An Example of Dream Analysis

For anyone interested in dream analysis, I figured it would be helpful to post my interpretation of a community member’s latest dream that was sent to me.

Dreams can provide a lot of information from the subconscious regarding your overall state of being and the current status of your mission, so it is useful to be able to effectively interpret your dreams whenever you can remember them.

Most of the time, dreams are presented in a very symbolic, allegorical manner, and do not make much sense logically, but if you’re able to think outside of the box, and allow your intuition to guide you, you can usually construct a decent interpretation even if it’s a very abstract dream, and seemingly meaningless.

Here’s the recap of the dream that was sent to me with minor edits:

In my dream, my girlfriend and I had gotten on a bus, and I woke up from that journey in a new apartment. The apartment was small and dingy, there was even a cockroach if I recall.

Our bedroom was pretty interesting because our bed was up against what looked like some sort of old time religious (catholic?) architecture. That’s the best way that I can describe it, but I was able to venture through it because it opened like a door into this large bizarre ‘store’ that had a spiral staircase leading down two levels. This place had many twists and turns in it.

Jumping forward for the sake of not boring you (I’m skipping what felt like days of interaction with strange new faces) I ended up working at a restaurant with Kevin (budlovindude in the subreddit).

By this point in the dream I realized that I was in San Francisco and that for whatever reason I wasn’t entirely pleased because I felt that I had been deceived in getting there.

Kevin pointed you out to me from the kitchen and I saw you sitting at a table on a laptop. You came over to us and hugged me. We went outside and you blew a bunch of crazy thick smoke out of your mouth, and I remember thinking ‘what? Skyler doesn’t smoke…’

It gets even more odd for me when you tell me that you feel like you are closer to Arcturus than you had originally thought and me as well. I’m not suggesting anything mind you, I’m just recounting this weird dream which was very vivid and seriously felt like I was in it for days without any interruption.

Anyway I ended back up at your place and you were living with some rather unconscious individuals, one of which tried mounting me and taking her shirt off… it was strange. You seemed unphased, and I seemed like I had fidelity issues to work on. As for Kevin, I felt bad because he had gotten me a job and I simply left to go hang out with you, lol.

After I removed the strange girl from me, you and I said our goodbyes, and I left, met up with a female friend of mine once again (who was walking around in her Go-Go dancer outfit) on the street, and also ran into some people who had tried messing with me a few days earlier. They told me Kevin was in jail and that he wanted us to get his diamonds, which we did, and then I woke up.

And here is my interpretation of the dream:

Your journey on the bus was your descension from the higher realms to Earth, and of course you went with the person who represents your feminine aspect and partner.

The small, dingy apartment was representative of feeling cramped in a physical body, and of course, 3D is a lot dirtier feeling than your previous home in the excarnated state.

The church-like bedroom represented your sanctuary (temple), your gateway/portal to higher states of consciousness through dreaming, meditation, and intimacy, and when you ventured through it, you crossed over to the other side, where you ran into members of your soul group working in a collective environment.

You got a job working with Kevin in a restaurant, this has to do with co-creating the planetary ascension timeline. San Francisco is one of the top locations for awakened people, and maybe you felt deceived because the incarnated experience turned out to be a lot more difficult than you thought before you arrived, and perhaps you had some feelings of remorse for leaving home, or for not performing well on your mission.

It seems like I was a guest in the restaurant, so I was not there working with you like Kevin was, so perhaps Kevin personified your rational side, and I personified your free-spirited, spontaneous side. It wasn’t actually Kevin and I, we were just parts of you that your subconscious mind projected (if you’ve seen Fight Club, basically Kevin was Ed Norton, I was Brad Pitt). Maybe you felt remorse for being irresponsible and pursuing leisure activities with me (giving in to temptation, carnal desires), rather than staying with Kevin to perform your mission (choosing health and duty).

The last part definitely sounds like emotional turmoil that you are working through, and the diamonds represent your soul fragments, as well as purity, truth, and innocence, your key to going back home. So once your rational side (Kevin) gets the diamonds (becomes connected with purity), he gets to be released from prison (go back home, ascend).

So you can see from this dream and my interpretation how it is ascension-related, as it involves the reconnection of the different aspects of the soul. The point is to accept all parts of yourself, especially that which lies in the past, in order to fully heal and become one with Source, your divine nature, once again.

7 thoughts on “An Example of Dream Analysis

  1. Brilliant dream analysis.

    Can dreams be subject to multiple interpretations?

    Of course as powerful creator beings, we get to choose the best interpretation, which can provide ideas to improve our best scenario.

    • Thank you, Aegil. Yes, just like anything else subjective (art, music, food), there really is no right or wrong interpretation, but of course there is a level of accuracy that can be judged according to logic and group consensus, and nothing is set in stone—if someone provides further insight that makes the solution more distinctive, then of course it is only logical to include that as well.

  2. This was wonderful. The experience of ascension and dreaming are things I don’t have luxury of experiencing at this point in my journey. My community is suffering from greed, corruption and a long list of injustices. This unfortunate situation robs me of my conscious and unconscious time.

    Yet I have faith in knowing one day what you are feeling. I too have a dream, A dream where death is not the waking time !

  3. There is a ton of research that goes into sleep, dreaming, different stages of sleep, etc etc. Through all the research there is still no definitive explanations for dreams let alone dream analysis. These Doctors that have spent their whole lives studying dreams still have no substantial proof of what they mean or what they even are. Yet you state with no factual basis that this persons dream is clearly an ascension from a higher realm and coming back to their 3-dimensional self (whatever that means). You don’t even know this person let alone how to interpret dreams so where are you getting this knowledge. You say in other posts to think objectively. It doesn’t seem very “objective” when you throw reason and science out the door. How do you know what dreams mean?

    • Devilsadvocate,

      I am getting this knowledge from my intuition, and my analysis is my own opinion. There is no right or wrong interpretation of a dream, just as there is no right or wrong interpretation of art or music. Whether you agree with my interpretation or not is for you to decide, and if you think there is a better explanation, then please feel free to share it.

  4. I’m not going to offer my opinion on this persons dream for multiple reasons. 1. I am no where near certified to even fathom such a prediction. 2. I don’t know this person at all, to help a person with such a thing you should know the person really well to get a full understanding of the dream. 3. Dreams legitimately have no meaning, what I mean by this is what I said earlier. There is no proof of what dreams are or mean. So pretending to know is like throwing a dart at a dart board while on fire, the dart board is moving and you have a blindfold on.

    Referring to these points above, I’m worried that your giving out this advice with no experience in this field what so ever. So this person takes what you say to heart because of your “intuition” when they should probably be talking to a friend, counselor, or significant other.

    Your post above is very deflecting. Instead of actually debating me on the subject you give me an all around answer that can be applied to ANYTHING. Don’t you think it is slightly egocentric to get on here and start giving out advice on things you have no expertise in? You say in your above post that dreams can be “judged according to logic and group consensus” where is that. Show me the logic, show me the group consensus, show me THE MONEY(sorry about that), show me proof. You say your using logic, but everything in your comments go towards your beliefs. Beliefs=faith and pushing your faith on some random persons dream just screams illogical.

    • I don’t know what type of further evidence you expect me to present to you. I simply provided my opinion of this person’s dream according to my intuitive knowledge of esoteric symbolism, as was requested of me. If you’re not satisfied with my method, or think I’m not qualified, then that’s your opinion. Perhaps if you offer a counter-argument to the meaning of the dream, or some insight into the process of dream analysis, then we can talk further about the subject at hand, rather than continue butting heads over trivial arguments.

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