Technology Can Also Drive the Fall From Grace by Aegil Santos

Technology may help us drive innovation but can also drive the fall from grace. Here I reconsider the mantra of the mass media that technology drives innovation.

The more technology we actually create the more powerless we think we are, if we stuck on the brick wall of our obsolete thought patterns and the faulty idea of human nature propagated by the education system. We are proud of how fast our technology is developing but we don’t question if it can possibly be detrimental to our well being.

Currently, without giving a second thought, we are so obsessed with integrating machines and electronics into our bodies to form cyborgs.

We have become a slave to the very technologies we have developed. Why? We have forgotten our origin as powerful cosmic beings. We think technology will be the savior to our problems. The deterministic philosophy gave birth to the statistician’s obsession with randomness. The obsession with randomness made us forget we can this reality by dreaming big.

This is one reason we have fallen from grace. We have become enslaved to tools outside our bodies, thus making the language of silence easy to ignore. Agnosticism made us create all sorts of unwanted and unnecessary technologies. So unconsciously, we thought of it as a substitute for our extrasensory perception. The Native Americans did not rely much on technology, yet they lasted for hundreds of years as a tribe.

Linear time is only a mental tool just like mathematics. Scientists, especially the agnostic ones think gnosis can be found in math. No, it is found in ESP using the language of silence but the mental instruments mathematics can provide us can make the ESP messages sound much clearer.

Example: The current empirical science have failed to described in mathematical terms the conservation of energy, which is a symptom of its foundation crisis. So maths is just a tool to describe physicality, but it cannot give us the meaning of physicality and spirituality.

First they enslaved us with the monetary system, which is a technology itself. Enslaving people with technology is one of the last strategies the dark ones have to hinder our ESP abilities available via the language of silence. Hence the mass media’s obsession with reporting on the latest technologies.

We only need technology to help us create our reality, so be developed mental objects such as reading and writing. So mental instruments fall into the category of technology. Maths offers a wide range of mental instruments like the set theory. Not just physical instruments. We are obsesses with physical instruments that we forgot the mental instruments. These are the gateway to higher dimensional abilities.

Now we only need technology to create the freedom earth we desire. Like free photon energy, so we don’t need to be cyborgs. To have a freedom earth we simply need to streamline our thinking via mental instruments and staying true to your abilities. We all can understand the basics to form communities but we forgot that it is simple. But some souls might be incapable – due to their soul plans – to use or understand some mental instruments we can learn in math.

Example: The basics of set theory, probability theory, and wave theory are enough for me to visualize spirituality and understand it. I don’t need more complicated stuff that that Some may not fully understand these theories due to their incarnation plans, but it can be compensated by ESP experiences like out-of-body-experiences.

We don’t need the military technologies if we want our collective big vision of a Freedom Earth to manifest.

This also makes us obsessed with the latest gadgets that make run for it like animals when a latest and greatest version is released like the iPhone 5. We have become enslaved to the latest gadgets. From an axiomatic point of view corporations don’t need to upgrade the features of the gadgets just to maintain a competitive edge. Nor we don’t always need to keep up with the latest trends in gadgets.

We need to look back on how it will serve as tool. This is a new priority that should be above the competitive edge of corporations. Competition relies on the “unpredictable” animalistic behavior of human beings. Most of this kind of unpredictability comes from the lower chakras, an example is impulse buying gadgets due to lust.

We are more than our animalistic behaviors, we are cosmic beings. But we can decide to act like animals and limit our visions and scenarios to achieve a Freedom Earth. We have another choice by looking beyond technology, which made us forget we are powerful beings.

The dark ones abused the education system so that we can emphasize our animalistic behaviors. The concept of randomness in statistics is the greatest blinder/blunder of all because it shows we are victim to the circumstances, and it belittles our infinite creative power.

They use mathematics to make the dogma sound more complicated and infallible, so the remedy to this is look back at the basic existential needs. We don’t need a lot of complicated mathematical proofs to live the basic life.

Dogma can obscure the distinction between fact and opinion. We can hide deceptions in the word “fact”. This is how dogma is created. The very concept of vacuum in physics was designed to forget our origin as multidimensional beings. We can substitute vacuum for the powerful photon space-time, which gives life to things.

Some mathematical proofs are useless. And some mathematical proofs are useful as mental instruments to better create our reality.

Some agnostic ideas proven by mathematical proofs made us blind to how our basic existential needs and emotion are integral to our lives. We don’t need more useless and impractical ideas created by the Mr. Smarts. This is how human knowledge is debased, we forgot the basic purpose of all technology: to serve us and help manifest our creative visions.

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