Blissful Silence

I find it highly synchronistic that, just a day before the publishing of Dr. Stankov’s article, The Language of Silence, I commented, “I’ve been meaning to start writing again this week, but I keep getting called to do other things; it’s as if the universe is saying let go to the old habits, and just relax. It seems rather trivial to keep posting articles now that we’ve reached this point of progress, as we are automatically doing what needs to be done, anyway.”

Just as Dr. Stankov stated in his article, it seems that words, especially of the English language, are no longer adequate in describing the emotional state that we find ourselves in at this point in the ascension cycle. It seems that only silence, the blissful silence of introspection and inner awareness, is the only true form of understanding that we can share among one another, fully utilizing our telepathic abilities to communicate all that needs to be said.

I find most writings to be debilitating now, as they fail to communicate the frequencies of higher knowing that only our souls can comprehend. Reading any type of news has become exhausting, and investing any amount of energy into the Matrix is fruitless. It seems that the constructs of art and nature are the only energies outside of my own being that are worth basking in, as everything else has become rife with superficiality and manipulation.

I think the bottom line is, the closer we get to transcending linear consciousness, the less time we are going to spend doing mundane tasks. A new standard of living is being implemented within the human collective, and soon enough we will lose all sense of our current selves, fully infusing into the frequencies of the new. There will come a time when we look at ourselves in the mirror, and we will look so different, that we will barely be able to recognize ourselves, wondering if we are even the same beings at all.

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