Our Basic Existential Needs, Obsolete Thought Patterns and Ascension by Aegil Santos

One of the ways to start reminding ourselves of our divinity is to look back on the basic needs of the human being. To take back our ability to create our destiny it is best to look back on what greatly influences it, which are the basic needs. Not even the gurus or their followers can contemplate on the basic needs due to their self imposed blindness which came from their tendency to complicate their knowledge. I shall explain using a didactic approach how our basic needs are related to ascension.

We exist on this 3d reality because of the basic needs, it is also why are able to think, learn or create. We know our body cannot survive without food and drink, a place to sleep and ways to prevent or cure sicknesses.

It is very easy to lose our awareness on basic needs, because in today’s modern society, our technology has progressed – in the form of food transportation – to make them readily available. Also our body gives us the signal when we need the basic needs: when we are hungry or thirsty or need to sleep, we feel it immediately. Since our body takes care of our most basic needs – we are able to focus on our creativity, thought processes and learning new things.

Food first comes into form when plants harness free photon energy from the sun to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar (glucose) and oxygen via the process called photosynthesis. Then plants use respiration to break down the sugar to give the plant energy. Plants can also store energy in their cells that animals (herbivores) can eat them.

We eat the plant or the herbivore for us to survive in this 3d reality. Now we can see why plants or animals can’t live and grow their bodies without the free photon energy of the sun. So free photon energy is our most basic need, no matter how indirectly it came to us. Without food, this carbon based body we will die after 40 days.

The next important basic needs are oxygen (from air) and water. Without water, the various chemical processes in our body won’t work and there will be no medium for the digested food to travel in the body via the blood circulatory system. Without oxygen, respiration cannot function and we cannot break down the sugar. Without water, we will die after 40 days. Without air we will die after a few hours (asphyxiation).

Not only our bodies can break down sugar, but we can also break down fat and protein using different versions of respiration, it is just that the breakdown of sugar is the simplest the high school science books can explain. We also get essential vitamins and minerals that help in the chemical processes of our body.

Even though I have not read the Volume 3: Theory of Biological Regulation, where the complex chemical processes that are essential to the survival of the carbon based body are described, the basic needs mentioned above should be cogent to anyone that wants to be the sovereign creator of our lives.

How we use the basic needs to create

To create our destiny well we also have to be in good health. To prevent disease we all know we have to eat healthy by getting the best quality food and drink, and have stable emotions. If anything goes wrong with the chemical process in our body, i.e we get sick, we can take the appropriate cell stimulating drug or herbal medicine but nothing beats healthy eating and a good state of mind. Having moderate physical exercise also helps maintain our health.

Not only that, we also have to keep our bodies clean using the sanitation methods we have developed over the years. This is why we feel refreshed after taking a good shower.

Below provides examples of how we create our reality in 3d:

The optimal amount of basic needs can provide the optimal conditions for learning something new, indulging in our creativity, or enjoying someone’s creativity. When we learn something new, we are essentially recreating what is being taught because we use trial and error until we eventually understand what we have learnt. Also, the knowledge you gain from teachers or other resources, is also good as a point of departure for new knowledge or if you want to improve your personal creative pursuits.

We can also create technology to make our lives easier and provide easier access to basic needs such as food. Example: farming itself is a technology to help keep the food supply more stable. We can also find ways to organise ourselves as a community if we share a common creative goal. Another example: Using the knowledge we have gained from the current empirical science, we gave birth to the various disciplines of engineering, for example civil engineers specialise in erecting buildings.

Entertainment and recreation can be created in the form of art, novels, movies and music to help us relax and unwind after long hours of creative work and to stimulate our creativity. This also why we create all sorts of food recipes, enjoy having pets or enjoy taking care of other family members.

Now that we have looked at some examples of we use our basic needs to indulge in all sorts of creative thoughts, the Great Central Sun transmissions takes a detailed look at the habit of perpetuating the obsolete thought patterns, which are not suitable to support our continued evolution.

