Beyond Duality

In a dualistic world, there is always emphasis on polar opposites. There is winning and losing, good and evil, light and dark, up and down, right and wrong. In a world of higher consciousness, a merging of these polarities occurs, and the emphasis on duality ceases to exist.

For example, in a game of basketball, the rules state that the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. All of the energy from the players is channeled into the end result of the game, rather than the present moment.

Can you imagine how greatly the attitudes, and thus the performances of the players, would improve if they simply played the game for the enjoyment of co-creation, rather than to achieve a particular result that is going to occur objectively anyway?

From a higher perspective, there is no winning or losing, there is only participating. It is an investment of energy into a creation that is of interest to everyone. There is no hostility or negative feelings towards one another, there is only harmony in the joint effort of co-creating an experience that is beneficial to everyone.

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