Freedom Earth is a community dedicated to consciousness development and free living. Our goal is to raise awareness about the problems that face our world, and work toward establishing a more healthy, conscious, and connected society.

The idea for the Freedom Earth community was conceived in late 2010 by Skyler Newman after he began experiencing spontaneous spiritual occurrences, including altered states of consciousness, urges to write deep, heartfelt poems and passages about the desire for peace on the planet, and undergoing initiations into higher frequencies of consciousness.

It was not until November 6, 2011, almost a whole year later, that Skyler took action to bring the Freedom Earth project into fruition by creating the Freedom Earth subreddit and begin to share his spiritual experiences on his personal blog.

Over time the Freedom Earth community grew, and in Spring 2012, the Freedom Earth website was established at freedomearth.org, and it has been in development ever since.