The faulty energetic structure of human memory, which Eugene and Georgi have discussed, is also the main factor in perpetuating the obsolete thought patterns. This goes hand in hand with the subconscious or the bio-robot part of the human brain, where our habits strengthen the memories. So please refer to those articles as it gives ideas on how the carbon based brain behaves. Knowing the nature of our brain, the PAT has effectively used it as a tool for our continued evolution.

This essay on the basic needs sounds more like a prequel to my first essay on habits I sent to Georgi, because this essay deals with basic needs. Basic needs can also power not only creative thoughts, but can also power thoughts not suitable for our evolution. These obsolete thought patterns cause emotional imbalances, thus hindering our try ability to create.

The obsolete thought patterns

The key obsolete thought pattern are the basic angsts of death and to lose material objects. These angsts caused us to forget our divine nature as cosmic beings, which is our fall from grace. We can’t find the path to immortality if we think the loss our identities means the end of us.

We can also say that these basic angsts gives birth to the ego, which is just an umbrella term for the obsolete thought patterns. Since the word ego is semantically abused, it is better to use the more precise phrase “obsolete thought patterns”. The word “ego” is commonly associated with the word “superficial”.

Example: For the economists, it is very painful to the ego that all you have learnt in college is useless, devoid of common sense and designed to perpetuate the obsolete thought patterns. You think when you lose your college degree, it is the end of you, that forget the possibility of starting again as an infinite creator being.

Thanks to the basic needs, we can create anything we want in this 3d reality. We find that we eventually become passionate with what we are creating, that we like to keep evolving ourselves in that field, whether we are an engineer, scientist, artist, musician or doctor. We eventually excel at them that they become our identity at least in this 3d reality. So we can say that these identities are 3d identities.

But if we forget our true identity as a multidimensional personality, then the basic angsts causes us to believe without our 3d identities, we are as good as dead. These angsts are the cause of agnosticism (the belief that this 3d reality is the only reality that exists). So once you have forgotten your divine nature, you have fallen from grace, after all it we have to give credit to our divine nature for excelling at the fields we are passionate with.

So whatever thought pattern that does not honour our true nature as multidimensional beings can be called a superficial or obsolete thought pattern. This is just my attempt to describe what is the meaning of superficiality.

So with respect to the point of view of the higher realms, any identity we excel at this 3d reality is superficial compared to the more amazing things we can do at the higher dimensions. For the dark ones to easily enslave us, they actually instigated the basic angsts of death and of loss of material objects. By using those basic angsts, they have managed to create a superficial definition of success, using the thought forms below.

Here are some of the thought forms described eloquently in the Great Central Sun Transmissions by Karen Danrich, from her essay, “A new divine plan for Earth” : Blind Faith/Trust/Hope, Dogma/Obedience, Pride/Arrogance and Exclusivity. I only picked some of them as to get examples and to achieve a didactic explanation. So these thought forms are a problem if we create 3d-identities (or occupations) out of them.

Blind Faith/Trust/Hope and Dogma/Obedience already has an example in my previous essay, where governments and organised religions perpetuate the thought pattern that we are powerless to create our reality. So it we can see that the identities of a president or a theologian is very superficial. But we will also explain this how thought form have infected the field of engineering.

So the occupation of the civil engineer or other engineering disciplines is usually the ones enslaved, because most of the innovations in engineering has made the life of the elite very comfortable, despite engineering being one of the most honest creative occupations. Problem is that these thought forms have crept into the occupation of engineering that it has become agnostic.

Example: I have learnt that we have to ignore our emotions when doing engineering plans, but they mean it in a narrow way with respect to the higher chakras. So what they truly mean is to ignore the emotions coming form the lower chakras but focus mainly on the throat chakra (5th chakra). the emotions coming from the higher chakras (especially the 6th and 7th) are not considered. So true engineering is the unification of our left (logical) and right (emotional) brain. Hence the fallacies of technology I have described below.

Here an example of Pride/Arrogance. Pride occurs in the dogmatic education system, where they celebrate your achievements if you have absorbed all of they dogma they fed you. With the angst of death in place, you become attached to the identity of the achievement, thus pride creeps in. You then become arrogant if anything seems to be a threat to your achievement. The pharmaceutical industry is an example of an arrogant system.

