Creating Your Own Reality

Being on vacation last week really helped me to put things in perspective and understand how we as individuals create our own realities. Just examining the concept of time alone provides major insight into how we’ve established the ground rules for what is deemed credible and incredible in this reality.

On vacation, time was basically non-existent. Sure, I would look at the clock to gauge how long it would be before the sun went down, make sure I was ready in time to go out somewhere, or keep an eye on when a meal would be done, but it was only used as a tool to make life easier, not to become controlled by it.

Back in “real life” now, where we are faced with the responsibilities of going to work, paying the bills, and maintaining a household, time seems to take hold once again, and instead of life being stress-free and pleasurable, every day becomes like a ticking time bomb until another deadline is reached.

Of course, this is just one perspective that I’m describing, and it is each individual’s personal choice to decide how they are going to perceive reality, but I’m sure that most people can relate to what I’m referring to. It is the same fear-based mentality that has been imposed upon us throughout our entire lives.

It is through understanding the difference between what is natural for us and what has been artificially implanted in the human psyche that we can retake our power and rebuild our world. Upon becoming completely aware of our thoughts and actions, we can regain our full power as sovereign creator beings once again.

5 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Reality

  1. Perception is a slippery slope. The secret to understanding reality is purpose and truth. Surely if you do nothing meaningful with your time your time will feel to you as if ends too soon. And of course when you use your time wisely your perception of reality will become truth self evident.

    • Well said, Bill. Indeed, these types of discussions can throw you in circles after a while, and it’s important to know when to simply move on and just live life.

  2. Have you ever read Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman? You would probably like that book.

    Hope you had a nice time on your vacation!

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