Are You Alive?

Why are you here? Why did you incarnate at this time? Were you merely a victim of circumstances set in place by your parents, or was there a greater reason? Ultimately you will never know the answer to this question; there is no guidebook for life that is presented to you by some official being named God, despite what the religious texts may claim.

So how do you know what the truth is? How can you find answers to the big questions in life that we all ponder? The answer is belief. What do you choose to be true for yourself? Are you simply an insignificant member of the human race, or are you something more?

As we live out our lives, we unravel more and more of this great mystery about who we are. I choose to believe in a bigger picture beyond the 3D world of politics, finances, and pop culture. I choose to believe that I am here on this planet to perform a special duty, to play the role of a revolutionary, a visionary of the future, and just like an actor in a film, I intend on playing this role seriously and to the best of my ability.

Does it matter if we never see any real changes on the planet throughout the time that we’re here? Maybe to those who play small, but I play the long game, and even if it’s not until the era of my great-grandchildren that this planet finally reaches the next stage of evolution as a transgalactic civilization, then so be it. I will perform my duty here and now, and whatever I accomplish during my time between birth and death is all I can do, anyway.

A good chess player knows how to see the bigger picture beyond the immediate move taking place, and he uses his experience from the past to predict the future. If we look to the past, we know there have been many other times throughout history when the planet has been in a similar position to the one it is in now. The question I have for you is how do you view this scenario? Do you live in dread at the coming collapse of modern civilization, or do you embrace the fall and rise of the new world that will take its place?

Why delay the inevitable? Why hold on to our petty possessions and superficial lives based on material gain and social status when we can choose a different path for ourselves? Why choose to continue keeping up appearances when we can collapse now, and admit the time has come for a new way of life to be adopted?

Ascension is this process of death and rebirth, and it occurs not just on a planetary level, but on a personal level. It is the process we all go through on this planetary school of spiritual development to remember who we are beyond the identities we’re assigned at birth—the great masters within us who are just dying to make themselves known.

So why continue on this path of stagnation when we can choose the path of self-realization and step into the roles we came to play? Fear is certainly an obstacle, but it can be overcome, you simply have to take a leap of faith and believe in who you are.

We see so many others in the world who wander from place to place like zombies without any question of what they’re doing. Why go to a job you hate every day? Why stay in an unhealthy relationship when you know there are plenty of other options out there? Why continue to choose unhappiness when satisfaction is just as available? This dissociative behavior is integral in our cultural programming, but we can break the cycle if we want to.

So I say enough of this nonsense; make your choice now: Are you ready to live, or are you just waiting to die?

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