A Beginner's Guide to Sovereignty

The first step to understanding sovereignty is realizing that the entire contemporary system that we live in (economic, political, etc.) is based on subjective perspective via agreement.

In other words, from an objective (macrocosmic) perspective there are no laws or rules, there is only Source (nature), the world that exists before you.

For example, do you really own your house, property, car, or clothing? No, they are simply physical objects that exist in the world, and you are the person who has chosen to utilize them.

It is only through subjective (egoic) perspective that ownership exists, meaning you make the decision to own something and everyone else agrees with that.

So when you understand what  natural law really is, it becomes apparent that the entire contemporary system of society is unnatural in the first place, since it’s entirely based upon subjective agreement enforced through statutes.

Here’s another example to make this clear: What is a government? The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed (managed).

So if a government is just an idea, it can only exist in physical reality through subjective agreement. All of the so-called laws in contemporary society are merely statutes based on subjective agreement, yet people seem to think that they are objective laws that must be followed without choice.

Well, guess what? Those phony laws can only exist as long as people agree to follow them. If you look to the animal kingdom, does a lion get sent to prison for killing a zebra? That’s murder in cold blood, is it not? What makes the lions and zebras any different than us? No statute is ever going to change nature, because statutes are subjective and nature is objective.

So when you put this all into perspective, it makes it easy to distinguish between a real law (like gravity) and a statute (like needing a driver’s license to drive a car). These statutes can only exist as long as there is agreement for them to be upheld, so what is the solution? Simply stop conforming to rules that you do not agree with; it’s really that simple.

So of course the big question is, what about the consequences of breaking statutes? Well, obviously you will have to deal with the penalties put into place by the phony lawmakers until their henchman stop enforcing them.

The OPPT has already foreclosed all of the corporate-government entities via its UCC filings, yet these entities are still functioning because people are still making the conscious agreement that their rules should be enforced.

In other words, these corporate-government entities are like criminal organizations, and they will continue to operate under the guise of their phony laws until the people wake up and simply stop giving their power away to them.

It’s no different than a gang coming into your neighborhood and enforcing its own rules upon you, except in this case the gang known as the dark cabal is not just a gang, but a global syndicate with large forces of minions operating within every sector of society.

Just remember the difference between a law (gravity) and a statute (needing a driver’s license), and you will always know what the truth is. Stand in your power, and do what you can to relay this information to others.

2 thoughts on “A Beginner's Guide to Sovereignty

  1. I enjoyed the concise comments capturing most everything pertinent to reclaiming the law power down here. I have been living the freedom described above for a little over a year. It took me 6 years of constant law research to articulate how it actually works as it does.

    On the one hand its disgusting how people are treated in the “system.” However when looking at it from a high esoteric view, this is what we wanted to participate in to wake up, so it is what it is. From a more synthesized view, accept all offers and claims conditionally. Respond to questions with questions…stop testifying against your self!

    Let me draw a single point into focus and see what happens. When asked by a police man for ID, have your birth certificate ready. When the officer tells you that’s the wrong ID, ask them what is required to get a PHOTO ID that he wants you to show (drivers license etc)? The birth certificate he wont take is required to issue the PHOTO ID he wants to see. So why is the birth certificate “wrong ID” for a police stop on the side of the road?

    Better yet, let them know that’s the only valid ID you are willing to provide since you are actually testifying against your self at that very moment and you are only providing the BC as a courtesy. You were just trying to be cordial with the BC instead of making both your lives more complicated by refusing to contract (what is really going on).

    I’ve got a friend who uses this successfully for a little over year now. There are a million ways to reclaim our power and I founded an organization to physically create peace in our institutions of power. But before that can happen, we have to find that peace within to share it throughout. I am still building the vision…March is going to be a spectacular month of change 🙂

    • Patrick,

      I am glad to hear you found the article to be beneficial. It’s always great to connect with fellow sovereign beings who are here to help facilitate the transition to a higher state of awareness on planet Earth.

      I agree people need to stop giving their power to this false system, and your example with the birth certificate is excellent proof of the absurdity of it all.

      We are certainly approaching the next level of the ascension game, and it is very exciting to finally see real progress being made on the ground. I would certainly like to hear more about your organization as I’m sure it is very similar to the vision I present with the Freedom Earth community.

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