Here is a example of Exclusivity. The copyright or patents system restricts creativity by making you the sole owner of the creative work. Nobody else has the right to contribute to the evolution of your work. This is how why there are always lawsuits about copyright and electronics companies are always fighting. They have the angst of theft (stealing), which can only exist with the exclusivity thought form, which is related to the angst to lose material objects. There is no theft (stealing) in the higher dimensions, but only contributing via participation.

One example of a copyright free system is the open source software model, where any programmer can contribute to the development of the software, as long as the programmer understands what is the purpose of the software. The open source software model does not favour a corporation solely controlling how the software works. One advantage of this is that the software can better improve in its operation, as there are more points of view on how improve. Open source software is free of charge, thus giving a glimpse of a world without money, just people willing to contribute to the software idea without expecting any form of compensation.

Please note that the Universal Law website still mentions copyright but it simply means if you want to publish the content on your personal website, please give credit to the original author, as the author is the originator of the idea. This is more like a thank you. Written words cannot tell exactly the original author’s ideas and you can misinterpret the ideas, due to the faulty energetic structure of memory. So, the only way to know the author’s idea in its entirety is to use telepathy.

So if there is any idea you want to contribute to the article or create new articles based on them, make sure the original ideas are intact by keeping the original work in case you want to refer to it. It has nothing to do with the draconian copyright and patent laws.

The obsolete thought pattern is usually service to self, which is strictly speaking, can also be called “service that induces separation from the source” and is a form of destructive interference. Again, anything that causes us to forget our multidimensional nature is a form of superficiality. This is how we fell from grace.

If we think too much of our security, especial securing our identities and our material objects, we tend to forget our divine nature so we get lost in thinking all sorts of superficial negative scenarios. When we think there is nothing beyond this 3D illusions created by our souls, we eventually start to become service to self, that when we search for more strategies to secure ourselves in this reality, we tend to harm other divine brings like us, which creates karmic distortions.

Just take a look at what we are doing now to Gaia, which is a cosmic being we are harming, as we are not aware of our nature as cosmic beings. This is how we search for immortality in vain by securing every aspect of our lives. Please note that cleverness can be used for separating you even further the source or too help you evolve in an upward spiral.

The Annunaki and the Orion Empire may have all of the technology but they are going deeper into the abyss by looking for immortality in a way that they are even further separated from the source, this blindness has caused them to exhaust several planets already. Thus they are going at a downward spiral. Let us show how they can find their way back to the light, by saying no to the obsolete thought patterns.

The progress of technology as a total fallacy

Please note that we can also create technology that perpetuates the obsolete thought patterns. Example: no matter how advanced the technology the military develops, it is still rooted in separation, which is an obsolete thought pattern.

Another example: Most of the entertainment provided by the current debased society are designed to dumb us down and distract us from the language of silence. Yet the smartphone makers continue improving the mobile phone software to provide easy access to the debased entertainment, for example, you can simply speak to your phone to find out about the latest movies.

Some technologies, no matter how simple, can serve evolution or keep the obsolete thought patterns. The knife, can be used to cook more delicious food (creating) or killing someone (obsolete thought patterns, which creates karmic distortions).

Some technologies, such as money, can be transcended only if we consider that we don’t need compensation to be satisfied with what we have created. The satisfaction that your creative work has fulfilled it purpose is enough. Money is invented as a mainly as a way to enslave us and perpetuate the idea that we need to focus on gaining as much wealth via compensations to make us immortal.

Please be comfortable that money is just like the points you score (scoring points is a form of compensation) if you correctly answer a school examination question. Points are just an object of the mind (abstraction), right? If you agree, then you have understood what money truly is. Especially when you are awarded points for keeping the old thought patterns.

This is why money does not exist in the higher dimensions because the crystalline minds are advanced enough to be not concerned about security, that is possible to throw away the need for money. So any form of monetary reform is useless as it provides more of the same. NESARA is one of those fraudulent examples.

