Energy Investments

What do you invest your energy into? Maybe you enjoy rollerskating, painting, hiking, or listening to music. There are many different activities to choose from on Earth, all of which provide a different experience. The activities that we invest the most energy into, our interests, are what form our individual identities, and create the context of our lives.

Energy investments also come into play in other ways, such as which career you pursue, or what type of diet you partake in. When you analyze your energy investments, you are able to form a clear picture of your choices, and understand why you are in the current position in your life. This exercise helps you to define your values, and mark your level of development.

Do you find yourself investing a lot of energy into activities that you would deem detrimental to your development? Perhaps you spend a lot of time in toxic environments, or focus your energy on negative thought patterns, such as violence, aggression, or manipulation.

Regardless of the result, the point isn’t to penalize yourself, but to become consciously aware of your actions. If you’re unsatisfied with the current state of your life, analyzing your energy investments is an easy way to pinpoint your faults, and make the necessary changes to get yourself back on track.

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