Free Energy

As I have mentioned previously in my essay, What Free Energy Really Means, the concept of free energy refers to much more than just implementing an optimized power system for modern appliances. It’s about removing the distortions of fear from every aspect of energy exchange, whether it be sharing information or fueling a vehicle.

In order for society to reach its highest level of potential, it requires unlimited access to all of the resources that power its infrastructure. If an author writes a book that contains information that is vital for everyone, shouldn’t it be distributed in the most accessible method possible? Is the goal to reach the maximum potential audience, or make the most money?

The same question holds true for every invention that enters society. Why do we purposefully place restrictions on our creations? By limiting access to others, we limit access to ourselves, and hinder progress for society. If everyone immediately adopted the idea of free, unlimited distribution, society would flourish, and our major problems would be solved.

Obviously, the idea of needing to make money to survive is the reason that everything isn’t free, but it must be understood that this concept is simply a fear-based illusion imposed upon society to control power. Using a monetary system is completely inefficient and nothing more than another divide and conquer tactic used by those who wish to control others.

So how do we implement free energy and remove the barriers of control from society? We make the conscious choice to live according to our values in a service-to-others mentality. We stand strong and hold true to our vision of providing an equal opportunity for everyone. We operate from a mindset of unconditional love, and look past our superficial differences.

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