If we must progress in our technology, we must eliminate technologies based on the obsolete thought patterns and focus on technology that helps us create, based on spiritual principles. That way it is also possible to live on minimal technologies. There is so much unnecessary technology in this debased society that can contribute to our evolution as cosmic beings. We have seen examples of the abuse of technology in our high school science books, especially the nuclear bomb as a common example.

If you have used a technology that has contributed to your separation form the source and you want to go back to the light, you need to use an technology that will help bring you back to the upward spiral of evolution. The amount of constructive interference must offset equally the destructive interference you have created. Example: the Keshe foundation, has mainly constructive technologies needed to offset the destructive technologies of the O-bummer (Obama) government.

Some technologies require you to change your thought patterns (parallel mental development work) to understand how to effectively use them. This applies very much to the free photon energy devices, where the self-proclaimed elite kept them secret from us and used it for their “service that induces separation from the source”. To exercise great control they kept them secret from the masses. So the technology can only be as good as your current level of mental development.

So it is not about the progress of technology that matters, which the lamestream mass media always spouts, but the progress of our mindset, because our mindset is responsible for creating our reality. To the fakestream mass media, to them the progress of technology will eventually lead us to immortality.

Transcendental Thought Patterns and Ascension

The new thought patterns is usually service to others, which is strictly speaking, can be called “service to evolution”, which is a form of constructive interference. Please note that the first 4 letters of the word “evolution” can be flipped to show the word love: evol = love. But the word love is already semantically abused that we need to use the word evolution.

Therefore, it is more precise to use the phrases unconditional truth, unconditional evolution, unconditional constructive interference. The meaning of love these days is usually about being timid to your partner by afraid to speak your truth.

One way to kickstart evolution is to examine which thought patterns (habits) to keep, improve or consider obsolete. This usually involves having the courage to look back at your past experiences, because you need past thought patterns as a point of departure (this can be called deciding which thought pattern to be transmuted).

Since we need to build on our experiences to evolve, that requires knowledge of the past, which we can use for creating several probability alternatives, which are simply are ideas what create in the now. So the different ideas we have for the future can be simply described as different pathways or scenarios.

This essay is about exposing the the obsolete thought patterns (an example of a past experience) and how we can learn from them to find ways to evolve in the now. Some get so caught in their superficialities that their inability (cowardice) to contemplate on their obsolete thought patterns makes them phobic to honest essays like this. This phobia happens because the essay can act like a mirror, and they don’t like the mirror showing the dark spots.

An example is the majority of the lightworker community. This behaviour of resisting mirrors gets them stuck in a loop, where the same probably alternative is repeated. The only way to remedy this is to take the conscious effort to transmute the old thought pattern. Confusions/Doubts like these don’t exist in the higher realms.

So for the true mass arrests to happen, we have to arrest our obsolete thought patterns by simply being aware of them using the language of silence. Thus contemplating can help us detect our personal monsters (obsolete thought patterns). By being aware of them, we get to explore other pathways for evolution that can transmute the monster. If more arrest the obsolete thought patterns, then the elite will lose their power (so that is one way we can arrest them ourselves), because they need us to perpetuate the old thought patterns. This is the Universal Law in action (see below). Some of the obsolete thought patterns, especially thought patterns which induce busy-ness, blocks the language of silence.

Please note that what the PAT has created in this 3d reality, no matter how much good creative intentions we have formed, only acts as bridge (portals) to the higher dimensions. Knowing this, we are ready to outgrow the bridges we have created to the higher dimensions, which we have created with the intention of being service to evolution. What we have done can be called the bridge to true immortality. Note that we have to give credit for ourselves on how well we used the basic needs. Also, it becomes more acceptable to us that some souls are not compatible with our heightened perspectives, thus we know it is up to them to grow.

To evolve to a transgalactic species we have to transcend (outgrow) obsolete thought patterns, or we cannot enjoy the privileges of a transgalactic society.

Just like it is useless for a butterfly to have wings if all it wants is to walk on plant stalks and keep chewing leaves, so it is better for it to stay a caterpillar – it was actually not ready to become a butterfly. To be a butterfly that flies high, you have to transcend your caterpillar habits.

