophy, curriculum, and other structural works of literature to start shaping this idea together into a more formal plan.

I’m completely open to hearing your ideas, and I would love for this to be a collaborative effort. I have set up a subscribe form in the sidebar, so you can get the latest news updates right away, as well as a donate page if you want to contribute some working capital to the project.

Every inspiring comment and conversation helps keep me going, so please feel free to speak up if you want to get involved. More news on the way soon!

Envisioning the Future: The Dawn of Kadmon Academy

As I mentioned in my previous post, last week I traveled from my new home base at Acorn Community in Mineral, Virginia to New York City to foster alliances with local communities, collectives, and co-ops in the area. Overall, our trip was successful, as we met with several new groups and individuals, and furthered our progress to potentially set up our own Point A basecamp in the future.

As I do this activism work, I’m learning about what it takes to build and run intentional communities, and I’m finding this experience to be absolutely invaluable to me, because my goal is to build my own spiritually-oriented intentional community in the future.

Right now, this idea is merely a fantasy, as I simply do not have the resources to make it happen, but I figure if I put this idea out there in the universe now, it will begin to manifest in ways that I cannot even imagine. Freedom Earth is an online spiritually-oriented community, so I’ve already succeeded in doing this in the virtual realm, but of course it is a much more complicated task to build a physical community.

Inspired by the lore of Star Wars, my goal is to build a Jedi (spiritual warrior) academy, which right now I am calling Kadmon Academy. It would be a place where people can come for discipline training, and live in harmony with nature among others who share the same ideals, although it would be universal–open to all belief systems. There would be an education center among other types of necessary facilities.

Soon I am going to register a domain name and start working on a website for the academy, and begin working on developing the philosophy for it. I will also be looking into fundraising and start reaching out to others to help make this happen.

This is my dream project, and I am committed to seeing it through. I believe it is the next step of my ascension mission, and everything I have worked toward is leading me to this.

Please let me know if you’re interested in the idea, and we can talk further. Right now this is in the beginning stages of development, so I am open to hearing more ideas.

The Next Step of My Ascension Mission

On July 16th, I moved from Baltimore to Acorn Community, a rural intentional community based in Virginia that I visited last year and briefly wrote about in the article series, My Journey Into the World of Intentional Communities. Although I was accepted for membership last year after my three week visitor period, I decided not to return to Acorn right away, because I was still exploring other work opportunities for myself and wanted to see how things would turn out.

Fast forward to April 2014, and I saw some blog posts about a new venture founded by two Acorn members that I connected with last year called Point A, an organization dedicated to establishing urban intentional communities specifically in the NY, DC, and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Interested in this venture, I got in touch with the founders and planned to come down to VA to attend some events and do some traveling with them, but that idea got pushed back due to conflicts in my own work schedule.

Fast forward again now three months later to July, and an open window formed between projects for me to finally make the transition to come down to VA. Now next week from August 13th to 19th I will be participating in the next Point A trip to NYC and Baltimore, attending networking meetings with various contacts and other groups to hopefully make some progress in establishing some new community opportunities.

For those following Georgi’s latest ascension news, you’ll see how amazingly synchronistic the timing of all this is, as my trip to NYC aligns perfectly with the period in which he will be undergoing his surgery. It seems things are beginning to take off during this most auspicious time, so keep your eyes open for more evidence of movement across the global headlines.

Through our actions we manifest our ascension on the world stage, so remain aware of the occurrences in your life, big and small. They are all significant and serve as the fuel to ignite the much needed inferno of change that lies ahead.