Creating a Community to Change the World

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always been passionate about creating communities. Using the Internet as a medium to connect with other like-minded people, I started with the online gaming scene, building websites and forums and actively participating in teams and tournaments and other social endeavors.

I was only 14 years old when I created my first online forum for a new game, and although I had no idea what I was doing at the time, I managed to cultivate a rather large membership over a short period of time, even attracting the developers of the game to the site, as well as an offer from Electronics Arts to join their community leader program and receive support from their company.

Over time, I moved on to other projects, eventually leading me to the idea of Freedom Earth, a community built to pave the way for social change and progressive thinking. My original goal was to create the largest social group in the world, and connect with other people like myself who desired a more healthy, conscious, and free society on Earth, and this goal has not changed.

My dream is to expand this community throughout the entire globe, and work side by side with others who share this vision to see humanity grow and evolve into a new race with values based on compassion and integrity, fully rebuilding the infrastructure of this planet and eliminating the forces that have been controlling all facets of society over centuries of time for good.

This is the Freedom Earth mission, and I know that it is possible to achieve. Some may say that this vision is too overwhelming to complete, that this planet is too far gone to save, but I know that there is always hope, all we must do is look deep inside of ourselves to find the answer, and that is love. Love for all nature, love for all people, love for all life.

Whenever I take a step back and reflect on everything that I’ve experienced throughout this incarnation, asking myself what is truly important, every time I draw the same conclusion, and that is relationships with other people. It is all of those times that I remember feeling something real, being fully alive, and releasing all fear and limitation from my mind, giving all of myself to those around me that really matters.

Those memories are to me what life as a human being is all about, and creating a world for future generations where our children and their children can live freely and experience all of the things that we’ve always dreamed of doing is something worth fighting for, something worth dying for, and if you think that this is merely a pipe dream, well, I think you need to wake up. You need to get your priorities straight and stop being so caught up with your petty little problems.

We have an opportunity to change history, and this time, we will not fail. We will not falter before the finish line, say better luck next time, and settle for less. We are here to complete a special mission, and we have been chosen to perform this duty for a reason. We are the most qualified souls in the universe, the masters of ascension, and we will succeed. We will achieve freedom on planet Earth, and no longer will children go hungry, entire villages of people live in poverty and homelessness, or any human being be afraid to express themselves to their full potential. This shift is inevitable, victory imminent, and humanity will prevail.

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