Compassion and Understanding

This past weekend I had a discussion with some friends about the cause of human ignorance. Was it nature or nurture that was the primary factor of the common fear-based mindset? Was it the result of an individual’s environment or genetic disposition that was the root of avaricious behavior? What we came to find was that those questions didn’t really matter.

Regardless of an individual’s upbringing, everyone is able to override their programming if they choose to. It is always a conscious choice to maintain a service-to-self mentality over service-to-others, and the reinforcement of negative energy patterns throughout daily life is simply not powerful enough to influence one’s choices without their free will permission.

Of course, the fear-based conditioning of modern society works in very subtle ways, hiding in the shadows so that the majority of human beings don’t even realize that they are quietly being manipulated. It’s an ad for fast food here, a jab at our personal finances there, all a covert attempt to hijack our minds and influence our emotions to convince us that we need something outside of ourselves to be satisfied.

It is this notion that we always need to be striving for something more that keeps us enslaved. It is the superficial drive for material wealth that keeps us in a constant state of viewing life in the “if only…” perspective. The focus needs to shift from worry and doubt to love and trust, and we need to be able to see each other without our filters, no longer allowing the agents of fear to cloud our vision and distract us from our divine nature.

Through compassion and understanding, we can overcome all of our negative energy patterns. When we stop trying to control everything and simply allow life to flow, all of our stresses and burdens dissipate, and we are left with nothing but bliss, regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Realizing in each moment that you have the ability to choose between love and fear is what free will is all about, and your individual experience will always be reflective of the choices that you make.

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