Being Conscious of Your Name

What’s in a name? Is the title that you call yourself really all that important?

Of course it is, and when you look closer into the meaning of your name, I guarantee you will find that it not only explains your personality perfectly, but it gives you more insight into who you are and why you are here.

There are no coincidences in this world, because everything occurs according to conscious decision, and here is why this is true:

When you shift your perception of existence from the microcosm (the self) to the macrocosm (the universe), you see that we are all one, and there is no separation despite the physical illusion.

Due to this fact, it is apparent that the same facts that apply to each one of us on a microcosmic scale also apply to the universe on a macrocosmic scale, meaning if we are conscious beings then so is the universe, because once again there is no separation—we, the microcosms, are aspects of the universe, the macrocosm.

Knowing now that the universe is a conscious being, obviously there is a higher level of consciousness functioning behind the scenes of physical reality. It’s simple logic, and nature is proof; it takes care of itself whether we’re here or not.

So how does all of this tie in to your name? Well, the point is that your name is no coincidence. Whether you see it as merely the name your parents assigned to you or what you chose for yourself on a higher level, a decision was made at some point that you would exist in this incarnation with that particular name.

When you remember that you, just like everything else in the world (a book, a computer, a motor vehicle) is a product of universal creation, you will see that every invention has a specific name according to its properties and function.

For example, my name is Skyler Newman. Skyler means scholar, and Newman can be interpreted as new man. So what does that make me as a product of universal creation? A scholar of the new man, the ascended human being!

So do you see how this works? Everyone’s out searching in the external world to find out what their function is, when it’s already been divinely assigned to you.

Your name is not accountant or lawyer or police officer. Your name is not black man or white man or gay man or stupid man or any other label. The answer is given to you the second you’re born, so I wonder, what are you looking for?

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