Status Update 5/23/13

My trip to Acorn Community went very well. I made many new friends, experienced a lot of new things, and gained a much broader perspective of what is going on outside of mainstream American society. I received an offer to visit another community called Light Morning in Roanoke, VA and that is where I am now. I have much to share about Acorn (including photos), although Internet access is rather limited here, and I do not have my laptop with me (I’m posting this from my iPhone), so I’m just going to wait until I return home to do a formal write-up of my visit. At some point in June, I also plan on visiting Richard C. Cook, the author of the recently published Return of the Aeons, since he resides in Roanoke, but I should be back home some time in mid-June. It’s been quite an extraordinary trip so far, and I’m excited to tell you all about it. Stay tuned.

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