Detecting Manipulation

I was recently asked by a reader to provide my opinion on whether a particular esoteric source was trustworthy or not, and while it is always great to seek advice, it is vital that everyone be able to discern pure versus manipulated energy on their own.

From my experience, most sources are not actively trying to feed disinformation, but there are certainly plenty of charlatans out there attempting to cash in on the esoteric scene, so here are some tips on how to discern sources for yourself:

  • Does the source’s energetic presence feel pure to you? Do the words resonate in your heart?
  • Does the source offer all of its information for free, or make you pay to find answers?
  • Would you easily recommend the source’s content to your friends & family?
  • Does the source do tons of marketing to sell its products? Is making money its main motivation?
  • Does the source tell you that its work is the only truth?
  • Does the source try to define your reality for you, or assist you in finding your own path?
  • Does the source try to convince you to believe it and attempt to forcefully gain your trust?
  • Does the source openly answer questions and provide a transparent, honest rapport with its audience?
  • Is the source’s website/material easy to navigate and have a high level of readability?
  • Does the source spread fear and/or make unsubstantiated claims?
  • Does the source just tell you what you want to hear, or tell you the honest truth from its perspective?

Sometimes it can be tough to tell if a particular source has an agenda other than simply providing information for the greater good, so it never hurts to run through this list if you’re unsure. Try comparing the way you feel when you read a source that you trust with the feeling that you get from the source in question. What is the result? That’s your answer.

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