Levels of Awareness Can Be Treated as Dimensions by Aegil Santos

Here are my reflections on the Earth Journal entry posted on 11/14/2012:

In this context, dimensions is not related to the 3 spatial dimensions measured in meter, feet or inches (length, width and height), but is mostly about the level and quality of our consciousness development and how aware we are of our potential as powerful creator beings. We can also call consciousness development as awareness development.

Those spatial dimensions are just a tiny speck of awareness compared to the ones waiting to be explored. As we progress in our awareness we tend to call the lower levels of awareness an illusion and develop a neutral point of view of them because we have reached a higher vantage point.

The arbitrary numbers we use (3d, 4d, 5d) are just to help compare each level of awareness much more easily.

How the Dimensions or Levels of Awareness Interact

We create things twice. First, in our minds, where the world of ideas, memories and knowledge is in 4d. The emotions and abstract thinking are in 5d, which helps us create ideas and new knowledge in 4d. Second, with our bare hands, technology such as machines and words from our voice box in 3d. So as above (4d), so below (3d). Also, as above (5d), so below (4d).

In 3d we have the five senses and the surrounding material world. In 4d, we have: the sixth sense in the form of ESP, our memories, ideas and knowledge, out of body experiences, near death experiences and dreams while asleep. In 5d and beyond we create our destiny with our emotions, abstract thinking and communication with the higher self.

Mastering 4d is expanding our awareness to the point we realize our potential as powerful creator beings, this happens hand in hand in mastering 5d (mastering emotions). Randomness, determinism and coincidence become obsolete concepts.

Our linear and sequential thinking is the bridge/interface between 3d and 4d-5d because we usually have to write on paper to sequentially progress to the next idea, due to the limitations of the human brain (short term memory). It is also just like the GUI (graphical user interface of operating systems) because this is how we channel our higher self. The humble pen and paper is also a technology that helps us record ideas (4d) and serve as reminders (4d).

Example: Engineers make intricate plans of a building or machine (Planning, making blueprints or creating scenarios is 5d manifesting into 4d). Usually the plans include mistakes learnt from older experiences. They then use the technology needed to manifest the building or machine in 3d (Using physical tools is 4d manifesting into 3d).

Personal Experience, Immersion and Awareness

Due to our limited minds we need to directly experience an event in 3d to gain more insights (4d), whether it is setting pen on paper, setting paintbrush into the canvas, managing a community or experiencing a natural disaster. Your interpretation (4d) of an event also matters, whether it keeps your thinking stagnant or helps you progress in an upward spiral.

Our emotions (5d) react to the what our five senses (3d) perceive, thus influencing our strategies (4d).

The memories we gain from direct 3d experiences can help us enhance and refine our ideas (4d) and progress to the next level. Direct experiences can evoke emotion (5d). Direct experiences in 3d can make us aware of the mistakes we can do sometimes due to our limited minds.

This is how the upward spiral of tick-tock works. Tick denotes exploration and creation due to direct experiences. Tock denotes the enhancements and refinements needed to progress to the next level of exploration and creation. Then the tick-tock cycle repeats.

A train traveling without control to an unknown place is just like the event of an unpleasant or unexpected experience. This is sometimes called immersion. Traveling to a different place or experiencing an unpleasant event causes you to think at your feet. This can stimulate the language of the soul. So experiencing is the same as exploring.

The events cause emotional reaction, which you need to think of strategies to deal with the event. Your quality of thinking strategies very much depends on your interpretation of the event, which is stimulated by your emotions. The experiences in this lifetime and current habits or from past lifetimes affect how you interpret the event.

The laws of how Gaia and nature works is also a 4d code (blueprint) that has already manifested in 3d. Only through the upward spiral mentioned above we can concur with those laws of Gaia. This is what we are doing with the current empirical science, trying to figure out how nature (3d) works. Only then we can effectively engineer buildings, machines and the technology we currently enjoy.

Thought Patterns and Forms are Like 3d-Places

Also the 4d level of awareness also has places/landmarks just like the places/landmarks in 3d. But in 4d those places/landmarks exist as Weltanschauungen or paradigms. So the world of knowledge, ideas and memories is the 4d level of awareness.

This is also why the 4d level of awareness is called the mental plane and the 3d level of awareness is the physical plane. Only through 5d we can move places because emotions and abstract thinking are our vehicles that stimulate us to explore other paradigms. Only through strong emotions such as love, it can keep us satisfied with our current paradigms or allow us to explore other paradigms.

Just as we have a home in the 3d level of awareness and can move to places which are the best fit for us, we also have a home in the 4d level of awareness. This is why we call the Universal Law website and the Freedom Earth community as home.

The Plight of the Agnostics

The agnostics (atheists and skeptics) have not mastered 4d and 5d yet. Hence their love affair of the materialistic Weltanschauung and how they insist on downplaying emotions. Consciousness development is about mastering 4d and your emotions (5d). To fill in the void, they believe they are victims of randomness, determinism and coincidence, because they have no clear idea how 4d and 5d works.

