My Vademecum of Human Nature by Aegil Santos

1. We are powerful creator beings. We can create scenarios using our linear and sequential thinking. We are of celestial origin, because of that we are imbued with celestial powers. We are not victims of our circumstances, randomness suggests that. We simply have limited control of what a person chooses to do. Being a control freak is simply limiting the option a person can create by using compartmentalized thinking.

2. We manifest our desires in 3d reality using our mouth (voice box), hands to write, feet to got the desired destination and the various technologies we have developed. We need methods of communication as social creatures. Body language, oral language and sign language. Mental objects are more powerful than physical objects (The school of thought of randomness and determinism is ignorant of this sentence). We charge what we want to create with our emotions.

3. We only have the energetic deficiencies of the lower chakras. It causes fear due to self preservation instincts which causes laziness. We also have the pain and pleasure centers in our brain which is vital for creating Weltanschauungen. The dark ones abuse our energetic deficiencies so that they can control us easily. This is the source of the agnostic ego that is obsessed of securing every aspect of our lives due to the angst to die.

4. We have the faulty energetic structure of human memory and the bio-robot or subconscious part of our brain that specializes in habits. This can help maintain our preferred scenarios, destructive or constructive. This is also why wrong ideas tend to bias a whole school of thought, due to habits. Physics has fallen prey to agnosticism.

5. We are social creatures that rely on groups to manifest our preferred reality in 3d. With similar ideas we tend to create communities. We tend to discuss our similarities. This is why we have a tribe or culture that share a similar Weltanschauung.

6. The more people agree with a Weltanschauung, the more effective it’s manifestation in 3d reality. The dark ones abused this property using dogma, which removes playfulness which is required for creating constructive thoughts. This is why Earth is in such a bad shape today.

7. The programming of our pain and pleasure centers is why there is relativism in schools of thought today. The universal point of reference is axiomatic thinking, which transcends all relativity. This is where neutral thinking can be found, which transcends the pain and pleasure centers. The pain and pleasure centers are the cause of non-neutral dualistic thinking.

8. Our pain and pleasure centers rely on the effectiveness of human language via semantics. Semantics can be abused to deceive the pain and pleasure centers via newspeak. Semantics plays a big role in the propagation of dogma. Plays a big role euphemism too.

9. Ascension transcends those limitations as powerful creator beings. Linear and sequential thinking, the root cause of linear time will be replaced by simultaneous creation. Also the assorted energetic deficiencies of the lower chakras. The packaged obsolete thought patterns, called ego is transcended. The ego loves the relativism in schools of thought today, this is manifested as fanaticism and conformity where we attach ourselves to 3d affairs and objects, forgetting our multidimensional nature. Ascension is about axiomatic thinking.

10. We can access ESP using the language of silence. It depends on what the soul has decided for you. This is why taking a moment for a deep breath is essential. What the soul feels can manifest as bodily emotions. The language of silence means cutting all external distraction which includes our fear to experiment and explore playful ways of thinking.

11. We naturally care for each other but it can make us act righteous if we restrict the preferred reality choices of a person. We can only give options to contribute to discussions. Nobody like emotions being suppressed, so nobody likes being forced to feel in a certain way, we have to give the person as much time as possible to explore which energetic blockages to cleared. Even the tone of the word is part of semantics. We simply cannot call names such as “egotistical” to someone. We need to open the door for someone instead banging our heads in the wall by calling names like that.

12. Linear and sequential thinking created the upward spiral of thinking because the world of mental objects can be mapped just like world of physical objects. We can only be at one thought at a time. We can explore places in the world of mental objects. Or someone can limit the places we can explore so creating restricted areas. What we have explored has a profound effect our out Weltanschauung. We can maintain it by using courage, habits work hand in hand with courage too. This is how you charge your preferred scenario and think big.

13. We rely on basic existential needs as a limitation of the human body. The dark ones abused homeostasis, without it we cannot be healthy enough to create. This is why they put poisons on our food and drink. Money, which is just a mental object was disguised as a basic need.

One thought on “My Vademecum of Human Nature by Aegil Santos

  1. I have saved this in a word document. It is so condense and intense. It resonates as totally true but, as the saying goes, it is hard to wrap my mind around it, most probably because of my habitual thinking. Neither the old way or a new way of approaching information and knowledge are working properly. Disorientation is peaking. And my ability to properly express myself has gone to almost zilch. I appreciate your efforts immensely, like those of other members of this community. They are like life belts that keep me from going under.

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