Creating a New World

What is it that you want to see in this world? What changes would you like to make? Let’s visualize our dream world, and together we can co-create our New Earth.

I want to see a new Renaissance period bloom with an uprising of art, music, films, and literature filling the halls of our homes.

I want to see amazing festivals, gatherings, concerts, feasts, parades, and joyous events of all kinds bombarding our streets.

I want to see all men, women, boys, and girls, uniting as one human family under the Sun, rejoicing the dawning of the New Age, and allowing all troubles to fade away from the collective consciousness of mankind.

I want to see children excited to learn, joining their fellow teachers and students in healthy, well-rounded learning environments that encourage all participants to be creative and inspired, expanding their minds to new levels beyond third dimensional linear consciousness.

I want to see human beings returning back to nature, and communing with the plants and animals of this earth, rather than polluting and harming the environment that nurtures us.

I want to see human beings truly understanding who they are, infinite, immortal, sovereign creator beings, not fearful, egotistic, arrogant, warmongering slaves.

This reality is available now, and it is our job to seize the moment, and live the dream that we all wish to see come true.

May these words flow through the qualms of fear, and ignite the spark within that radiates the power of the Creator.

To live by our will is our Divine gift, and we shall not heed the rule of tyrants any longer. This decree is the will of Man, and it shall be so on this day and for the rest of eternity.

One thought on “Creating a New World

  1. This blends in perfectly with your remark at the end of your reply in the fun thread: and hopefully we can make that possible some time in the near future through our collective efforts. It reflects the essence of a world I long for so much myself. You also put it in a strong positive affirming way. And it resonates with George’s project of imagining this new reality he recently posted. He may have felt there’s still a lack of this consciously changing the collective dream through visualization. I bookmarked it. I want to internalize it and find ways to fuel it e.g. watching nature documentaries on National Geographic just occurred to me.
    Thank you once more, dear Tyler.
    I keep on reading your excellent material but will respond less for the time being, I don’t want you to feel like I’m breathing down your neck.

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