A Fresh Look for a New Chapter

For a while I had been wanting to switch web hosts due to poor performance, but I was unwilling to invest the energy into making the switch. Like everything else in life, the universal law of what you resist persists eventually caught up with me, and on Saturday when I went to check the site, I found it down, only to notice a message from my web host stating that my account had been suspended due to exceeding my allotted bandwidth.

Of course, my initial reaction to this breakdown was one of despair by reflex, although I had known this was going to happen sooner or later due to my inaction, and I was merely delaying the inevitable. So out of this breakdown sparked the motivation for me not only to finally switch web hosts, but also to redesign the site, which I had also been putting off.

This situation is of course but one small example of the way we humans inefficiently utilize catalyst in our lives, as we commonly wait until the point of no return to take action in situations that we are resisting confronting, rather than dealing with them head on without hesitation. Overcoming this conditioned resistance to facing challenges is a lifelong practice that we all must endure in order to reach the next level of our development.

This leads me to the next part of this announcement which involves the next step of my own journey on this earth. On Wednesday, May 1st I will be traveling to Louisa, Virginia to visit an egalitarian intentional community called Acorn Community for three weeks. I have been wanting to explore this option of alternative communal living for a while now, and I am excited to finally be taking action toward fully living according to my principles of freedom and equality in a more natural and healthy environment with others who share my values.

This is certainly not to complain that my current living situation has been unsatisfactory. I have been very fortunate to have other people in my life who have been committed to supporting me in achieving my vision of freedom and service to others, but living in the suburbs does not allow me to be fully connected with nature in the way that I wish to be, as there is too much local pollution and distractions for it to be an optimal environment.

We shall see how this opportunity turns out. I am hoping to find a potential new home where I can continue my writing and spiritual practice in a greater space of harmony along with many new enlightened brothers and sisters. I will certainly share my experiences at the commune with all of you here when I return home to Baltimore most likely on May 23rd.

Be at peace,

2 thoughts on “A Fresh Look for a New Chapter

  1. What a wonderful opportunity for you Skyler. Please keep us posted about your new home and experiences that you encounter. This is an exciting time for you. Be well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love & Light, Jan P

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