Interpersonal Relationships and the Interdimensional Split by Aegil Santos

How do you know when you are already talking about multidimensionality? When you discuss multiple parallel realities, personal astral experiences, dreams at night, and ascension. As the name suggests, interdimensional splits are also about multidimensionality.

Though these aspects are not usually discussed due to the mental strain they impose: interpersonal relationships in 3d reality, basic statistics (classroom analogy), your general knowledge and intellectual skills can help in grasping the practical but overlooked aspects of multidimensionality and apply them to your daily life. Confusion about multidimensionality tends to happen if those aspects are overlooked.

Love is not only about affection and relationships but also about analytical skills and ethical design. Thus analytical skills and design skills can help in grasping the totality of multidimensionality. One application of design is the practice of communal, egalitarian living (lifestyle design).

Interpersonal relationships in 3d reality

As we all know it is best to have relationships with like minded people. Even people with different talents, but the same mission statement. We form groups and teams, which enables discuss multiple ideas from different perspectives. Eventually, as we share more ideas, and the more ideas we have in common, this builds group or team cohesiveness.

On the other hand, we find a person after some time whom we don’t share ideas in common due to their negativity. No matter how much we try share the ideas we feel are revolutionary, they cannot find the self evident truths. They always lash out when you try to be authentic. They usually lack any insightful sense of humor. So if you think it is better that you meditate, or express your creative art, or nurture a good relationships with like minded ones, stay away from those energy vampires.

Sometimes you feel alone and can hardly find a like minded person to have good times with, because everyone seems caught up in their obsolete thought patterns, superficiality and complacency. Also we only can handle a limited number of stuff, so we have a limit on the people we can focus on spending our energy.

Organizations and how the environment interacts with us

Not only relationships affect us, but also the organizations people form. Some organizations are advantageous for our spiritual growth, for example egalitarian communities. Some are just in the middle if you know how to handle your thoughts, for example schools and universities. And some are downright disadvantageous because they are insidious (bad influence), for example, governments, corporations, central banks and organized religions.

The presence of those organizations affect how we are nurtured because we can be born or grow under the influence of them, potentially creating lifelong habits. Habits can be constructive or destructive. It also depends on the worldwide presence of those organizations.

The situation now is that the organizations detrimental to our spiritual growth are everywhere. They affect how your food is made, pollute the air with haze, and affect this consensual reality and our train of thought via the money system. Since people are born and nurtured under the influence of those organizations, they also grow under the key paradigm or worldviews of those organizations.

The money system suppresses real emotions and creativity. That system is also another reason interpersonal relationships don’t last, hardly have any integrity and difficult to meet some parts of the soul contract. It can also prevent grasping the big picture, so there is not much people who are open to the perspective of the big picture, thus making it difficult to find like minded people.

Not only that, they affect the immediate environment we live in, for example landscapes can change due to places for mining metal ores, or they can temporarily affect the air with haze from plantation or forest burning (slash and burn agriculture). We all know haze can affect our breathing, and can make it difficult to start your organization that focuses on spiritual values.

The current state of our planet

There is so much social disorder now everywhere you look, while economy crumbles while the stock market plays pretend. The major developed countries are needlessly gathering huge piles of debt. There is inflation of all world currencies that is causing the price of basic necessities to rise. The government is also pretending that everything is improving but everything actually is getting worse, which is an insult to the next generation.

Consumerism is one of the most destructive habits. The presence of those organizations with twisted agendas has blocked the self-reflection abilities of their people through strict and regimented schedules. People grow up through consumerism the moment the baby finds toys attractive. The current situation is an embarrassment for the next generation of children.

The weather is getting more unpredictable with all the storms and heat waves, so are the activity in earthquakes and volcanoes. As we know plant and animal species are being threatened.

The pollution that is caused by consumerism and greed will ultimately add insult to the injury: if the worldwide populace keep the habit of consumerism at the cost of self-reflection, ultimately total environmental destruction will result. Ultimately we are passing the mess we are doing to the next generation. Lifestyle design involves a lot of conscious effort.

Why an interdimensional split is more flexible with regard to free will

The interdimensional split also has a down to earth aspect. So if you consider social interactions (interpersonal relationships and organizations) and environmental interactions to the multidimensional picture, it will be easier to grasp interdimensional splits. The ID (interdimensional) split concept is a demonstration of how flexible thinking can be achieved with our current linear and sequential thinking.

It is natural that tend to move way from stuff that do not align with your values and be attracted to stuff that aligns with your values. This can be interpreted as the law of attraction.

If we keep the one earth scenario, those organizations detrimental to spiritual growth will go on with their abuse. You are plain tired of their existence and just want to move to the next step. This is just like eliminating as much noise as possible and making sure the air is clean while you meditate or do your art, while using the language of the soul, which manifests as the language of silence. You need a more appropriate environment for spiritual growth.

