Becoming Whole Again

Last year I remember reading an interesting article that listed some of the top most common fears among people, and the one that struck me the most was the fear of achieving freedom.

Have we become so conditioned as slaves to our minds that we actually fear the idea of being liberated from that same prison?

When you think about it, it’s not really that difficult to comprehend. Thinking of the famous prison movie by Frank Darabont, The Shawshank Redemption, there is a character named Brooks who is an old man and has been in prison for many years. When he’s eventually released into the outside world, he is so used to prison life that being out there is too much to bear for him, causing him to eventually take his own life.

This scenario is no different to the way our own conditioning works. When we become accustomed to a particular way of thinking, resorting to negative thoughts when we are under stress, we tend to bury ourselves with grief and despair.

So how this can be countered? How can we overcome the obstacle of our own self-sabotaging thoughts?

The answer lies in first accepting that the thoughts are valid. Those thoughts have just as much the right to exist as any other ones, and they are not to be disregarded. It is not about trying to brush them aside and pretend that they don’t exist, because that is simply untrue, and does not serve you. What is more effective is to allow those thoughts to flow through you openly and honestly, allowing them to run their course, but at the same time remaining focused on the truth within yourself—that those thoughts are not who you really are, and are external to the core of your higher self.

That fire that burns inside of you and makes you feel warm and fully self-expressive of the love that you have to share is your greatest asset and ally. It is the passion within you to make the world a better place and bring people together that will guide you through the times in which you are faced with the greatest fear, hardship, and doubt.

It is the voice of the soul that rings out loud and clear when you are being authentic, with no agenda other than to express your feelings openly and honestly to relate with others and make a difference in their lives.

That is the source of true power, and it conquers the agents of fear. It cannot be defeated because it is the strongest force in the universe, and when you are connected with it, you become an instrument of it, no longer the conditioned human being that you once were, but pure light and love that shines through the darkness.

This concept works in exactly the same way when it comes to dealing with other people. Groups such as the Occupy Movement have adopted the slogan of “We are the 99%,” which creates division between the “us and them” of the people and those who are part of the establishment. I certainly have spoken in this way many times myself, but now I know better than to support that perspective.

Obviously, when we’re looking at the 3D picture there are individuals who are supporting the agenda to perpetuate suffering and slavery on this planet, but how does singling them out and blaming them actually help create a solution?

Of course it is always best to know the truth of what is going on behind the veil, and that’s when we get into the so-called conspiracy theory topics, but ultimately, progress can only be made through each individual achieving harmony within themselves, and sharing that way of being with others.

To put it simply, the only way to end the class war between the 99% and 1% is to stop perpetuating the division altogether, creating 100%. This comes with remembering that, despite what those people in the government or military do to serve their own agendas, they are still part of the human family and have every right to be here on this planet and do everything that they are doing than anyone else. That is what having free will means.

This statement of acceptance may be difficult for many people to swallow who are die-hard protesters against the establishment, but I simply ask you to think about who the real enemy is. Is it the people out there who are doing bad things to us, or is it our own faults for allowing it to occur in the first place by becoming complacent?

In the end, all you can look at are the numbers. If 1% of the population is successfully controlling 99%, then the 99% must have really dropped the ball at some point.

We are one big human family on this planet, and sadly, our greatest achievement will be to simply get along with one another. That means accepting the 1% as part of your family and having compassion for them. They have become disconnected from this harmony, and are severely ill, compensating for their lack of love with others by seeking power over others.

If we can simply open our hearts to them, then we can end this war without bloodshed, and even if they are unwilling to accept our love, then at least we have tried, and perhaps a seed will be planted only to sprout in the future.

Maybe this is impossible, and absolute destruction through cataclysm is the only possible solution, but I choose to think otherwise, and I’m sure you do, too.

Let us end this suffering by becoming a whole family again. But, of course, that can only happen after first becoming whole within ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Becoming Whole Again

  1. I agree with you that all thoughts are valid. However I don’t agree that all thoughts or feelings have no truth. To dream that “we shall be all” is just a dream. To blame oneself for being deceived by others is at the least inhumane. As the saying goes. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. 🙂

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