The Magic of Numbers: A Book by Aegil Santos

There are certain individuals in this world who simply function on a higher level than most others. Wikipedia defines genius as, “someone who has exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.”

In my opinion, Aegil Santos of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia definitely fits this bill.

Earlier today I finished reading Aegil’s latest work, a ten-part serial on mathematics called The Magic of Numbers, and his brilliance is taken to the next level in this work building on the ideas in his past essays on semantics.

Covering such topics as the origins of mathematics, methods of measurement, the connection between linear time and distance, and the relationship between mathematics and consciousness development, The Magic of Numbers provides an innovative look into the logic behind the numbers that run our world, how they came to be, and how we can use them to our benefit today.

Even if you find most of the concepts in the book to be over your head, I suggest giving it a shot. You never know what seeds will be planted only to blossom in the future, plus there are many images included to help with comprehension.

The Magic of Numbers is still undergoing minor editing, but it is certainly readable now in its current form, and can be downloaded in the Books section.

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