A New Renaissance

There will come a time when every human being on planet Earth remembers the truth about their spiritual nature. For far too long, humanity has been immersed in fear, and led to believe that their minds are weak, and that their lives are insignificant. I am telling you now that this is a lie. I am telling you that these words are merely a foolish attempt to hijack your mind, and manipulate how you think, act, and feel.

The truth is that human beings are incarnated ascended masters. Every single one of us is capable of creating anything that we desire, the key is simply knowing this fact, and acting upon it. So as an exercise in conscious creation, I am going to announce my next idea. We are going to create a new renaissance period on planet Earth, only this time, not only are we going to initiate an artistic revolution, but we are going to eliminate all of our society’s problems, as well.

As of this moment, by the pronouncement of my powerful decree, the idea of a new renaissance has entered the subconscious collective mind of the human population. One by one, every human being will become conscious of this idea, until everyone on the entire planet is consciously co-creating it in their thoughts, words, actions, and dreams. By the rule of Universal Law, all commands of pure love made by a sovereign creator being must be upheld, and on this day, a new renaissance shall come true.

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