You know some of you can lose friends because you want to practice your spiritual principles. Some of your friends want to do all the vices and continue being programmed by the media. So you find no choice but to contact and nurture cohesiveness with like minded people.

The interdimensional split or the multiple earths scenario was designed to take into account free will. Some people just want to take egalitarian living to the next level. Some just want to ascend, since they have fulfilled their soul contracts. Some just want to stay complacent.

Some people cannot grasp spiritually advanced concepts, so it is better we terminate our relationships with them. Some are very receptive to our concepts and want to learn more.

What is more, those abusive people will learn their lesson and will have no more to abuse, with the help of the interdimensional split. Thus interdimensional splits are intellectual pole shifts as well.

The souls going to the various parallel realities can go on with their incarnation they way they see fit. If they don’t need the existence of higher evolved beings, that is fine, since there is a huge gap in the learning curve.

Those abused will finally see a new perspective and life without the abusive organizations. They can start a new life as well with all their plans in mind.

The different school years or classrooms analogy to the interdimensional split

It is just like people being split into classroom of different educational levels, just like the elementary school is split into 6 grades. We all know that in each of the elementary school levels there are people of different skills and talents, so each parallel reality of Earth will have a small evolutionary gap, but not so chaotic and detrimentally huge as we now have today.

The idea is to keep low the gap in the levels of knowledge or levels of evolution because learning builds step by step: A grade 1 student will have difficulty grasping grade 6 concepts. Similarly a grade 5 students will be bored repeating the grade 3 syllabus. The situation now is that we have all the six grades in one class, and that is causing a lot of friction.

The elementary school analogy is just to make it easy to grasp the free will aspect of the ID split. We all know the what the education system prescribes to us is too tainted for spiritual growth. But we have all experienced how didactic learning is for example, to grasp multiplication, we need to learn first how to count.

In consensual realities, if there is a huge gap between the levels of evolution there will be chaos and free will won’t work properly. So the ID split creates the conditions necessary to nurture free will.

Why the ID split can be foreign concept to some

For some, the thought of losing and being separated from their loved one is very difficult to bear. Each soul eventually has free will to take different paths. If you are too attached to someone, it can also mean you have not resolved key personal sovereignty issues. Also know that the soul’s contract with you is done, the bonding has served its purpose.

You can detach from something fully, if you know it’s epistemological foundation for example, numbers. If you appreciate the big picture (dialectical aspects) of All-that-Is, it is very easy to detach from something. Having attachments does not really help much when practicing abstract, dialectical thinking.

If you don’t are not certain which parallel earth you will go, please do not fret, let your soul surprise you. This is another reason multidimensional concepts need a lot of self reflection. This is where general knowledge from different fields is useful:

  • Your knowledge is very vast, and you try to present your ideas in a revolutionary way to anyone.
  • Have the ability to self diagnose, introspect, and outrospect, instead of relying on blanket statements and clichés.
  • Practice applying knowledge, analytical and evaluation skills without noticing it.
  • Have grasp of the big picture by grasping the relevance of natural cycles and the irrelevance of money system.
  • Know the value of ethics with the work or art you do.

If you apply this to your everyday thinking, your free will path already has a good destiny. You might be already doing some of them, but don’t notice it. This good news applies to those who practice alternative lifestyles like egalitarian living. For complacent and abusive people who hardly practice them, it is a very different story altogether.

Also, relationships and how you feel affection is very much based on how much grasp you have in the big picture. For example, which type of relationship within organizations has more integrity? The cohesiveness found in mafias and mischievous gangs, or the cohesiveness found in egalitarian and intentional communities? Each group will go into their appropriate parallel earth.

Another reason is the wrong type of nurture which is indoctrination by Abrahamic religions. The distorted concept of hell is very difficult to bear as well, but keep in mind that there is no hell, just the veil of forgetfulness. There is also a Jacob’s ladder, or learning curve associated with the veil of forgetfulness. You will be sent to the parallel reality just right for your level: not too basic, not too advanced.


The main intention of the interdimensional split and the multidimensional earth scenario is to provide a solution to chaos that will eventually exhaust the planet. The situation is not looking good even for the next generations of children. I have only included the plight of the next generation for a didactic explanation, though multidimensionality and ascension is our ultimate destiny.

There are might be other solutions, but this is the most flexible if you want to look at the current state of affairs, you can feel it in your bodies as well through the LBP. Gaia too simply wants to go to the next level of creative expression. From a multidimensional perspective, Gaia is kind enough to create several parallel realities for each level of soul evolution. Gaia needs to integrate and cleanup so that she can ascend.

All you have to do now as an incarnated entity is to keep self reflecting, keep the balance of organized thinking and spontaneity and don’t worry too much about the destiny of others, but help others with the best of your abilities when you feel like it. This will help you nurture your relationships with like minded people.

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  1. Thank you Aegil for your wonderful analysis on this topic – It’s always refreshing to read your ideas! And to Skyler for posting. I sometimes forget this blog exists, and when I remember to check it, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the insights.

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