Energetic Attraction

In all aspects of life, whether it’s business, romance, or any other type of social relationship, the key to attraction is openness. True attraction is energetic in nature, as opposed to the idea that it is based upon superficial qualities such as physical appearance or material ownership.

Of course, from a subjective standpoint, there are plenty of variables that determine the level of attraction of an individual, but on a purely objective level, it comes down to an individual’s state of being open or closed, and the more you open yourself up to others, the more love you will attract.

For example, if a performer enters the stage and displays a confident, honest, and open state of being, he will establish a much greater connection with the audience than if he is timid, insecure, and closed. This has nothing to do with the performer’s physical appearance or any other physical traits, it’s merely a reflection of the energetic state of being that he is presenting.

This works exactly the same way on a romantic date or job interview; it’s all about being open, staying true to yourself, and maintaining a service to others mentality. This perspective allows you to remain mindful of others, and when you are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes, you will be acting from the fulcrum of love, rather than fear, selfishness, or egotism.

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