ABC's Once Upon a Time: The Matrix with a Fairytale Theme

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is not only an entertaining and high quality television series, but, just like The Matrix movie series, an accurate portrayal of the metaphysical principles that power 3D reality and the mechanics of ascension.

Through the scope of a fairytale-based allegory, the show demonstrates how human beings have been indoctrinated into a holographic parallel reality based on materialism via fear-based programming and the effects of black magic.

In the show, this is portrayed literally, as the evil witch unleashes a curse upon the land after making a deal with Rumpestiltskin, a black magician, which traps all of the fairytale characters in a small contemporary town called Storybrooke where there is no magic, and all of the people have forgotten their true identities.

Through dreams and other paranormal experiences, the fairytale characters begin to wake up from their hypnotic state of consumerist conformity, and start to unveil the secrets of the curse as they explore deeper down the rabbit hole.

Seeing these metaphysical principles being demonstrated on-screen helped me to gain an even greater understanding of the mechanics of the Matrix, and served as validation for my own ideas and perception of what is really going on here.

In the finale of the first season (without revealing too much of the plot), there is a scene that portrays the process of ascension, accurately demonstrating exactly what is predicted to occur upon the completion of the current cycle on 12.21.12.

SPOILER ALERT: This video clip from the Season One finale reveals key plot points, and will spoil the story for those who are interested in seeing the show.

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