They often think matter (3d) influences thought (4d). It can, via direct experiences as explained above. They are not so aware of the idea thought (4d) and emotions (5d) always influence matter (3d), which is what this article is all about.

They hardly notice that this is what they do with experiments: they use thought and strategies (4d) to attempt to manipulate experimental results by isolating a variable.

They don’t notice they use their emotions (5d) too: I created this experiment out of love because I want to help build better machines. Take note that fear based emotions allowed the current obsolete military technologies to exist.

This in turn, makes them think mathematical equations and formulae and the measuring instruments is the best substitute for consciousness, because they believe it is the best way they can think logically. An alternative: better logic can be acquired via awareness of the higher realms.

Their rigid and inflexible belief systems impede their consciousness development and how they think of alternatives. So they think life has no meaning at all.

Those agnostics are like the children playing with fire or using the Control Panel in Windows without referring to the OS manual, where they fool around with the settings.

Their rigidity in thinking may have come from this: They fear the idea that what have learnt from the current empirical science in college is just an illusion. Being attached, they fear that throwing it away for the sake of consciousness development is a waste of their energy and effort.

So this is how attachment due to the scarcity mentality affects your awareness. Thinking we live only once and reincarnation does not exist is a symptom of the scarcity mentality. These false concepts don’t exist in the higher realms.

About the Dark Ones

The dark ones are often described as 4d entities. They have not mastered 5d yet (emotions) because they decided to separate themselves from the source, so they have trouble expressing the higher emotions.

The dark ones are separated from the source, so their abilities to create are impaired because they have fear the bliss of higher levels of awareness. So to fill the void they tend to harm or destroy others for their personal gain, because they revolve around the idea of scarcity and limitation.  They have forgotten that All-that-Is is infinite. So, the opposite of to create is to destroy.

Their bodies are energetically limited, so their ability to use emotions (5d) are impaired. So their emotions often reflect those from our lower chakras. They fear the emotions from the higher chakras. Due to the scarcity mentality they fear even their own true creative potential for service to the whole.

The more awareness you have, the better you can create your reality without harming others because others also want to create. The scarcity mentality is the catalyst to harming others for personal gain and how we wrongly interpret events intended by our soul to stimulate awareness development.

Soul Archetypes and Awareness

Here are the main areas of awareness in 3d reality, all of which interact with each other:

  • Five senses
  • ESP
  • Knowledge
  • The energetic quality of the body
  • Emotions

One can have strengths and weaknesses in those areas. This is why we have talents in different fields of knowledge. How good they are will determine our compatibility with the higher dimensions or levels of awareness.

This is why we have soul archetypes, which are like the job classes we find in RPGs and common online games. A Mage is good in magic so they have high intelligence. A Warrior is physically strong, so they have a high strength.

This is why good things happen when different soul archetypes work together. They work just like the cells in an organism. Different tissues, which are made of the same kind of cell work together to make an organ.

Awareness and Alternatives

Not having an evolved awareness can impede your ability to think of alternatives to the carnal pleasures (television and pornography) described in Earth Journal 2012.11.14:

They make violent movies and disinformation more readily available than spiritual references. So due to the lack of those references we cannot compare which is more suitable for us: violent movies or the ideas just like the ones presented on the Freedom Earth/Universal Law website.

If we are stuck on the perspective of the violent movies or pornography we cannot learn anything from it or it can lead us into the downward spiral of attachment. It is just like we are only staying at home doing and learning nothing. If we watch the movies from the perspective of the spiritual references, only then we can learn something from it. So this is why beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Comparing perspectives is like measuring the distance of two different places, if we treat each perspective like a place/landmark. As mentioned above experiencing is exploring. The distance traveled denotes the insights you can acquire. It too can be pictured as climbing a mountain. What does it look like from above? This why we need to immerse ourselves in alternative experiences. The End Times are about immersion.

This is why experiences given by the soul sound awkward or abrupt at first, because this is what we feel when we are immersed. This is also why each person or soul is unique, because they are nurtured with different perspectives. So spirituality can give some points of discussion to the nature (body and soul) versus nurture (perspectives) debate. It is not only one (nature or nurture), but both can affect the individual.

One of the problems of the current matrix is that it was designed to block those alternative perspectives by giving priority to irresponsible conformity rather than honest heart to heart relationships as demonstrated in the PAT/Freedom Earth community.

These types of relationships are enough to make the government and juridical system obsolete, because all you need are mutual ideas and values that will help group creation go well. The other type are relationships based on irresponsible conformity, which requires limiting your level of awareness, thus restricting those type of ideas.

This why the current social environment needs to be changed. Social environments are blueprints (4d, city and urban planning) manifested into the physical (3d). Strategies are also needed to maintain the social environment.

This is why thinking of alternatives is the first step to solving the problems of the matrix. It can help us decide which is best for our spiritual growth.

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  1. Is this the same 20 year old Aegil Santos on Facebook? If so, I am truly impressed with your thinking. Please let me know if you are the Filapino in Facebook and hopefully your family is safe from the recent typhoon as well.

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