We the PAT members have decided a long time ago (10-12 years) to ascend that we pupated in the form of LBP, where we cocooned to release and transcend the obsolete thought patterns deep in our bodies. The pupa state is a very debilitating task for the PAT and it is not for the faint hearted.

During those tedious times our bodies were disabled to the point we can only participate in the debased society in a minimal way. It is just like the nature of the chrysalis or pupa, it just stays in one place. All we are waiting for now is the chrysalis to hatch, and that is our ascension as truly immortal beings.

If I have found many similarities of the metamorphosis of the butterfly to the ascension process. Thus we can conclude that ascension is a form of metamorphosis. After ascension, we will also break free from the limitations of the basic needs, where we will get free photon energy directly from sunlight.

The Universal Law in the manifestation of our reality

The more people participate in creating a reality that works for everyone, the more effective the reality will be. This is the Universal Law in action. This is why we gather on the Universal Law website to share our insights, we know it is important to gather like minded people to better the manifest the reality we intend.

Pleas note that the equation below is very general (that is why it is universal), as not all souls can participate in the reality we truly intend.

The universal equation is EA × f = E

Let E be how effective the reality we create.

Let EA(action potential) be how much a single person can contribute. This is not equal in every person.

Let f be the number of people participating.

So, the true meaning of freedom is freedom from the shackles of the obsolete thought patterns and being free to create in a constructive way.

Conclusion: Think about this…

What if the way how society is organized today is suddenly gone?

What we take for granted every day is suddenly gone?

Here is a possible scenario (probability alternative).

Please let anybody who still has normality bias read this part (e.g. Stankov’s daughter’s circle of friends). This is an exercise to help those having the normality bias become more aware of the obsolete thought patterns you are still attached to. By thinking about this, it can help make the ID split more tangible.

Business headquarters suddenly stops functioning.

Governments simply shut down.

Shops simply go out of business.

Universities close down.

Religions close down.

Any type of educational institutions close down.

Banks close down.

Petrol stations close down. So no transportation.

The money system and economic system goes down!

Power companies suddenly close down.

Also take note of the natural disasters that can knock out this reality:

Earthquakes. and Mega earthquakes.


Volcanic Eruptions.

Coronal Mass Ejections. – can make electronic devices useless!

Pole Shift.

Solar Flares.


Satellites suddenly falling from the sky.


But you realize you are still alive and well and survived the natural disasters.

And you still have your knowledge and expertise of something in your field.

So you to survive you have to start anew, if you are opportunistic, you would ask what obsolete thought patterns contributed to the disaster.

Do you think those systems create only more criminals because they can be oppressive enough to make some people very desperate for basic needs?

The government and other forms of authority are useless because they failed to manage our basic needs, and they failed sometimes or even big time. If they have failed, why don’t we manage it ourselves to create our reality as we have all the knowledge? In their imbecility, they abused the effectiveness of the basic needs especially food.

In a nutshell…

1. Every creation in this 3d reality starts with our basic needs.

2. The right amount of basic needs enables us to have thought, so several coherent thoughts combines to form a thought pattern.

3. The thought patterns are the basic building blocks of our reality.

4. Then the reality can physically manifest.

Final note

Even if Ascension does not feel real to you, at least you have the knowledge of the basic needs and how the obsolete thought patterns affect the reality sound you. So don’t worry if it does not feel real to you yet, what matters is that you are aware of the obsolete thought patterns and willing to change your habits. This is a very reliable way our species can progress.

Some souls are not at the optimal level of evolution needed to understand the key concepts in this article. If anything in this article is too hard to digest, you can disregard this article, or take your time and learn at your pace by studying other articles. Just be happy of what you have understood so far if you feel it has stimulated new ideas to evolve.

If you feel like exploring articles like this to progress in your upward spiral of evolution, that feeling is all you need to evolve. Just stay true to your level of evolution. Please note that we learn/evolve in a way that there is an upward spiral of trial and error. If you keep your old thought patterns but is aware it no longer serves you, then it you are stopping that upward spiral. Keep searching for gold while discarding what has become as good as dirt.

The best way to keep the upward spiral is to keep an explorative and curious mindset. It is even better if you have the inner impulse to explore something that supports the upward spiral.

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