A World Without Fear

In Richard Linklater’s 2001 film, Waking Life, Louis Mackey, a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin asks, “Which is the most universal human characteristic: fear, or laziness?”

While this quote is rather sardonic, it is true that both fear and laziness are dominant traits among human beings in modern society, but this is only due to the massive manipulation that the human race has been subjected to over many centuries of time.

Fear and laziness are not natural traits for human beings, they are artificial energy patterns that have been programmed into the human psyche through methods of conditioning and subversive mind control tactics.

The moment we realize that we have the power to make the conscious choice as a collective to remove these harmful energy patterns, they will be deleted from the system for good, but in order for this to occur, we have to step outside of our comfort zones as individuals, and take a stance.

It is through our collective efforts and perseverance that we can eliminate the true enemy from planet Earth, fear, and initiate the next stage of development. Earth and its inhabitants are destined for something much greater than this reality, but those who maintain it must first take the next step themselves.

This is our duty here. This is our calling. Fear and laziness are no match for divine light and purity, and we will pave the way to higher consciousness. It is inevitable, as all beings know this in their hearts, buried deep within their DNA, it is merely a question of when, and what will it take to get there.

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