Free is the Key

Can you imagine a world that is truly free? A world that is only limited by the bounds of your imagination, not the figures of your bank account? This vision probably sounds idealistic and impossible to most people, but I am telling you here and now that this vision is not only possible, but it is coming into fruition at this moment.

How do I know that this is true? Well, I think it goes without saying that the majority of human beings on this earth also share this vision, and deep down in their hearts, where their thoughts are pure and free from darkness, they energize this vision with all of their intention and spirit. So naturally, by the force of Universal Law, this reality must occur.

Of course, this idea of a free world is nothing new. In fact, the key point of this realization is that our world in its natural state is free and abundant, but through the perversions of modern society, it has been transformed into a world based upon lack and limitation. Through our agreements and false statutes, we have purposefully created slavery.

Is this the kind of world that you want to live in? A world that demands you to pay a price to live on your own soil? A world that demands you to work a certain amount of hours and collect a certain amount of paper just to be able to acquire what is naturally yours? Aren’t you tired of these ridiculous ideas?

Take a second to think about what your life would be like if everything was free. Would you still work at the same job? Would you live in the same place? Would you even be the same person? Probably not, and this is what you need to pay attention to. You need to be honest with yourself, and ask yourself this question: Who would I be, if I was free?

I can tell you right now that that person already exists, you just aren’t aware of it yet, and you define yourself by the wrong criteria. You identify yourself by the amount of money you have, the title of your occupation, the color of your skin, or your religion.

All of those things are superficial labels fabricated by the ego to protect yourself, and none of them tell you who you really are. That definition only comes from within, and I have a feeling that you already know the answer, you just need to let yourself remember.

Listen to your heart, and speak it aloud: No longer shall I be subjected to manipulation! No longer shall I allow others to define my reality for me! No longer shall I be treated poorly, and forced to live against my will! I am an infinite, sovereign being, and it shall be so, on this day, and the next!

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