Conscious Creation

Visualization is a skill that we use every day to consciously create our reality. Whether it’s throwing a party, organizing a basketball game, or writing a business plan, the process is the same: think, plan, take action.

Human beings have been using this method for thousands of years to create the world that we live in today, and with just a few minutes online, we can find just about anything. The scope of our creations is massive, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible.

There is a distinct difference in our tone of speech when we are in the process of creation. Just like telling a story, we construct our creations with details, fleshing out the entire image until it’s almost tangible. Inspired words attract participation from others, and soon enough we find ourselves co-creating our common visions together.

Progressive thinking combined with conscious creation is the key to achieving the world that we desire. Visualize a creation that you want to see manifested, and start taking the proper steps to make it happen. When you realize how much you already do this each day, you will start to understand just how powerful you really are.

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